Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl has a calculator. This is probably news to you since no previous Pokemon game included a calculator and nobody really plans to do their accounting using the Pokedex, but it’s there. Only it doesn’t work. Like, at all.

Reddit user K0nr4d posted a video to the Pokemon subreddit proving themselves as the brave soul to first find BDSP’s calculator and then attempt to use it. The video starts out fine with ten divided by five equalling two, which is correct, but then things quickly go off the rails from there.

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Ten divided by four should be 2.5 (or two-and-a-half), but BDSP’s calculator instead displays 002. That’s wrong, obviously, and it reveals the fact that this calculator really doesn’t like fractions. Case in point, K0nr4d tries to divide seven by three (which should be 2.333… or two-and-a-third), but BDSP’s calculator can’t even conceive of such a number and just displays a bunch of question marks.

The calculator finally goes completely haywire as soon as you attempt to input a decimal. K0nr4d types in numbers that the calculator doesn’t even acknowledge, just displaying random digits instead. Any attempt at basic arithmetic operations just results in more random digits.


But then, we really shouldn’t have expected anything more from Nintendo. The Japanese game maker famously had to contract a third-party developer to give the Switch a basic calculator and even charged users ten bucks to download it. That calculator eventually grew to become its own game, but it also cost $3 extra for the gamified version.

One wonders if at this point Nintendo being unable to do basic arithmetic is some sort of running gag that Nintendo itself is pulling on the entire world. On the other hand, this would explain the critical hit damage values you can get in Pokemon battles sometimes.

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