Planet Zoo has recently come out with a new DLC which is called the Australia Pack. It includes everything players need to create the perfect paradise for their Dingos, Koala, Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard, Red-Kangaroo, and Southern Cassowary. The animals are awesome, but the items included in this DLC make it well worth the $10 price tag.

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This pack includes items like scenery pieces, enrichment items, and even some new foliage that goes along with this Australian theme. Players will appreciate these new additions as they work to make their zoos the best they can be. Keep reading to see the best items that were included in this new pack that will take any player's zoo to the next level!

10 Mech-A-Roo

Planet Zoo Australia Pack Mech-A-Roo

The Mech-A-Roo is a giant kangaroo sculpture made of various pieces of metal and it is the perfect addition to any player's zoo. Many choose to place it in a piece of scenery to add to the Australian appeal of their zoo, but others place it at the entrance of their zoo as a focal piece. This is something everyone can easily use as simply placing it will take any area from decent to grand, and some players expect to see it as part of a meme in the near future.


9 Australia Wood Wall

Planet Zoo Australia Pack Wooden Wall

The game already includes plenty of construction pieces for players to choose from, but this wood wall in the Australian pack was a great addition. Players love the color variations within the wood and remind them of the patterns often seen in modern rustic decor. It also pairs nicely with the blue metal walls that were also included in this pack as the subtle blues in the wood wall match its vibrant hue. Some things in the game might not make any sense, but this isn't one of them.

8 Water Pool

Planet Zoo Australia Pack water pool

The water pool is one of the new enrichment items that is included in this pack and it was meant for the Dingos. Luckily, this isn't the only animal that will find enjoyment with this new addition and a tip for new players is that both Indian and African Elephants can use this item as well. Players love the raised edges and many have found creative ways to build around it as they incorporate it into their own habitats.

7 Koala Light

Planet Zoo Australia Pack Koala light

This unique light looks like a mix between a floodlight, Koala, and a barbecue. The combination of these three things gives off Australian vibes and the cute blue coloring only makes it more enticing to players.

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It serves as both a piece of decor, as well as a way to bring the zoo to life at night which is every player's dream come true. This is one item that is too cute to pass up and has many gamers purchasing the DLC just so they can have access to this item.

6 Australia Wooden Map Sign

Planet Zoo Australia Pack Australia Sign

The one thing that players love to use is signage in order to identify the various parts of their zoos and the animals that reside in them. This is why players were ecstatic when they found out the developers included a wooden sign that depicted Australia itself as it was something the developers got right. The wood of it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it gives players freedom with their creativity as they come up with intricate designs including this item.

5 Australian Fence

Planet Zoo Australia Pack Fence

Some may wonder what is so special about this fence as it is literally just a piece of metal, but it is the simplicity of it that makes it so desirable. It also works perfectly for anyone who tries to create a ranch-like theme in other areas of their zoos. Players appreciate how simple it is to place these, unlike other fences that require careful manipulation in order to prevent it from looking off to the naked eye.

4 Canvas Painting

Planet Zoo Australia Pack canvas painting

This pack includes several variations of a canvas painting, and the most impressive is this one that is full of color. It not only draws the eye with its coherent shapes and subtle movement, but it serves as the perfect decoration.

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Some players choose to glam it up with other decorative pieces to use it as more of a sign, while others choose to place it on a wall as a piece of decor. There are so many possibilities although the consensus is that this item is one of the more sought-after pieces, especially for those who rely on the Steam Workshop or various streamers for creative designs.

3 Australia Road Signs

Planet Zoo Australia Pack Road Signs

The Australia Road Signs are relatively simple and allow players to identify habitats or add a pop of color to a decorative scenery piece. They come in many variations as they identify each of the new animals in the pack itself, as well as the Planet Zoo logo and the recycling symbol. It is also something commonly seen in the Australian sections of zoos which is why it is one of the best items in the pack.

2 Australian Picnic Table

Planet Zoo Australia Pack picnic bench

When a new DLC is released it always comes with a new picnic table that represents the new region, like the South America Pack. This pack is no different as players are given a picnic table that is covered with the shadows of various Australian animals. It might not be as colorful as some would expect, but the bright orange umbrella in the pack will give it the splash that it needs.

1 Ghost Gum Tree

Planet Zoo Australia Pack Ghost Gum Tree

The new pack includes several pieces of foliage from this region and the most appealing is the Ghost Gum Tree. There is something about its white trunk and the contrast it has with its green leaves that makes it desirable among players. It is one of the more common Australian foliage items seen used in custom scenery pieces because of the nature of its coloring.

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