It's inevitable that when choosing a starter Pokémon, one of the factors that is going to affect your pick is the cuteness of each one. It's just a fact. Today, we're going to focus on that and only that aspect, taking a look at which starter is the cutest of each generation. We won't be incorporating their evolutions when determining the ranking, because literally, not a single starter stays cute after evolving. Some of them just end up pretty ugly, too. With that in mind, let's get into the list. Note: We'll be referring to the starters as male in this article, as they have an 85% chance of being male in-game.

8 Bulbasaur

If you disagree with this you're literally just incorrect. Bulbasaur is the cutest thing on the planet. Squirtle is pretty cute, and Charmander isn't too bad, but Bulbasaur is on a level that they cannot reach. That cute lil smile, that big ol' cabbage on his back. Bulbasaur is literally carrying the first generation on said cabbage, whether you all want to admit it or not. Also, the Detective Pikachu version of Bulbasaur? Actual tears. The cutest Pokémon in the entire movie.


7 Totodile

Another bold pick, sure, but we need to acknowledge the truth. Totodile is a little legend. He's just so happy to here and have a good time. He's never sad, never upset.

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Totodile just wants to be a part of your team, and he looks great while doing so. Those little eyes, his lil baby spikes. The other generation two Pokémon simply cannot compare to this iconic Water-type. What are their names? Does it even matter?

6 Torchic

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You know, going through life while not having arms has to be difficult, but Torchic takes it all in stride. This cute lil chicken runs around with no arms but is succeeding in absolutely every other area that he possibly could. His little beak and tufts of hair help to make this adorably round boy as cute as can be. He might grow up into an upsetting chicken man, but for now, he's a little ray of sunshine in all of our lives.

5 Turtwig

L o o k. Look at Turtwig.  He is so cute. How he manages to eat with no teeth is somewhat of a mystery, but let's be happy that he doesn't have any because it just makes him so much cuter. The little twig on his head and his compact turtle body just double and triple the cuteness factor of Turtwig, respectively. The stubby legs? An icon. Turtwig is another starter that simply doesn't receive the attention that he deserves.

4 Oshawott

Does anyone really... care about the generation five starters? Not to disparage them or anything, but you never hear anyone talking about them. They're probably the least iconic group of starters next to generation six, but Oshawott is definitely the cutest. While he isn't all too original until he evolves, he certainly is a little cutie. Oshawott's anime personality also helped him move up on the list. Snivy really isn't meant to be cute, and Tepig was a close second, but Oshawott is certainly superior.

3 Fennekin

Picking generation six's cutest starters really boiled down to two when it came down to it, just like generation five, as Froakie isn't really meant to be cute. We also won't be picking Chespin because we simply cannot put aside what that thing evolves into. That leaves just one. Fennekin.

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Fennekin is the cutest little fox, and it only gets cooler as it evolves. But still, what is going on with Chespin? Also its weird hat. Is that part of its body? What's going on there? Either way, it doesn't matter because Fennekin wins generation six's cute contest hands down.

2 Rowlet

Generation seven has a KNOCK OUT lineup. It is really hard to pick a winner here, as all of them are super cute in their own way. However, the slightest of edge gives Rowlet the win for generation seven. Litten and Popplio are both little kings, too. Rowlet, though, is just about the cutest owl that you've ever seen. While its personality certainly boosts its cuteness, his bowtie and round little body are what really gives him the win. What a king. This is one starter that you just absolutely should never evolve. Decidueye is cool... but do you really need him? The answer is no.

1 Grookey

Breaking away from the pack once more, Grookey is the winner for the cutest of Shield & Sword's starters. While many would go with Scorbunny and Sobble for this honor... Grookey is fantastic. The little drummer is an adorable grass-centric monkey. His little orange hands contrast with his green fur to create the cutest monkey that we've ever seen, earning him the top spot.. Unfortunately, Grookey's evolutionary line does not hold up. Still, as we're basing this decision on the basic forms of the starters, Grookey takes the win for the most recent generation of Pokémon games.

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