Pokémon GO is no stranger to throwing festive events and Halloween is quite possibly Niantic's most popular in-game holiday ever since its initial attempt during the game's first year of launch. This year's Halloween event will take place from October 17th at 1 pm Pacific time and run until the same time on November 1st.

The Halloween Event is set to introduce Darkrai raids and a set of Pokémon in new Shadow forms. However, this year, the Pokémon have really gotten into the spirit of the season and are dressing up in costume as other Pokémon.

It's The Most Ghoulish Season Of All

Yamask and its Shiny form will be making an in-game debut as part of this year's festivities, along with Shadow forms of Mareep, Trapinch, Magmar, and Lapras. Darkrai will also be making an introduction to tier 5 Raids and new festive-themed items will be made available in the shop. Items will include Trainer accessories, such as a new Cubone hood, Pikachu onesie, and Mimikyu backpack.

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An exclusive set of Special Research tasks will also provide trainers with the opportunity to catch the Forbidden Pokémon, Spiritbomb. Catch rates for all Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon will be increased during the event as well.

Trick Or Treat!

In proper Halloween fashion, Pokémon GO's Halloween Event 2019 will be a double candy event, allowing players to earn twice as much for transferring, catching, and hatching Pokémon. Not only is the candy flowing, but the Pokémon are gearing up for the festivities too.

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Pikachu, along with the original gen one starters have made a trip to the costume store and will be suiting up as their favorite ghoulish Pokémon for the event. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle will be appearing in-game dressed as Shedinja, Cubone, and Yamask respectively. The adorably conceited Pikachu chose to dress up as... Mimikyu, the Pokémon who spends its life disguised as Pikachu.


Pokémon GO's previous Halloween events have been bursting with in-game goodies, and this year will be no different. Pikachu and friends will be keeping the festive spirit alive throughout the entire event, thanks to their adorable costumes. However, if the cute factor wasn't enough, there are several new Pokémon and various additions coming to the game.

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