Pokémon GO's Battle League has added a strategic element to the game that more intense gamers have been striving for since launch.

Niantic's ultimate aim when it developed and released Pokémon GO was to create a game that would get as many people playing as possible. It launched on a platform accessible to almost everyone, kicked things off with the original 151 Pokémon to appeal to older fans, and has gradually added elements to the game to keep younger players interested.

There's a balance developers such as Niantic need to strike when it comes to making a game accessible, and putting off players who find it too simplistic. Pokémon GO may lean too far to the former for some players' liking. Its raid system, for instance, requires nothing more from players than to repeatedly tap the screen as fast as they can.

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That's where the game's new Battle League comes in and potentially offers a make good for that. Battle League's Ultra and Great Leagues require a lot more thought and Pokémon know-how than the raids do. A trainer is not allowed to use their most powerful Pokémon, and heading into the Battle League without researching what types will perform best, especially at the higher ranks, won't end well for you.

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Type advantages actually matter in Battle League, at least if a player wants to rank up at a reasonable rate. Trainers are venturing to forums to find out and share which Pokémon are best for shield baiting. There are even groups of Pokémon being touted as the perfect team to use in certain leagues. Each trainer might have their own opinion on that one, but there are certainly some who are better than others in this instance.

The CP caps in Great and Ultra League were a simple stroke of genius by Niantic. Those Pokémon trainers have spent months, maybe even years powering up beyond belief aren't even allowed into the League. Although, when the Master League rolls around all bets will be off and all Pokémon will be allowed. Button bashing will be mandatory, but if you don't have the right game plan going into a Battle League battle, it will all be in vain.

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