When building a team in Pokémon Masters it��s important to find sync pairs that synergize well with each other and fulfill specific responsibilities. An important role on a team is the Physical Striker, these are the heavy hitters who typically focus on dealing lots of damage to single targets.

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The best choice is always the one that fits in well with the rest of the player’s team. For those who are struggling to find a strong brawler for there team here’s a list of one’s that player’s should strongly consider.

10 Guzma & Golisopod

Pokemon Masters Guzma & Golisopod

Guzma and Golisopod is a great team once they’re up and rolling but take a bit to get there. Part of this is because Guzma’s buffing ability, Beat ‘Em Down!, requires three slots of the move gauge before it’ll raise Attack and Defense.

The passive helps Golisopod stay alive by causing evasiveness to skyrocket when HP is less than 50% the first time in battle. A good tactic is to come out of the gate swinging with First Impression, which can only be used if it’s the first move in battle, Buff Golisopod while also using Dire Hit + to raise the critical hit rate, and then spam Pin Missile.


9 Korrina & Mega Lucario

Pokemon Korrina & Mega Lucario

Korrina and Mega Lucario are a glass cannon duo, but are lightning fast and get stronger over time if they have supports to keep them healed. The player should start off raising critical hit rate with Dire Hit and then use Skate On Through! to raise Attack and dramatically improve Speed. Then Mega Evolve as soon as possible.

Afterward Mega Lucario can pummel enemies into the ground with Close Combat which also lower’s their Defense and Special Defense. Alternatively they can spam Power-Up Punch which gets stacking Attack bonuses whenever a succesful hit is made.

8 Wally & Mega Gallade

Pokemon Masters Wally & Mega Gallade

Wally and Mega Gallade are a strong Physical Striking pair that’s very simple to utilize. The goal is to buff Gallade with Here I Come! and Dire Hit which raises Attack, Special Attack, accuracy, and critical-hit rate respectively. Then Gallade should Mega Evolve as soon as possible which also raises the critical-hit rate even further.

Then it’s just a matter of spamming a single attack, Close Combat, which deals great damage and has 100 accuracy. It does have the downside of lowering Gallade’s Defense and Special Defense making it a glass cannon over time. But with passives that cause Gallade’s Speed to rise with each successful enemy attack and the ability to land critical hits more easily, Mega Gallade can hit fast and hit hard.

7 Iris & Haxorus

Pokemon Iris & Haxorus

Iris and Haxorus pack quite the punch, but they are a bit of a wild card so having healers is important to get the most out of them. They start off by boosting Haxorus’s Speed, critical-hit rate, and Attack with You’re Going Down! and X Attack.

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Once buffed Haxorus has two options for attacking; Dragon Claw which does ok damage with 100 accuracy, or Outrage for great damage and 100 accuracy, but will leave Haxorus confused afterward. If the player has a support that can reliably remove status effects this is less of an issue, but if not it can be tricky to use Haxorus.

6 Noland & Mega Pinsir

Pokemon Masters Noland & Mega Pinsir

Noland and Mega Pinsir can be tough to acquire but are juggernauts when they get rolling. X Attack raises Attack, but the real buff is Bring It On! which will dramatically raise Speed and also heal Pinsir a bit when used. Then the player should prioritize Mega evolving Pinsir before going hog wild with attacks.

Mega Pinsir’s strength lies in passives that prevent its stats from being lowered and the ability to ignore the enemy’s attempts at damage reduction. The main attack is Fury Cutter which grows in power each time it's used in succession, which will be often given it costs a single bar.

5 Brendan & Sceptile

Pokemon Brendan & Sceptile

This pair is great for beginners as they’re obtained early on and remain effective for most of the game. Sceptile is a bit Move Gauge hungry as it’s buff No Turning Back! will raise Attack and Special Attack by six if three Move Gauge bars are available.

The Special Attack boost will be removed by the Special move Leaf Storm, so players should emphasize the physical attack Bullet Seed. It doesn’t do a lot of damage out of the gate, but it has the chance to strike the enemy two to three times in a row. This is huge when combined with the critical hit rate boost from Dire Hit+ which applies to each of the two to five hits from the attack.

4 Steven & Alolan Sandslash

Pokemon Steven & Alolan Sandslash

Steven with the Alolan Sandslash is a great Ice-type Physical Striker with some versatility. The key to this pair’s strength is to use the Sync Move as soon as possible. Not only does it do great damage, but it will also cause a Hailstorm. This Hailstorm can harm enemies, but Sandslash will be impervious to the damage, receive boosts to its attacks thanks to a passive, and the buff Coolest There Is! will raise critical-hit rate even further.

While the hailstorm is raging Sandlsash can pummel enemies with Icicle Crash that can cause the target to flinch. Alternatively they can use the more accurate Icicle Spear which can hit the enemy two to five times in a row with each hit benefiting from the critical hit boost.

3 Cynthia & Mega Garchomp

Pokemon Cynthia & Mega Garchomp

This team is greatly benefited by sandstorms, but even without it, they’re dangerous. If a Sandstorm is raging Mega Garchomps moves will be powered up and the buff This Match Is Too Fun! Will raise Speed and Critical-hit rate more than usual.

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Outside of a Sandstorm the player should buff it, Mega Evolve as soon as possible and start spamming Earthquake. Earthquake deals great damage with 100 accuracy but is unique on this list because it damages all opponents. This becomes even more devastating if the player manages to put a Sandstorm in effect using a personal Kabutops or if they have Arcerola and Palossand as a pair.

2 Olivia & Midnight Lycanroc

Pokemon Olivia & Lycanroc

Olivia with the Midnight version of Lycanroc is fantastic for beginners as it works with any team composition. This is because Lycanroc is self-boosting to the point of becoming a true monster. Hard as Diamonds! will raise accuracy and critical-hit rate at the cost of Special Defense. Attack is further boosted with X Attack. Its only passive will also increase Speed when critical hits are made.

Once these boosts are in place the idea is to spam Stone Edge. Because of Hard As Diamonds! raising accuracy Stone Edge will be all but a guaranteed hit which also lands criticals more easily. This causes the previously mentioned Speed boost which fills the move gauge faster resulting in being able to use Stone Edge sooner causing a cycle of destruction.

1 Steven & Mega Metagross

Pokemon Steven & Mega Metagross
Shiny Mega Metagross

Steven and Mega Metagross is probably the best Physical Striker pair because of how tanky they are. The strategy is to use X Attack to boost Attack and then prioritize Mega Evolving. Once evolved Mega Metagross can use the Best There Is! boost to raise Defense, guarantees the next attack is critical, and because it’s a Mega will allow it to endure the next attack it takes.

At this point the player simply spams Iron Head which deals great damage and has a moderate chance of causing Flinch. Basically Mega Metagross can tank two powerful hits, deal two powerful criticals, and spends the rest of the battle occasionally stun-locking opponents as it pummels them into the ground.

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