Pokemon Evolutions returns next month to close out Pokemon's 25th-anniversary celebration. The series' first eight episodes aired earlier this year with one episode for each generation of Pokemon. It was a slightly aged-up, more serious romp through Pokemon's illustrious history, hitting every major region from Red & Blue's Kanto all the way to Sword & Shield's Galar.

The final four episodes will return to Pokemon's most classic regions which also happens to coincide with some upcoming releases. Sinnoh region is not only the setting for both Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond but it's also the location for the first episode, "The Rival," which will air on Thursday, December 2.

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After that, we'll be back in Hoenn for "The Wish" on December 9, and then Johto for "The Show" on December 16. Finally, we return to the origins of Pokemon in the Kanto region for "The Discovery" on December 23.


You'll be able to watch all four episodes on the official Pokemon YouTube channel or Pokemon TV absolutely free. If the format stays the same as the previous Pokemon Evolution episodes, expect each short video to be between six to eight minutes long.

As for what to expect, take a look at the trailer above to catch snippets of the coming episodes. It looks like Team Galaxy is up to their old tricks, a Pokemon festival that's fun for the whole family, and a showdown between the Legendary Groudon and Rayquaza.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are out and have already shot to the top of the UK sales charts. The fourth-gen remakes are a beloved setting that fans have been asking to return to for years, and it seems Gamefreak has finally listened. Although there are some changes that veterans aren't entirely appreciating, it's still generally a massive upgrade over the old DS games. To most of us, that is.

Oh, and before I forget, we got plenty of guides to get you started if this is your first time in Sinnoh.

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