Developer Kinetic Games is working on another update for those of you looking to revisit Phasmophobia during this year's spooky season. Once again, your ghost-hunting investigations will see new changes, and this one will come with two new ghosts—including a terror that mimics... something.

It's no secret that Kinetic is planning frights for Halloween. The studio recently shared a tease from its official roadmap on Trello, outlining a new nightmare difficulty that kicks things up a notch from the professional setting. It looks like a couple of haunts will join that patch, too, as Phamophobia's latest tease shows a glimpse of the in-game journal with blurry details.

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It's hard to make out just what the text says, but it's clear your roster of otherworldly terrors is jumping from 16 to 18. The preview page only starts with the word "The," where the ghost's name would typically be, and fans think the second blurred-out word may say Joker, Jester, or Twins. Whatever it says, that's not even the most interesting part; between the lines of illegible text, the Phasmophobia journal reads, "have been reported to mimic," blank, "actions."

So, mimic who or what's actions? Does it mimic other types of ghosts, or does it pretend to be one of your fellow investigators? Copying other players may not make sense considering Phasmophobia is also meant to be enjoyed alone, but that may not rule it out. The rest of the mystery entity's description says its attacks are meant to confuse—I'm already there, don't worry—and that one of its biggest weaknesses involve often interacting with the environment somehow.


The Halloween update won't be limited to ghosts and a new difficulty either, as Phasmophobia's roadmap still includes two redacted details. Earlier this year, Kinetic Games hired new team members following Phasmophobia's breakout success, and it's kept the updates coming ever since.

Phasmophobia's latest patch, the Exposition Update, added a terrifying new enemy that's quiet when it's hunting. That same content drop sent Phasmophobia's popularity soaring on Steam, taking the ghost hunting game to its highest concurrent player count yet since its early access debut last year.

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