While the rumors of Pokémon Let's Go Johto were recently shut down with the shocking Pokémon UNITE, there clearly is still an audience for the idea. However, just as many fans are waiting for Diamond & Pearl remakes, and have been for some time. So, which games do fans want more? Which games deserve a remake first? Let's take a look at the case for both.

10 Generation 4: We've Been Waiting Long Enough


Fans around the world have been waiting for Diamond & Pearl remakes since Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire came out for the 3DS, who knows, 2010? 2020 has been far too long to keep track of anything.

The point is that fans have been waiting for these games to happen for years, and to be usurped by sudden Johto remakes would be pretty upsetting for those players.


9 Let's Go Johto: Easier To Develop

If Game Freak decided to go for Let's Go Johto games, they might be able to finish them up rather quickly, as the previous Let's Go games would be fairly easy to build off (especially considering that the entire postgame would literally just be those games with small changes).

Something like Diamond & Pearl remakes are going to take a good amount of time to get right, but Let's Go Johto games could be finished up fairly quickly before Game Freak moves onto something else.

8 Generation 4: Do We Really Want Let's Go Again?

While Let's Go games would be somewhat easier to complete for Game Freak, do we even want them in the first place?

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The original Let's Go games weren't necessarily bad, but they existed to get younger fans into the Pokémon franchise. Do we need a second set of games to accomplish the same exact goal?

7 Let's Go Johto: More Partner Pokémon

One of the best parts of the original Let's Go games were the partner Pokémon. They were adorable, horrifically overpowered, and really felt like they were your partner. What more could you want out of a Pokémon?

Follow-up Let's Go games would feature the same type of partner in a different species of Pokémon. Who would we get? Pichu? Togepi? Maybe an entire Suicune for absolutely no reason at the beginning of the game? The possibilities are endless!

6 Generation 4: No HMs (& Other Improvements)

Since the release of Diamond & Pearl, there have been plenty of improvements to the Pokémon formula, with one of the most notable being the removal of HMs. No region benefits from this more than Sinnoh, which features a new HM that is necessary for progression at every turn.

Sure, this would literally remove the need for the Bibarel population in general, but did anyone ever really want to use them?

5 Let's Go Johto: Two Regions

If there's anything that Pokémon fans love to argue about (besides trees), it's postgame content, and the lack of it in some of the newer titles in the franchise. Any Johto-based Pokémon game tends to have a fantastic postgame, because they all feature the entire Kanto Region for players to explore. Two regions in a single game? We haven't had that since, you guessed it, the latest Johto-based games. Give it to us, Game Freak.

4 Generation 4: The Sinnoh Region

Sinnoh has its fair share of issues, sure, but it is a beloved region with a ton of heart, and fans would love the chance to explore it again.

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As previously mentioned, the Sinnoh Region will benefit greatly from a lack of HM moves, making a region that fans already love even more of a great time. Then include that the region will be fully HD and reinvented for the Switch, and we've got a Sinnoh unlike any we've seen before.

3 Let's Go Johto: Mega Evolution

One thing that Pokémon Let's Go brought back was the beloved Mega Evolution feature that was cut from Sword & ShieldIt doesn't make sense for the feature to come back in Diamond & Pearl remakes, but in another set of Let's Go games, it would be perfect. It's a feature that is well-loved enough to prompt another set of Let's Go games.

2 Generation 4: Larger Pokédex And A Great Postgame

The generation four titles have a sizeable Pokédex, much larger than generation two. Beyond that, while the Johto postgame is great, we just got Kanto remakes from the first two Let's Go games. Sinnoh's postgame features an excellent Battle Frontier and an entire new area to explore. While it's not confirmed that the Battle Frontier would come back, seeing the great postgame return in Diamond & Pearl remakes would be absolutely fantastic.

1 Let's Go Johto: The Let's Go Series Can Still Grow

The Let's Go series is still very much so new, meaning that all of its features aren't cemented. This means that new things can still be done if Let's Go Johto games are created. Game Freak can switch up the formula, try out ideas they've been looking to implement. Something great just might be sparked from the Let's Go series.

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