Niantic dropped an unexpected Pokémon GO event on April 1, but it's not a bad thing. As seems to be the trend with gaming companies in the era of fake news, April Fools' day saw Pokémon GO get an actual event instead of a prank. It just happens to be an event that celebrates prankster Pokémon.

The event is about "tricky" Pokémon, which for the most part seem to be Pokémon that disguise themselves. This leads to Voltorb and Foongus spawning in very high numbers, as well as more chances for a Pokémon to be disguised as Ditto. This will be the case until April 7 at 10 p.m.

Niantic listed the full slate of event spawns in its blog post, and also revealed the Pokémon GO debut of another fifth generation Pokémon: Stunfisk.

via: Pokémon Wiki

Stunfisk fits the tricky theme as it's known to burrow itself into the ground and catch prey by surprise. It's Sword & Shield Galarian Form takes this a step further by resembling a bear trap. It's one of the weirder Pokémon designs – and catches a lot of flak for that – but it's the perfect new spawn for this event.

Meanwhile, Sudowoodo and Croagunk lend more excitement to the event by appearing in their shiny forms for the first time. Both can be caught wild and via Research Tasks, and Croagunk can spawn from a photobomb.

Both Stunkfisk and the new shinies are said to be quite rare, with no boosted rates to speak of, so good luck!

Source: Niantic

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