Pokémon Red & Blue are beloved to many fans across the world. Generation I was the first time players explored the wonders of the Kanto region. A region filled with diverse Pokémon, vast landscapes, and plenty of trainers to challenge. After trainers have collected all eight badges and defeated the Elite Four, there is a secret area in Cerulean City that will open up to exploration.

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That secret area is called the Cerulean Cave, which houses some of the highest levels of Pokémon in the Kanto region. Exploring the depths of this cave is not going to be easy with elaborate pathways and a powerful Pokémon awaiting the player's presence. However, there are many mysterious things players might not know about the Cerulean Cave.

10 Referred To As The Unknown Dungeon

Cerulean Cave is located near the city of Cerulean City, which resides in the Kanto region. However, it can also be referenced as another name called the Unknown Dungeon.

This moniker would be revisited in Pokémon X & Y's Kalos region as a reference to the Cerulean Cave. This name is also shown in the Pokémon Adventures manga and Pokémon Origins anime, with Mewtwo also making an appearance in the former.


9 It Collapses In Pokémon Gold & Silver

In Pokémon Gold & Silver, players can venture to both Johto and Kanto regions within the game. This not only brings a nostalgic trip back to memory lane from Red & Blue but to see what changes occurred later on.

One of the changes made to the region is the collapse of the Cerulean Cave. The collapse was due to Mewtwo's lingering presence left behind from the last game. Talk about power.

8 However, It Was Rebuilt...Sorta

In the Kalos region of Pokémon X & Y, there is the Unknown Dungeon located in Pokémon Village. To access this secret area, players have to be inducted into the Pokémon Hall of Fame. Sounds familiar?

It's the same method used to access the Cerulean Cave in Red & Blue and there is also a Mewtwo waiting for players to arrive in X & Y's Unknown Dungeon. A coincidence? Probably not.

7 The Cave Has 3 Floors

Usually, when exploring a cave, it's dense with a lot of darkness and passageways. Imagine walking into a cave to find ladders and a waterways system amongst three floors of exploration?

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Well, if that is the case, then the explorer has probably stumbled upon the Cerulean Cave, which consists of three floors to navigate its treacherous encounters. The cave's layout does change a bit depending on the generation, though.

6 Flash Not Required To Explore

Typically in Pokémon Red & Blue, if someone explores a cave, they are greeted with darkness and annoying Zubats. To bypass the darkness part, trainers would have to utilize HM05 or Flash to navigate without running into walls.

However, the Cerulean Cave is an exception to this notion. Surprisingly, there is no Flash required to explore its depths, but best bring some repel to get rid of those pesky Zubats.

5 It Was Mewtwo's Great Escape Destination

Many players that are familiar with the Pokémon franchise know who Mewtwo is. The most powerful Pokémon in all of the Kanto region. Arguably, the best Pokémon players could have caught if one did not take Mew into account. However, in the canon of the original game, Mewtwo doesn't have much backstory in comparison with its movie portrayal.

For certain, Mewtwo was created in the name of science, a replication of Mew. However, it kind of didn't take it so well and broke out of the lab. Where did it go? Well, players find out as they discover Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave. A perfect place to be isolated and alone from the horrors of humanity, till some trainer catches it while it is minding its own business.

4 You Have A Chance To Catch Chansey

Chansey is a decent Pokémon amongst the original cast of pocket monsters. Mostly known for being Nurse Joy's trusty assistant in the anime, Chansey is a must-have for players trying to complete the Pokédex.

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However, there are two ways to catch a Chansey. Players can acquire one the hard way through the Safari Zone or catch one the easy way in the Cerulean Cave. Also, catching one in the Cerulean Cave gives trainers a higher-level Pokémon than the Safari Zone version.

3 Pokémon Green Had A Different Cave Layout Than Red & Blue

Pokémon Green was a Japan-only release that never debuted in North America. It had a bunch of changes to distinguish it from its counterparts. One of those changes was the layout for the Cerulean Cave/Unknown Dungeon.

There are changes to the routes, ladder access points, and set pieces within the cave. Regardless of the changes, catching Mewtwo was still the same primary objective in Pokémon Green's Cerulean Cave.

2 Nest Areas Never Appear At The Cave

Catching is the name of the game in Pokémon. It is even in the slogan. It's only fitting for players to have expansive access to where Pokémon are on the map. That's where the "area" feature comes into play. It indicated where caught Pokémon can appear on routes and locations scattered across the map.

However, the Cerulean Cave was an exception to this rule, leaving which Pokémon you could catch a mystery. Probably a big reason why the cave is shrouded in mystery in the first place.

1 Must Be Worthy Of The Hall Of Fame To Enter

A big part of a secret area is keeping it a secret, a job one fitting of a random man that stands in front of the entrance of the Cerulean Cave. Trainers can go to the Cerulean Cave, but they would be only looking from the outside because those who beat the game are the only ones worthy enough to enter.

Only after entering the Hall of Fame can trainers fully access the cave. Finally, that random man can move on with his life. This is taken one further in Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen, as an additional quest revolving around Celio's Ruby and Sapphire gems must be completed before the cave can be accessed.

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