Blastoise may not be as beloved as Pikachu or Charizard, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have an outrageously large fandom of its own. Considering it was the cover Pokémon for one of the two original games it likely ranks towards the top in terms of popularity among Pokémon throughout the generations.

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How is it in battle, though? Blastoise is just Water-type, so it's interesting to try and understand where its strengths and weaknesses lay when it's in battle. Let's now look at and rank Blastoise's 10 worst Pokémon battle matchups through Pokémon Sword & Shield.

10 Leafeon

Any Grass-type Pokémon could have made this list's #10 spot, but it felt only fitting to have an Eeveelution make an appearance. When discussing all of Eevee's possible evolutionary forms the focus is often on any of the others not named Leafeon.

This is partially due to Grass-type being one of the more niche typings, as well as there being so many options for strong Grass-types to add to your party. This adorable forest dweller happens to have great speed and physical attacks, as well as world-class physical defense.


9 Electivire

Electivire to some would be considered the poor man's Magnezone, but that perspective changes based on the type of trainer you are.

If you're someone who prefers the glass-cannon approach of having a Pokémon who can attack with the best of them, but is susceptible to attacks itself with a lack of any sort of defense, Electivire may be your type of Pokémon. Its ability to avoid attacks that cause it to fall asleep doesn't do much in a matchup with Blastoise, so it, unfortunately, lands lower on the list.

8 Roserade

Roserade is a beautiful Pokémon that exudes femininity and grace, but don't let that distract you from its capabilities in battle. It will be discussed one again later when looking at Venusaur, but a Grass and Poison dual-type is a pretty bad matchup for Blastoise.

You wouldn't expect a creature like Roserade to be able to hold its own to a giant blue turtle, but it does it with a war of attrition. Poison-type moves rarely hit for big numbers, but the moment an opponent gets poisoned it marks its likely inevitable defeat if the Poison-type's trainer is capable.

7 Shiftry

There's no special reason why Shiftry made the list, it just happens to be a Pokémon capable of pulling off powerful Grass-type moves. Its base stats aren't anything incredible, but they're pretty solid across the board.

It's interesting to consider if Shiftry and Blastoise would ever run into one another in the wild. One is a protector of the forest who likely has a lair deep into the woods, whereas it's unclear if starter Pokémon like Blastoise even live in the wild considering trainers never have a chance of running into them in tall grass or surfing in the water.

6 Venusaur

Venusaur happens to be one of the worst matchups for Blastoise when looking at Pokémon native to Kanto. It may be the starter that was chosen the least, but its mix of Grass and Poison-type moves can give Squirtle's final form quite the headache.

Not only would Blastoise have to avoid attacks like Solar Beam and Razor Leaf, but the poison it can get infected with could take a real toll on it over time. Venusaur isn't the type of Pokémon you win with at record speed, it's in it for the long haul.

5 Luxray

Luxray makes the list because of a couple of factors that make it formidable to Blastoise beyond its typing. So in addition to being Electric-type Luxray comes equipped with a solid set of base stats with its clear strength laying with its physical attack.

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Both of its possible abilities also aid it in battle as Rivalry has it dealing more damage to Pokémon of the same gender and Intimidate lowers its opponent's attack stat. If you're a trainer with a Luxray you'll likely never fight a Blastoise with it as any smart trainer would understand the predicament.

4 Torterra

This list could have easily included every Grass-type starter, but that didn't seem fun or interesting. With Torterra it comes in with both a strength and weakness to Blastoise. Since it's a Ground and Grass dual-type it happens to take Water-type attacks at a normally effective strength.

You may be wondering why it landed so high on the list. The reason is that its ability Overgrow powers up its Grass-type moves making it even more dangerous for Blastoise, and its hidden ability called Shell Armor prevents it from critical hits.

3 Magnezone

Magnezone's base stats are weird considering it has a solid defense in both physical and special categories and adds a great special attack stat to the mix. The rest of its stats are pretty average to make it balanced. An Electric-type Pokémon with a strong special attack is a nightmare for Pokémon like Blastoise.

Magnezone's quite slow, but even if Blastoise manages to get a hit in its unclear how it could come out victorious. It may not be the best Pokémon design in the franchise, but Magnezone can hold its own in a battle.

2 Exeggutor

The great thing with Exeggutor is that both it's Kanto and Alolan forms are solid choices when trying to defeat a Blastoise in battle. Both of them have world-class special attack stats and come with defensive stats that help it hold its own.

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Exeggutor having the ability to put Blastoise to sleep with a move like Hypnosis or to poison it with Toxic or Sludge Bomb, allow it to take down the famous Water-type starter in a variety of ways. Don't let its appearance scramble your brain, Exeggutor is an eggcellent choice when battling Blastoise.

1 Rotom

Blastoise, as a Water-type Pokémon, is weak to both Electric and Grass-types as we've discussed at length in this article. Rotom is the one Electric-type Pokémon who can also be dual-typed with Grass.

The reason it's worded that way is that Rotom can shift to being Electric dual-typed with many other typings depending on what it possesses. Not only does Rotom have a strong advantage when it comes to the moves it can perform, but it will also almost always be faster than the tank turtle with the canons on its back.

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