This Fire-type starter has some of the best moves available in its arsenal in the entire game. There are a lot of Fire-types that have weak and tiny move sets that they can learn, however, this is not the case for Cinderance. It's worth considering a plethora of different types of moves because there are so many powerful and unique ones that it is able to learn.

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This list will cover 5 of the best move sets for the Fire-type starter in generation 8 and 5 of the absolute worst that players should never use. Without further ado here are some of the best and the worst moves that this generation 8 starter is able to learn in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

10 Great - Fire Punch, Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Flame Charge

Lots of players enjoy using only the specific type of the Pokémon for their move set. This is no surprise because that Pokémon will be especially skilled in their own typing and so their moves will be more powerful.

This move set gives Cinderace absolute power in terms of Fire-type attacks and will burn any Grass-type to a crisp. Players should consider this move set if they're looking to specifically target Grass, Bug, and Ice Pokémon because this will set will definitely do the trick.


9 Awful - Growl, Ember, Tackle, Quick Attack

This terrible move set is basically what will happen if the player never lets their starter learn any new moves. Although some of these moves are advantageous when starting out om a Pokémon journey they aren't worthwhile to keep after level 20 plus.

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Players should consider getting rid of these moves immediately and any trainer that doesn't is just asking to fail in battle. Hopefully, most players use common sense and scrap these moves completely.

8 Great - Double Edge, Super Fang, Hyper Beam, Rest

This arsenal of attacks is great for players that don't wanna deal with too many type disadvantages. Players can never go wrong with Normal-type attacks because they are usually so powerful and diverse.

A normal move set is one worth considering because these attacks are some of the strongest in the game. Moves like hyper beam and super fang have been around since the beginning of the Pokémon franchise and they don't seem to be going anywhere soon so players should consider teaching their Fire-type starter some of these awesome moves!

7 Awful - Snore, Attract, Helping Hand, Facade

This move set will be so boring that it will have players falling asleep. Moves like Snore and attract can be useful for certain Pokémon but for Cinderace they aren't very beneficial.

Players that teach their Pokémon any of these moves aren't looking for a powerful ally in battle. It's not worth considering this set that because although it has moves that can be powerful by themselves a full list of these combined is just atrocious.

6 Great - Acrobatics, Bounce, Flamethrower, Fire Punch

This move set is for players that enjoy using both Flying and Fire-type attacks. This will be an especially powerful combination against Grass and Bug-type Pokémon because they are both weak to both Flying and Fire attacks.

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It's only really worth considering this set if the player enjoys using Flying attacks because this Fire-type starter isn't especially known for its flying ability. This is still a move set to keep in mind because, although it's somewhat bizarre, the combination of the two types is quite powerful.

5 Awful - U-Turn, Sunny Day, Tackle, Snarl

These moves are all terrible when combined with each other and the move sunny day won't even have an effect on any of the other moves in the group. This is a combination of what happens when players don't teach their Cinderace many new moves but they occasionally teach them a weak TM here and there.

It's not worth considering this move set however it is funny to think about if a player would actually have an arsenal of attacks similar to this one. This choice of attack is absolutely laughable and players shouldn't consider it under any circumstances.

4 Great - Bulk-Up, High Jump Kick, Low Kick, Revenge

It's no surprise that Cinderace has some fighting ability and these moves will make full use of that. Players should consider using this group of attacks if they want a Fighting-type Bunny that they can use during battle.

This is one of the strongest arsenals without a doubt because of its powerful Fighting-type attacks and diverse group of moves. Lots of players enjoy using Fighting-type Pokémon and although this starter isn't one itself it does have lots of amazing Fighting-type attacks that it can use.

3 Awful - Taunt, Bulk-Up, Sleep Talk, Substitute

These moves are all laughably terrible when combined with each other and players shouldn't think about using them together even for a second. None of these attacks will do damage with the exception of sleep talk and that is only if the player's Cinderace is put to sleep, so this is an absolutely atrocious combination.

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The goal should not be to fall asleep especially for a Pokémon like this one and players shouldn't consider teaching any of these moves to the starter even by themselves. These are some of the weakest moves in the entire game and players should steer clear of them.

2 Great - Mudshot, Flamethrower, Double Kick, Double-Edge

This is a very diverse move set that players can use that will give their Pokémon access to a variety of different types of moves. This move set will allow Cinderace to use both a Ground, a Fire, a Fighting, and a Normal-type attack which will be very diverse in a battle against any type of Pokémon.

Most of the sets on this list were type specific so this one is a breath of fresh air for this fire rabbit and players shouldn't gloss over considering a diverse move set when training their Cinderace. Using this Arsenal will be extremely useful during different gym battles and because of the Fire starter's base strength, this is definitely an option to consider.

1 Awful - Endure, Taunt, Fire Spin, Quick Attack

These attacks aren't the worst by themselves however when they are combined there are few other combinations that are worse. It's only worth learning any of these moves if the Pokémon is a low level and after it becomes level 30-plus players shouldn't consider teaching their fire Bunny any of these attacks.

Trainers should not consider any one of these attacks for the late game because gym battles and the champion cup will not look kindly on weak attacks such as these. Combining these moves together is an even worse idea and players that do so will realize that very quickly!

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