The world of Pokémon is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of creatures of all different shapes, sizes, and levels of beauty. For every Garbodor there's an elegant Sylveon to complement it, and these stunning Pokémon are a popular choice among many trainers.

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While they may be an enticing catch, some of these Pokémon are better left in the PC for the Pokédex rather than seeing any action in battle. It's always unfortunate to find out that a great-looking Pokémon simply doesn't have what it takes to stand up to the likes of Alakazam or Dragapult, but that's just how things are. These are ten beautiful Pokémon that trainers will want to avoid battling with.

10 Alcremie

Alcremie's raw damage output alone is enough to make it seem like a threat, but that's just about the only thing it has going for it. With the exception of Sp. Def, the rest of Alcremie's stats are terrible, and its ability is too situational to be all that useful.

This is a shame, as this new Galarian Pokémon is the first in the series to offer such a wide variety of customization options, and it's one of the cutest Pokémon around.


9 Swanna

Water/Flying Pokémon like Pelipper are great defensive battlers with fantastic utility and bulk, but Swanna sadly misses the mark. Unlike Pelipper, who Swanna is extremely similar to, Swanna has less useful abilities and is less defensive than the Gen III Water Bird Pokémon.

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It struggles to really succeed in any one particular area due to its stats, leaving it feeling pretty mediocre. If this graceful swan was just a bit faster and packed a bit more of a punch, it would be pretty solid on the battlefield.

8 Glaceon

Glaceon's beautiful coloring and glimmering eyes aren't enough to save it from being another frail Ice-type that struggles to get much done in battles. While its Sp. Atk is pretty high, its moveset is limited, so it ends up being a predictable attacker.

With a base Speed of only 65, super-effective Pokémon that can outspeed it are an absolute nightmare for Glaceon, and there are quite a few prevalent Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel Pokémon around.

7 Lilligant

On paper, Lillligant's excellent Sp. Atk and access to Quiver Dance and Chlorophyll set it up to be a fearsome sweeper. However, it is unfortunately brought down by its plethora of weaknesses and lack of defenses that, more often than not, have it getting KO'd with ease.

Its movepool is pretty strange as well as it doesn't allow Lilligant to build the versatile moveset it would need to assist its poor stats. Its name and looks may be derived from the word "elegant," but its fighting abilities are anything but that.

6 Meowstic

While both of Meowstic's gendered forms may function pretty differently, they are both still lacking in power and functionality. Their best abilities, Competitive and Prankster, are sadly underutilized due to every stat besides Speed being either mediocre or straight-up terrible.

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While Meowstic-M has priority with non-attacking moves, it has almost nothing else going for it in terms of both offense and defense. Both Pokémon will usually end up KO'd in the first few turns.

5 Galarian Rapidash

Rapidash's Galarian form is one of the coolest alternate Pokémon forms to be introduced in the series. Fans were hopeful that it would also end up becoming an actual threat in battle, unlike regular Rapidash.

However, much like its normal form, this version proved to be nothing but an average fighter. With good Speed and Attack, Rapidash can act as a decent wallbreaker, but it still struggles heavily to stay alive and secure KOs.

4 Bellossom

Grass-types have an unfortunate tendency to be frail and slow battlers, and Bellossom fits this to a T. With none of its stats being particularly great, including a terrible base Speed of 50, Chlorophyll doubling the user's Speed is pretty much useless, as most competitive battlers will be much quicker.

Even though it has access to Quiver Dance, which is an amazing way to buff a Pokémon to insane levels, trainers having Bellossom as their Quiver Dancer is just wasted potential. There are plenty of others that will see much more mileage out of it.

3 Leafeon

Leafeon is a contender for the weakest Eeveelution, which is quite a shame when considering just how elegant it looks. Having a Grass-type Eeeveelution took until Generation IV to come to fruition when it made sense to be introduced much earlier.

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While it was a decent fighter in its debut region, it has only fallen lower and lower as a battler in each generation. It has quite a few weaknesses as a mono-Grass-Type and its high Defense stat doesn't save it from being obliterated by any kind of special attack.

2 Lopunny

Until the advent of Mega Evolution in X & Y, Lopunny was a middle of the road fighter, and this rings true for Sword & Shield as well. It's a physical attacker with a pretty decent amount of Speed, but it doesn't have a lot going for it in terms of both offense or defense.

This exceptionally cute, fluffy gymnast has certainly been a popular pick ever since Diamond & Pearl, but it doesn't stand a chance against a lot of other Pokémon without any solid abilities or stats to back it up. It usually relies on a set using either Switcheroo or Healing Wish, but these are easily exploitable by faster opponents.

1 Lumineon

Taking a glance at Lumineon's stats is more than enough to see just how mediocre it is, as none of them are any better than decent. This graceful-looking fish's ability pool is anything but graceful, as none of them really provide anything substantial to back up its lack of stats.

Defog is definitely Lumineon's most useful tool. However, without the Speed to use it or defenses to survive more than one turn, there really isn't a reason to use Lumineon over other similar Pokémon who can do its job with much more ease and success.

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