There are so many Ghost-type Pokémon in the franchise in generation 8 that it can be hard to remember every single one of them. Ghost-type Pokémon are one of the coolest types around because of their interesting move sets and unique type matchups. A lot of fans would absolutely love to know what their preferred Ghost-type would be based on their zodiac sign.

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This list will feature every zodiac sign and what Ghost-type fans would be based on theirs. Without further ado here is the guide to Ghost-type Pokémon for the zodiac signs!

12 Aries - Decidueye

Aries are known to be confident and brave towards danger. This owl is one of the bravest creatures in all of Pokémon because it isn't afraid to get hurt in the defense of its trainer.

It also risks its life for other Pokémon so that it can save them from perilous danger. This absolutely brave bird creature is one of the most valiant Pokémon around!


11 Taurus - Aegislash

People under the Taurus sign are reliable and responsible. Nothing is more responsible than a good trusty sword and this Pokémon fits the role of that perfectly. It can easily cut its way through any battle and win the fight for a trainer which is why it is a Taurus sign for sure.

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Everybody that is a Taurus sign would be one of these creatures because it is a reliable Pokémon that will never let anybody down!

10 Gemini - Galarian Corsola

The Gemini sign signals a person that is curious and affectionate towards others. Just by looking at this Pokémon, trainers can see that it is quite curious and very affectionate towards other creatures which is why it deserves the Gemini spot on this list.

Galarian Corsola is very fond of any trainer that catches it. This little piece of coral is absolutely adorable and the affectionate attitude that it has towards its trainer just adds to this aesthetic!

9 Cancer - Pumpkaboo

People of the Cancer sign are loyal and emotional. This Pokémon is loyal until the end and because of its young nature it is also quite emotional. Trainers can see this even before they catch it because of how it acts in the wild and how nice it is towards other Pokémon.

Being loyal to a trainer is important in a Pokémon battle and Pumpkaboo fits that role perfectly. Every Cancer sign trainer should catch one of these Pokémon!

8 Leo - Litwick

People of the Leo sign are always happy and quite passionate as well. This little ghost is always cheerful and it's known for being one of the happiest Ghost-types in the franchise.

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Litwick's childlike nature adds to its jovial attitude, however it is also very passionate when fighting in Pokémon battles which proves that it's more than just a young creature that's naive. There is no doubt that the Leo sign fits Litwick perfectly!

7 Virgo - Oricorio Sensu Style

The Virgo sign means nice to be around and hardworking. This bird is nice to be around both because it's absolutely beautiful and because of its happy nature towards others.

It's one the most hardworking Pokémon in generation 7 and it is ready to put its life on the line to protect its fellow Pokémon and people. This creature will get up even if it has fainted in a battle because it wants its trainer to win the fight and is so devoted to them. This nice bird is a Virgo without a doubt!

6 Libra - Banette

Libra people are very social and they work well with others. This Pokémon is also social and it works well with others in double battles because of the way that it interacts with its ally Pokémon. It is also always happy and cheerful which is just another great trait that makes Libra trainers capture this creature.

Pokémon trainers all over love Banette and it especially fits well with a Libra trainer because of how social it is and because it enjoys being on a team.

5 Scorpio - Mimikyu

People born under the Scorpio sign are a friend until the end and very stubborn yet brave. Being stubborn is quite a common theme in the Pokémon world and there isn't a better Pokémon to fit this theme than Mimikyi!

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Both in the anime and the games trainers will find that this Pokémon is one of the most stubborn out there and it will always fight, even when it is tired, to secure the win for its trainer or fellow Pokémon. Mimikyu is definitely the Scorpio Ghost-type in the franchise.

4 Sagittarius - Gengar

People under this sign are funny and generous towards others. They are also known for being idealistic. Gengar has been around since generation 1 and it was one of the first Ghost-types introduced into the franchise.

It has always been extremely funny and easy going but also generous towards others which can be seen within the anime when Ash caught one. It's a very happy Pokémon and although it may seem scary on the surface it's actually very lovable once players get to know it.

3 Capricorn - Golurk

Capricorn people are responsible and usually easily disciplined. Just looking at this Pokémon it's easy to see it favors order above all else.

Its strength is unmatched by most Pokémon and the fact that it's a Ghost-type only adds to how powerful its unique move set is. Responsible people should definitely be trying to capture one of these creatures because it doesn't dilly-dally in a battle. People under the Capricorn sign are one of these Ghost-type Pokémon for sure.

2 Aquarius - Lunala

People of the Aquarius zodiac sign are independent of others and progressive thinkers. Lunala is one of the most independent Pokémon in the franchise. One of the main reasons that this is the case is because it's a legendary Pokémon that has to keep order in the world, which means that it doesn't have many allies to do so with.

Independent and progressive people will mesh well with this legendary if they manage to catch it and anybody under the Aquarius sign would be one of these Ghost-type creatures because of the similar traits that they share.

1 Pisces - Polteageist

People under the Pisces sign are wise and gentle towards other creatures. This teacup is wise and gentle which is no surprise because it is a tea cup after all. The fact that the ghost inside of it decided to transfer its consciousness into a teacup speaks volumes about how gentle it is and what kind of personality it has.

Trainers under the Pisces sign have been catching this Pokémon in the Galar region forever and anybody that is a Pisces would definitely work well with a creature such as this one. The amazing Polteageist is the embodiment of the Pisces sign!

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