When Pokémon Go was released in 2016, it took the world by storm and became a cultural phenomenon. It brought together people from all walks of life, and in social media, over 1 billion interactions occurred involving the game. The game went on to earn $950 million in 2016 alone, making it one of the bestselling games of all time.

Pokémon Go has not been as popular as the year it launched, but it still has a massive following, with millions of players still engaged. The developers have also kept releasing content to make the game fresh for all current players. One of the more significant features that the developers have recently added is Raid Hours.

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A Raid Hour is a weekly event occurring for an hour where players are given a lot of Legendary Raids to finish. We have gathered all the information players need to know about this exciting new addition to the game.

10 Legendary Raids Started in 2019

While Pokémon Go Raid Battles were introduced as part of the Gym Rework in 2017, Legendary Raid Hours were brought in June 2019. These are weekly events where practically every Gym is dominated by Legendary Raids. The raids last for the whole hour, and players can take on several raids within the allotted time.

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To take part in each raid, the player needs a Raid Pass. They can get it by spinning a Pokéstop or, if they have money to spend and need more passes, going to the Poké Shop and spending 100 Poké Coins.


9 Date and Time

The Pokémon Go Raid Hour takes place once an hour each week, so it’s crucial that interested players know the exact time and date so that they don’t miss it. Unless otherwise stated, the Raid Hours occur every Wednesday from 6 to 7 pm local time.

If a player forgets to take note of the time, they can still be reminded through the app. They just have to look at the Gyms without any scheduled EX Raids or active raids. An egg will show up on these Gyms, then hatch into a Legendary Pokémon when the time comes.

8 How To Set Reminders

If memorizing the time and date or keeping an eye out for a Legendary egg is too much work, not to worry! The game also allows players to use Push Notifications. After opening the game, they should go to the Map View and tap the Main Menu button. Next, they should tap the Settings button on the top right section. Under Settings, they should scroll down until they reach Push Notifications, then tap Events, Offers and Updates.

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That said, the player should also ensure that they have set the device to automatically detect their time zone and that their GPS is as accurate as possible.

7 Legendary Raid Bosses

Legendary Raid Bosses are Legendary Pokémon that players have to defeat within the Raid Hour if they want to catch it or get a special reward. These Pokémon, like the Grassland Pokémon Virizian, are not easy to take down, and for a lone player, it’s all but impossible. So, Raid Hours typically necessitate various players to show up and work together; otherwise, none of them might come away with any reward.

If players don’t manage to take these bosses down at first, though, it’s not the end. The game often gives players several weeks before changing the bosses.

6 Raid Tiers

Not every Raid Boss has the same level of difficulty. Even though they are a lot tougher than regular Pokémon, some bosses are extremely powerful and need all the players to bring their A-game to take it down.

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The difficulty usually ranges from Tier 1 to Tier 5. Tier 1 is the easiest and a lone player can usually defeat it alone as long as they are over level 5. But a Tier 5 Boss needs a minimum of 4 to 8 players, and more if their level isn’t that high.

5 How to Win

The higher the tier of the Raid Boss, the tougher it will be to take down. And to add even more pressure, the game typically gives players 5 minutes to take down the boss. So, with some bosses, it is recommended that players who go on the raid number closer to 20 than to 10. These can be players who know each other, or they can simply matchmake.

Players should take their six strongest Pokémon to these battles. If they don’t succeed, they can make a strategic retreat, heal and revive their teammates and try again and again until the hour is up.

4 Getting More Premier Balls

After defeating the Legendary Raid Boss, there is only one way to capture it: using Premier Balls. These balls typically drop in the capturing phase, and the number of balls the players receive depends on a number of factors.

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Players typically get up to 3 balls for inflicting damage, 5 balls for defeating the boss, and up to 4 depending on the team’s Friendship level. So, if the Gym is on the player’s team and they deal more damage to the Raid Boss, players increase their chances of capturing it.

3 How Raid Rewards Work

By successfully completing the Raid Hour, players often get exclusive new items as their reward. This is regardless of the difficulty tier of the Raid Boss. However, the tougher the boss, the better the spoils. For instance, some of the better high-difficulty rewards are Rare Candies, which turn into a particular Pokémon’s candy when used on any Pokémon; Golden Razz Berries, which massively increase the rate of capturing a Pokémon in the wild; and TMs, which teach the player’s Pokémon a new Charge Attack or Fast Attack.

In addition, players receive Stardust, 20,000 XP for Legendary Raids—or 3,000 XP for a standard Raid—1,000 Gym Badge XP, and Potions.

2 Private Raids

Sometimes the player just wants to spend a Raid Hour with their friends and avoid other gamers. The game allows for this through a social feature called Private Raid Groups. The game describes these groups as a “customizable code system” where a player can invite their friends into a specific Raid group through the use of code comprising of various symbols.

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These groups are made for the occasions where a Gym has plenty of people and a player can save space for their friends rather than have complete strangers enter.

1 Capture Rates

Capture rates in Pokémon Go Raid Hours vary about as much as the bosses themselves, but they are still pretty hard to capture. For instance, the capture rate of Pokémon like Rhydon and Snorlax stands at about 5%, while Legendary Raid Bosses’ capture rates are an extremely low 2%. To make things even tougher, the catch rate of Premier Balls is no different than average Pokéballs during Raid Hours.

So, the best chance of catching these bosses is to have as many balls as possible. For that to happen, the players should ideally go on the raid with their friends and deal as much damage as possible.

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