Despite a new PSVR being on the way, the original still possesses an incredible library of games that you can play right now. From experiences built from the ground up for VR to developers implementing VR modes into existing games, PSVR has an impressive amount of options for gamers.

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PSVR has plenty to offer going forward, but since 2016 there has been a steady stream of high-quality VR games available for PlayStation owners. Some of the most memorable experiences on PS4 came from the innovative game designs of PSVR games.

10 Wipeout: Omega Collection (85)

Wipeout Omega Collection

Wipeout: Omega Collection is probably the closest gamers will ever come to Virtual Reality F-Zero, and it is as glorious as it sounds. The racing genre is perfect for VR experiences, and Wipeout: Omega Collection has the technical prowess to make it the best racing title on PSVR.

Wipeout isn't light on content either, with over 25 tracks, 45 ships, and 9 game modes worth of racing to play through. The online multiplayer is great too, and still populated enough to make it worth buying even 4 years after release.


9 Moss (85)

Moss Quill Forest

Moss presents itself as a children's book, putting you in the shoes of a young mouse called Quill. It's very much a puzzle-platformer, with the narration of the story provided by an entity that is quite literally flipping through the pages of a book.

Initially, the focus is on simple puzzle platforming but it soon evolves with combat elements and more complex puzzles to solve. Quill is a fairly delightful protagonist too, with her interactions with the player being a particular highlight.

8 Hitman 3 (86)

Hitman 3 Clouds

The latest entry to the hall of VR fame, Hitman 3 is not just an addition to the main game, but a fully functional VR title. Hitman 3 primarily uses the DualShock 4, with few motion controls being implemented. While this certainly is a shame, the experience is still fantastic and makes more sense considering how punishing mistakes can be in Hitman.

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Hitman 3 VR allows players to genuinely feel like they're in the shoes of Agent 47 at times, especially in moments when you're following a target or disguising yourself in a crowd. Being able to explore Hitman 3's levels in VR is a genuine delight, especially considering some of the crazy ways you can kill targets.

7 Beat Saber (86)

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is arguably the definitive VR game. Gameplay essentially comes down to slashing blocks, dodging walls, and keeping in time with the music, but together it is incredibly addictive.

Similar in style to the Guitar Hero games of old, the real fun in Beat Saber comes from replaying levels at higher difficulties and climbing up the leaderboards. It's also great exercise, so what's not to love!

6 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (86)

Resident Evil 7 VR Jack Baker

Resident Evil 7 is a rather scary game, and playing it in a first-person VR mode is a daunting, albeit brilliant way of choosing to experience Ethan's adventure. Never before has a Resident Evil jumpscare being so terrifying, especially when players can become so immersed they think it's all real for a second.

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RE7 is an exciting step in the VR space, and it shows the potential for horror games within Virtual Reality, even if it has some rough edges. The immediacy of VR is used brilliantly in RE7, and it has fans excited for where the classic horror franchise goes in the future.

5 Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (88)

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Bomb

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a great example of how a concept that is fun without VR, is completely transformed in Virtual Reality. The controls are simple, which is important considering how players must rely on the help of teammates to defuse the bomb in their virtual hands.

With endless replay value, there is a reason why Nobody Explodes is often seen as the best VR party game, especially considering how easy it is to get to grips with. There is even a physical manual to print off which further immerses players.

4 Dreams (89)

Dreams VR

Dreams is a really interesting concept for a video game, giving the players the tools to create any game they imagine. Doing so in Virtual Reality further enhances this experience, granting creators an ability to get up close and personal with their projects.

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The controls can be a little clunky at times, but the potential for VR games within Dreams is limitless. Of course, if you don't enjoy creator-style games, Dreams' creative suite won't be for you, but the games sure will be.

3 Rez Infinite (89)

Rez Infinite Stage

Who would guess that one of the killer PSVR games is a reimagining of a classic Dreamcast game! That is exactly what Rez Infinite is, and it is an on-rails shooter purpose-built for the VR experience.

Unlike most games in the genre though, Rez Infinite has a soundtrack built around gameplay. Each hit syncs with the level's music, with different vibrations and effects, building an increasingly layered soundtrack. It even has an exclusive free roam area, giving VR players a cyberspace space to freely move in.

2 Tetris Effect (89)

Tetris Effect Stage

You don't need PSVR to play Tetris Effect, but it is the definitive way to play this version of a classic gaming staple. Tetris is Tetris, but the way it is presented in VR is incredible, with animations filling the 3D void and bending around you.

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Each stage has unique environments, with different visual styles and soundtracks, become more intense as you clear lines of Tetrimino. More than a puzzle game, Tetris Effect is a virtual light and sound show.

1 Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (90)

Astrobot Rescue Mission Tropical Beach

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is not only a brilliant VR game but an awesome 3D platformer too. It's got a lot of content to work through too, with over 40 stages of various styles and locales. VR is implemented so naturally into Rescue Mission, and it truly feels like an evolution in game design.

The idea of a 3D collectathon fully in VR doesn't feel like it would seamlessly work, but Rescue Mission manages to combine the joys of both genres beautifully. It has enough "wow" moments to justify its VR inclusion, but it doesn't forget the fundamentals of a good platformer either.

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