With every new generation of Pokémon games, there's a host of new features, cut content, and changes to the mechanics of the games. Sometimes these features are celebrated by players, but others are hated and criticized heavily.

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Generation V, at the time of its release, was a very controversial period in Pokémon history. Fans have since mostly come around on these games, but there are some features that we hope never return. Gen V experimented heavily with new mechanics, updates, and changes. Here are some of those changes that we'd like to see again, and some we hope stay in the past forever.

10 Don't: No Old Pokémon

Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, the Generation V starter Pokémon.

Before the controversial Dexit cuts there was Black & White. These games made a very controversial decision to leave out any previous-generation Pokémon until the post-game. This meant that players were forced to use new Gen V Pokémon in their initial playthrough.

Some have seen the merits of this, as it allowed you to get acquainted with the new 'mons. Others hated that they couldn't use their favorites or designs they liked. Regardless of split opinion, let's hope they keep this in the past.


9 Do: Hard Mode

pokemon masters ex elesa

For the first time in series history, the developers introduced a difficulty setting for a main series Pokémon game. In Black 2 & White 2, the player could use the Unova Link to switch between Easy, Normal, and Challenge modes. The varying difficulty levels change the intelligence, movesets, held items, and level of the in-game opponents, with Challenge Mode even adding team members to gym leaders and the Elite Four.

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There were some complaints that a player would need to unlock Easy Mode in White 2 and Challenge Mode in Black 2 and then swap keys with the opposite game, but a difficulty system is desperately needed in the series again.

8 Don't: Excessive Cutscenes

The player and N talk to Ghetsis in front of Zekrom.

One of the biggest frustrations in modern Pokémon games is the non-stop cutscenes that plague every playthrough. Players lose their minds when they see Hau in Sun & Moon running toward them or Hop waiting menacingly at the end of a Galar route.

One could argue that this overabundance of cutscenes started in Generation V. Of course, there were cutscenes before this, but Gen V is when they possibly got really bad. Let us play the game, Hop, instead of stopping us every few minutes.

7 Do: Seasons

Unova Route 8 in the winter.

An important feature of Sword & Shield is the weather system, which changes daily and allows for different Pokémon to spawn in certain sections of the Wild Area. It's clever and useful, but it wasn't the first time the weather was used in this capacity.

In Generation V, there's a seasonal change that occurs every month in the real world. The landscape and terrain change heavily with each season, allowing the player to access different areas and producing different Pokémon spawns.

6 Don't: Linear Map

A map of the Unova region.

The makers of Pokémon seem unwilling or unable to provide a truly open-world experience like many people want. The Wild Area is pretty close, but it isn't the entirety of the game.

Despite not being a perfect open-world system, it's much better than a straight line that loops back around on itself to create a circle. This is the case with Unova, which is considered the most linear map without much to discover. Many have criticized the linearity of these games and the way they hold your hand, so hopefully future games learn from this lesson.

5 Do: Dream World

After the success of the Poké Walker, Game Freak introduced a new system to replace it in Generation V. It was used through the Pokémon Global Link website and would allow players to send one of their Pokémon in order to obtain items and play with others.

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There was a home to customize, chests that allowed item transfer to the main games, a berry garden, mini-games, Pokémon to befriend, and much more. Overall, the system was great, and it should be implemented in another capacity in the series.

4 Don't: Copied Designs

Conkeldurr in the anime.

Generation V felt like it was meant to be a reset of the series, both by eliminating the previous-generation Pokémon from the main part of the game and by introducing 156 new designs.

Many of these designs seem to have been made to emulate counterparts from Generation I and effectively replace them, which rubbed many people the wrong way. For example, the Conkeldurr line seems to be a redo of the Machamp line, Munna and Musharana are rehashed Drowzee and Hypno, and so on.

3 Do: Triple and Rotation Battles

Lucario and Sigilyph face off in a Rotation Battle.

Generation II introduced a new way of battling: double battles. This required you to pit two of your Pokémon against two of the opponents', which created new ways of interacting and a lot more strategy-based decision making. Gen V would take it a step further with two new battle formats: Triple Battles and Rotation Battles.

These battle formats would have six Pokémon on the screen, which was a lot to keep track of. They're not perfect formats, but they provided an interesting challenge that should be brought back as at least an option battle format.

2 Don't: High Evolution Levels

Volcarona in the anime.

Over the years, the levels at which Pokémon evolve has slowly crept up more and more until Generation V, when it truly reached an insane level. There are a ton of Pokémon introduced in Gen V that evolve at ridiculously-high levels, leaving many scratching their heads and others groaning over the amount of grinding necessary to make a Pokémon usable.

Some of the worst offenders include the record-breaking Hydreigon, which evolves from Zweilous at level 64; Larvesta evolving into Volcarona at level 59; Rufflet and Vullaby at level 54; Pawniard at level 52; and Mienfoo at level 50. The list of highest-level evolutions is almost entirely Gen V Pokémon.

1 Do: Rotating Gym Leaders

Striaton City's gym leaders, Cilan, Cress, and Chili, in the anime.

Many have complained that gym battles are way too easy, especially in more recent generations. There have been a ton of theories as to how the gyms could scale to match the player's power, but Gen V might have a solution sitting in plain sight.

In Black & White, the first gym the player encounters will have a different leader based on their starter choice. That leader, whether it's Chili, Cilan, or Cress, will have a Pokémon that is super-effective against the player's starter. Gyms nowadays could absolutely implement this to some degree to add some challenge.

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