Ever since Pokémon Red & Blue, Water-types have been in a love-or-hate relationship with fans. Many of the water-type starters end up being beloved, but the dozens of fish and underwater creatures that seem uninspired or lacking creativity often get overlooked and dismissed by the core fan base.

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Pokémon as a franchise loves to put out a large number of water-types, even if it seems like a bit much at times. Let's now look at the 10 best shiny water-types in franchise history, all the way through Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Updated November 22nd, 2020 by Hayley Mullen: Water-type Pokémon deserve recognition for their achievements and triumphs, and nothing is worth celebrating if not a spectacular shiny form. We've updated this list to include the newest Pokémon from Generation VIII's Galar region, as well as some truly great color design that deserves mentioning.

15 Barraskewda

shiny barraskewda pokemon

There's something to be said for subtlety: a slight but noticeable tweak can do a world of good when it comes to Pokémon designs. Instead of going for a bright or even garish color palette, the designers at Game Freak went with a frankly tasteful choice of navy blue and grey for Barraskewda. Not only does it look totally natural for the deadly fish Pokémon, but it absolutely looks better than the original, which can't be said for every shiny design out there. This look enhances Barraskewda's menacing reputation as a Pokémon based on the real-life Barracuda fish.


14 Swampert

It seems like an easy go-to for GameFreak when it comes to figuring out shiny versions of Pokémon is to simply go with the inverse color of whatever the base coloring is. This trick is kind of lazy, but sometimes it does result in some neat looking shiny forms of fan-favorite Pokémon. In early Generations of the game, shiny palettes were determined randomly based on whatever the next suitable palette was in the game's code.

In the case of Swampert, the giant blue mudskipper transforms into a vibrant pink amphibian with pastel orange accents. Having this gorgeous shiny makes it stand out from all the rest, especially if you have multiple in the game or in storage via Pokémon Home.

13 Psyduck

Ever since the anime debuted fans have had an attachment to Psyduck. It happens to be a show mainstay and the dunce somehow manages to ingratiate itself to millions of children despite being dangerous due to its uncontrollable actions when it gets a headache. The shiny version of Psyduck is a light baby blue color which helps it draw closer in design to its evolution Psyduck, You would assume that maybe Golduck's shiny form turns the opposite way and becomes yellow, but sadly that's not the case. GameFreak opted to instead make it a darker blue color.

12 Jellicent

shiny jellicent gender pokemon

Jellicent is a Pokémon blessed with two different designs due to its gender differences. Though stereotypical, a non-shiny male Jellicent is blue, while a female is pink. What players do gain from this is two different shiny palettes for one Pokémon.

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Shiny male Jellicent's palette is a refreshing shade of light green which stands out from other popular green shinies such as Espeon, who sports a darker lime green. Shiny female Jellicent is a to-die-for shade of lavender that could make even non-shiny hunters try their luck for a chance to own one.

11 Milotic

milotic shiny pokemon

Milotic is plenty beautiful on its own, but sometimes a change of pace can really add some excitement. Shiny Milotic contrasts its non-shiny form palette of solid pinks and blues with a pale blue and golden-yellow combination, to let everyone know that it holds the gold standard for Pokémon beauty. Interestingly enough, shiny Milotic keeps its original pink antennae, the same shade as the inside of its tail fins.

It's not all just for show, though: as trainers such as Pike Queen Lucy prove, Milotic can be a real force to be reckoned with.

10 Suicune

shiny suicune pokemon

Suicune proves that shiny forms don't have to drastically change to work well. This legendary beast swaps its flowing purple mane for one that is a vibrant blue, making its lighter blue body stand out even more. The blue color also fits well with Suicune being the embodiment of the North Wind, a cold and constant force in the Northern hemisphere of the earth.

Suicune has a reputation for being sought after if Eusine from Pokémon Crystal has anything to say about it. Having made it his lifelong mission to chase down Suicune, he knows all about dedication, which is exactly what shiny-hunting for this beast would require.

9 Clawitzer

Clawitzer is a Pokémon from the 6th generation of games that likely got overlooked due to a vast majority of people choosing the water-starter, Froakie. It also happens to be entirely blue which isn't the color most people would associate with a lobster Pokémon, but GameFreak likely did it to help Clawitzer stand out.

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Its shiny form reverts to the familiar and turns the blue lobster red and adds accents of blue and white which make the overall design pop in a way it hadn't before. Here's looking at you, Clawitzer.

8 Wailord

In terms of sheer size, Wailord is the biggest creature in the entire franchise. Sadly for fans, it was drastically reduced in Pokémon Sword & Shield, which is ironic considering the game's new mechanic revolves around increasing the size of Pokémon in battle. Despite the disrespect from GameFreak, they at least make the shiny form neat. Yes, it may be a simple inversion of its base blue coloring, but it's hard to deny how amazing a giant pink whale looks. It's not like you'll miss seeing this thing when you're out on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean.

7 Toxapex

Toxapex is a Pokémon that's native to the Alolan islands and is a water and poison dual-type. Toxapex has established itself as a cult favorite among fans. Considering it creates a poison, like most other creatures who do the same, it likes to give the world around it a clear warning via the vibrant colors it sports.

If the bright purples and blues aren't clear enough, its shiny form is pretty straight forward. Toxapex as a shiny is completely red, with accents of bright yellow and orange. If you step on one when you're swimming out in the ocean, it's entirely your fault.

6 Seismitoad

You would assume, given GameFreak's track record, that a blue-colored toad's shiny form would simply be an inverse of that and be pink. Thankfully that's not the case with Seismitoad as the giant amphibian covered in spots has a shiny form that displays a vibrant forest green that makes it feel closer to its toad and frog roots than ever before. Seismitoad doesn't get love since it's the non-starter version of Swampert, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth catching and training. As previously stated, at least its shiny form is unique and thought out.

5 Primarina

When the Alolan starters were initially revealed alongside Pokémon Sun & Moon, the fans began to make fun of the water-type starter Popplio for looking like a weird clown. Little did they know that it would turn into a dazzling seal/mermaid hybrid who also happened to be a water and fairy dual-type.

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The shiny form of Primarina, Popplio's final evolutionary form, takes away some of the blues and makes it feel more like a mermaid. It receives a more defined head of hair and its tail adds accents of pinks to make the overall design cohesive.

4 Azumarill

Once kids got their hands on Pokémon Red & Blue, the anticipation began to build for the sequels that were eventually titled Pokémon Gold & Silver. During the months leading up to their release, plenty of playground rumors began to spark up, with many focusing on a water-type version of Pikachu. This new blue rodent was nicknamed Pikablu by kids across the country and was later revealed as Marill. It turns out the connection was always there as the shiny version of Marill's final form Azumarill is a bright yellow color similar to Pikachu's.

3 Kyogre/Primal Kyogre

shiny kyogre primal kyorge pokemon

Another Pokémon blessed with multiple forms is Hoenn legendary Kyogre, who is worth capturing just for its power alone. At first, Kyogre was your typical magenta shiny Pokémon that many fans are familiar with, and to be fair, this suits Kyogre better than other Pokémon.

However, thanks to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Kyogre got a Primal form that gave it intense power and a redesign on the battlefield. Now, shiny Kyogre glows with yellow primal energy, contrasted starkly against its jet-black skin. This palette is somehow elegant and robust at the same time, which is fitting of the Sea Basin Pokémon.

2 Gyarados

In Pokémon Gold & Silver, not only were fans introduced to shiny Pokémon, they were given the chance to catch one of their own. This Pokémon happened to be the fierce evolution of Magikarp, Gyarados.

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If trainers were clever and skilled enough at the Lake of Rage they were able to catch what was likely their first-ever shiny Pokémon, which happened to be a red Gyarados. It's a creature fueled by emotion, and the red coloring of its shiny form fits so well and has, in many ways, become the poster child for why shiny Pokémon are so cool.

1 Greninja

If you're a game designer tasked with created a Pokémon and you come up with a frog who also happens to be a ninja, there's only one way you can go with the alternate coloring. The base form of Greninja needed to be primarily blue as that's a game design choice to make the starter's types apparent and easy to distinguish. When it came to making Greninja's shiny form they nailed it by committing to the ninja inspiration that made up the design. The all-black skin with the red accents helps it be stealthy while also giving it a bit of flair.

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