In the Pokémon games, Johto was first introduced in Gen IIGold Silver, and Crystal. It was later revisited for HeartGold and SoulSilver. This rugged, mountainous region of the Pokémon universe is home to eight gym leaders. In the anime, most of the Johto gym leaders were initially shown as shadowy figures whose appearances were hidden from the viewer. In time, they were revealed to the viewer.

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Like the gym leaders of other regions in the series, the Johto gym leaders usually reflect their preference in Pokémon type by their appearance and/or name. To make this list about the gym leaders' Dungeons & Dragons moral alignments an even ten entries, the Elite Four and Johto Champion will also be included for the last two entries.

10 Falkner - Lawful Neutral

Falkner is the leader of the first gym players will encounter and prefers Flying-type Pokémon. The Lawful/Chaotic aspect of this entry is by far the easier of the two. Falkner did as he was expected and took over the gym leader position from his father, and dutifully goes about this position.

Falkner is also someone who adheres to a schedule (he does his shopping on the same day every week) – which is an indicator of being lawful. Falkner genuinely seems concerned for the well-being of his Pokémon; however, he is also very vain. Taking all this into account it seems like Lawful Neutral is the proper alignment for Falkner.


9 Bugsy - Neutral Good

Bugsy is the leader of the second gym, and he exclusively uses (surprise, surprise) Bug-type Pokémon. The Lawful/Chaotic aspect of his alignment is actually the harder of the two to pin down. Like Falkner, Bugsy is someone who strictly adheres to a regimen, yet he is also known to hand out his phone number to random strangers.

It seems like Bug-type Pokémon occupy too much of his time for Bugsy to care about Law/Chaos. Bugsy is well-known in Johto as someone who will help those in need, and as someone who cares deeply for his Pokémon. Bugsy would seem to be Neutral Good.

8 Whitney - Chaotic Good

Whitney is the leader of the third gym and prefers to use Normal-type Pokémon. Whitney is Chaotic. She is not someone who seems to have set patterns in her life, and she has a habit of acting erratically when defeated. Whitney has too much energy to be anything but Chaotic.

Even though she is Chaotic to the extreme, she is also known to be a good, honest person. When defeated she will congratulate her opponent, and give them the badge they earned via her defeat, but she seldom does this with any grace. With all this in mind, it seems appropriate to assign Whitney as Chaotic Good.

7 Morty - Lawful Good

Morty is the leader of the fourth gym and is a trainer that uses Ghost-type Pokémon. Morty might be the easiest of the Johto gym leaders to assign a D&D alignment. He hates those who steal and mistreat others. Morty is also known to go out of his way to help others in need and has a sterling reputation around Ecruteak City.

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Anyone who has a problem with someone stealing from others is both Lawful and Good in D&D. His propensity to help others without wanting anything in return also puts him firmly on the good side of the Good/Evil spectrum. Morty is Lawful Good and would probably be a paladin in D&D.

6 Chuck - Chaotic Neutral

Chuck is the leader of the fifth gym and uses Fighting-type Pokémon. Chuck seems preoccupied with making sure people are scared of him, yet isn’t known for being truly malicious. He is known to not like rules – he eats sweets even though his wife disapproves.

Chuck also has a reputation for not spending any time with his wife. None of this is expressly evil, but it’s also not anywhere close to being good. His disregard for rules and social contracts prohibits him from being considered lawful. Chuck is a classic example of a Chaotic Neutral – he only cares about himself.

5 Jasmine - Neutral Good

Jasmine is the leader of the sixth gym and prefers to use Steel-type Pokémon. Jasmine, like Morty, has a reputation for helping the environment and others without requesting compensation; however, unlike Morty, she actively tries to down-play her helpfulness.

Perhaps she does so because of her shy nature, as she doesn’t seem to have obvious ulterior motives for doing this. Jasmine gives off the impression of someone who will help someone regardless of what the law says but is also usually mindful not to break any laws. While difficult to assign an alignment to, Jasmine seems closer to Neutral Good than anything else.

4 Pryce - Lawful Evil

Pryce is the leader of the seventh gym and uses Ice-type Pokémon. When he was younger, Pryce was injured in a Pokémon duel. While he was recovering, his Piloswine wandered into a snowstorm and never returned. This caused Pryce’s heart to grow cold (sorry for the pun).

Based on his actions and words, it is easy to see that Pryce is a bitter old man with very little good left in him. Cold as his heart might be, Pryce is also someone who respects those who best him in battle. He is predictable, which is not a trait that many would think of as chaotic. Pryce is a classic Lawful Evil type character.

3 Clair - Chaotic Evil

Clair is the leader of the eighth gym and is known as the Dragon-master gym leader in Johto. Clair is much like Falkner in terms of personality – both are very concerned about their physical appearance and take losing very poorly (and personally). However, when Falkner is defeated by a trainer he will hand over his gym’s badge.

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Clair, on the other hand, has been known to withhold badges from trainers who have beaten her in a fight. This action alone demands she be assigned as Chaotic rather than Lawful. In addition to being unlawful, not admitting defeat and refusing to award a badge to a trainer that has defeated her is much closer to evil than good. Clair is Chaotic Evil, or as Chaotic Evil a character can be in the Pokémon games.

2 Will, Koga, Bruno, Karen - Multiple

These four trainers make up the Elite Four for the Johto and Kanto regions. Will is a flamboyant character who is known for being a gentleman, and for being able to lose graciously – making him more Chaotic Good than anything else. Koga is a brash ninja that uses Poison-type Pokémon. He is about as Neutral Evil as it gets.

Bruno is a martial artist that seeks nothing but improving his (and his Pokémon’s) fighting technique – everything else is secondary. Bruno is True Neutral. Karen is a master of Dark-type Pokémon but is also known to be kind on occasion. Chaotic Good seems the best fit for her.

1 Lance - Lawful Neutral

Lance is Clair’s cousin and the Pokémon Master of the Johto region. Like Clair, Lance uses Dragon-type Pokémon. However, whereas Clair is unpredictable and feared, Lance is more gracious in defeat and respected. His Dragon Pokémon are not just a means of being Champion, as he cares for them greatly.

Lance abides by the rules of the Pokémon League and is quick to offer advice to those he defeats or praise those who best him. Due to his personality, it is likely his best match in D&D alignments is Lawful Neutral (with Good tendencies).

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