Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a real Pokémon trainer? Well, now you can find out at PAX East 2020.

We’ve all dreamed of one day growing up to leave our single mom’s home to travel the world, meeting friends and capturing magical beasts in equally magical balls so we can later force them to fight for our amusement (and sometimes profit). The life of a Pokémon trainer just seems so filled with wonder and illegal animal fighting. Who wouldn’t want to live a life like that?

Unfortunately, the various Pokémon handheld games have never quite lived up to our expectations. True Pokémon fans want the authentic experience, not some bizarre romp through fantasy Britain where everyone eats disgusting curries.

Sadly, Nintendo seems more focused on hooking younger and younger audiences than catering to older Pokémon fans that demand more from their fantasy worlds. That’s why PAX East is offering a Pokémon-style choose-your-own-adventure panel. Because if you can’t play a Pokémon simulation game, you might as well imagine it in your head.

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"You wake up on a beanbag in the handheld area at PAX and are late to your Pokémon panel in the Bobcat Theatre,” reads the description on the PAX East 2020 website. “Do you valiantly rush up to the microphone and take your chance as a Pokémon trainer? Or do you sheepishly slink into a seat in the back and examine your Pokéballs and training gear…”

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The panel will be hosted by several StreetPass organizers from the Boston and Long Island area, as well as The Wolf Doctor, one of the co-hosts from the Poképroblemspodcast. This will be an “original story” that will likely require more imagination than access to a 3DS or a Switch.

The “Pokémon - I Choose You! Adventure” panel will begin at 1:30 PM on Sunday, March 1st at the Dragonfly Theatre of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Theatre. No word on whether or not this will be filmed for later broadcast on YouTube, so it’s be there or be square, as the kids say.

Source: PAX East 2020

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