Mew is largely regarded as the first Pokémon to ever exist. Mew is a psychic type legendary Pokémon that was introduced in the very first generation. Mew is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, Mew is also genderless. This little Pokémon is the last Pokémon in the Kanto Pokedex even though it technically appeared before Mewtwo. This little Pokémon is pink with fur, so fine that it can only be seen underneath a microscope. Although it is little it has a ton of power and secret abilities that many people don't even know about.

In the Pokémon movies, this little one shows signs of intelligence as well as affection towards Pokémon and trainers alike. Mew is also super playful and may not even realize that it is in a battle when it is, this happened when it was fighting Mewtwo in the very first movie. Mew had no idea about the seriousness of the situation and instead got distracted by bouncing on the orbs. Despite being playful and silly this Pokémon is very smart and knows how to use its intelligence to win a battle that it would otherwise lose. Despite being a legendary Pokémon, Mew does have a couple of weaknesses.

20 Power: Mew Can Learn Any Move


Mew is a powerful Pokémon no matter what, it is extremely adaptable and is also a legendary, so any regular Pokémon will really have its hands full when it comes to this little one. Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokémon that has ever existed. As a result, Mew is able to learn any move that it chooses or that the trainer wants it to. This is a huge advantage in battle as Mew can literally be effective towards every type of Pokémon. Mew is said to be the first Pokémon to ever exist which is why it seems to resemble an embryo in some aspects.


19 Weakness: Emotions


Mew is a good Pokémon with a good heart. This sometimes leads it to being susceptible to battling with its heart instead of its mind. Mew has a very gentle spirit and actually hates battling unless it is absolutely necessary. Even in the first Pokémon movie when Mewtwo is attempting to take over the entire world, Mew tries to reason with it and get it to see the world in a whole new light. Eventually, Mew's attempts are successful and Mewtwo stops what he is doing. Although having a good heart is not necessarily a weakness, Mew getting distracted by its emotions during a battle will leave it vulnerable to attack.

18 Power: Mew Can Transform Into Any Pokémon


Another ability that Mew has is that it is able to transform like a Ditto. Mew can virtually become any Pokémon that it has encountered in order to trick its opponent into using certain moves against it.

What is effective against the Pokémon it appears to be may not be effective against Mew.

Therefore, it will give Mew a bit of an upper hand until its identity is blown. There is even a theory that Ditto is a failed experiment to recreate Mew, which is why they share so many similarities and characteristics. Of course, this is just a theory and has never been confirmed in any movies or anime episodes.

17 Weakness: Ghost Type Moves


Ghost-type moves are pretty powerful towards most Pokémon but they are also a good type of move to use against Mew as Mew is a psychic type Pokémon. Ghost-type moves inflict 1.25 more damage to Mew then any other moves will do. Ghost-type Pokémon are not damaged very much by psychic type moves so they will be able to withstand Mew's attacks for a decent amount of time, as long as they are leveled up properly. Gengar, Giratina, and Chandelure are all strong ghost type Pokémon that shouldn't do too bad in a battle against Mew.

16 Power: Mew Can Fly


Although Mew cannot necessarily “fly” in the sense of flapping its wings, it is able to travel through the air in order to get where it needs to go. It also typically battles in the air, as its size and speed gives it an advantage over its opponent. In the first Pokémon movie, Mew has a battle with Mewtwo in the air. Once they reconcile and realize that they want the same thing then they fly off together. Mew has been spotted all over the world thanks to its ability to fly wherever it wishes at any moment.

15 Weakness: It Is Unable To Learn Moves Specific To Pokémon


Although Mew has the DNA of all Pokémon and is, therefore, able to learn every single move imaginable, Mew is unable to learn moves that are specific to Pokémon. So if a move is specific to a Pokémon or group of Pokémon the Mew will be unable to learn it. For example, Mew is not able to use Draco Meteor or Secret Sword. This is a weakness of Mew’s because some of the moves specific to Pokémon are the most powerful and effective in battle. If ever battling a Mew, using a move that is specific to your Pokémon may be a good tactic as Mew will be unable to use it and may not be equipped to defend against it.

14 Power: Mew Can Also Travel Underwater


Mew is one of the most adaptable Pokémon that there is and can also travel through the water with no problem. This allows it to have yet another advantage as it can escape through the water when need be.

Mew’s ability to travel through the water also allows Mew to travel great distances.

Even though Mew can travel by water, it prefers to travel in the air and almost never touches the ground. Mew has no problem holding its breath underwater so it can travel extremely long distances at a time. Since it is able to travel by air and water, Mew really is able to work with whatever environment it is given.

13 Weakness: Captivate Doesn't Work


Mew is a powerful Pokémon that knows a ton of moves. However, it is also a genderless Pokémon, so the move captivate doesn't work. Mew knows this move and may even attempt to use it, but it will never have any effect on the opponent that it is trying to fight.

Captivate is a non-damaging normal type move that is meant to lower the Special Attack stat of the target by two stages.

But this only works if the Pokémon they are battling is of the opposite gender, hence the move not working when the Pokémon is genderless. Mew is the only genderless Pokémon that can learn this move, however, it still fails when used by it.

12 Power: Mew Protects Itself With An Orb


Mew is a psychic type, so it is able to do some pretty powerful moves. One thing that Mew is able to do is create a pink, yellow, or green orb of energy. This orb surrounds Mew so that it is protected during battle. This orb takes all of the hits from the battle so that Mew does not receive much damage, if any. In the very first Pokémon movie, both Mew and Mewtwo surrounded themselves in these orbs in order to protect themselves from one another. Mew can even create orbs around itself to bounce off of or help others during a fight.

11 Weakness: Too Playful


Mew can be a little bit too playful at times, as Mew does seem to resemble an infant or child. Although Mew is one of the most intelligent Pokémon out there, it gets distracted easily and can sometimes misjudge a situation. Mew gets distracted very easily by all of the things around it and even by its own power at times. This leaves Mew vulnerable to attacks by its opponent during these moments of distraction. In the very first Pokémon movie, Mew takes advantage of Mew being distracted by the orbs to throw a pretty powerful ball of energy at it. Luckily for Mew, it was able to recover quickly and get on with the battle.

10 Power: Mew Can Make Itself Invisible


Many scientists and Pokémon trainers basically consider Mew extinct because it is very rarely seen, and even once it is seen it is gone before anyone can even think about capturing it.

However, Mew has the ability to make itself invisible at will.

Almost as soon as it comes in contact with humans, then it goes invisible. It appears that it is gone, but Mew is still around. Only a couple of people have been able to see Mew in the flesh and those who have did not get to experience it for very long leading some to believe that it is just a mirage and not an actual Pokémon.

9 Weakness: It Can't Change Its Type


Although Mew can change its appearance to look like another Pokémon, it is still not able to change its type. Mew is a psychic type.

Although it is a legendary Pokémon it is still susceptible to the same weaknesses as all other psychic type Pokémon.

This is a disadvantage, because although Mew will appear like another Pokémon the moves that are effective against it will still be effective against it even when it doesn’t look like Mew. Mew may be able to change its appearance, but it is not able to change its DNA. This is similar to Ditto, therefore Mew’s weaknesses will always be Mew’s weaknesses.

8 Power: It Only Shows Itself To Those With Good Intentions


Mew may just be a Pokémon, but it is very intelligent and has a big heart. Since Mew can make itself invisible at will, it uses this as a defense against those who do not have the best intentions. Mew will only appear to those who have a good heart and good intentions. This is the main reason that many people, like Team Rocket, who have attempted for years to find Mew have been unsuccessful. Mew can see right through those who try to gain its trust in order to capture it. Mew is a Pokémon with a free spirit who loves to do whatever it wants so when it gets bored of a situation or feels threatened then it will disappear without a moment's notice.

7 Weakness: Bug Type Moves


Mew is a psychic type Pokémon, so bug type moves are more effective against it then other moves. Of course, being a legendary Pokémon, Mew is a lot stronger than most other Pokémon and can handle a large number of attacks before fainting. However, a bug type Pokémon that is trained well and a high level may stand a pretty good chance against Mew. Venomoth, Parasect, and Beedrill are all good choices to use against this legendary Pokémon as they are able to withstand some powerful attacks, and psychic attacks will not be very effective against them in a battle.

6 Power: The Only Pokémon Capable Of Using Genesis Supernova


Mew is a legendary Pokémon, with this comes a couple of perks. For example, Mew is the only Pokémon that can do the move “Genesis Supernova.” This move is a damage dealing psychic type z-move that was first introduced in the seventh generation.

This move causes the battlefield to become Psychic Terrain for five moves.

Psychic Terrain boosts the power of psychic type Pokémon by 50% while it is in place. The power behind this move is 185 and it may affect anyone who is adjacent to the Pokémon. Genesis Supernova is basically an upgraded version of psychic that only Mew can do.

5 Weakness: It Has A Lower CP Then Some Pokémon


Mew is a legendary Pokémon and therefore should be stronger than most other Pokémon. Although Mew is very strong and super adaptable it does happen to have a lower CP then some other Pokémon.

This means that it may not be able to withstand a large number of powerful attacks.

Mewtwo and Dragonite both have higher CPs then Mew, so they will definitely give this little Pokémon a run for its money. Although Mew does not have the highest CP of all the Pokémon, it does have very powerful moves so it will not be completely unmatched in a battle with these Pokémon.

4 Power: It Can De-Evolve Pokémon


Mew has a couple of different moves that are pretty cool. One ability that Mew has is that it is able to de-evolve a Pokémon. This means that Mew is able to make a Pokémon return to its original state. This is not something that Mew uses very often but when he does everyone is shocked as there is no rhyme or reason behind it. This is another line of defense that Mew uses when presented with an enemy or threat of danger. By de-evolving the Pokémon, Mew therefore makes it weaker and easier to defeat in the long run.

3 Weakness: Dark Type Moves

Another type of move that is effective against Mew are dark type moves. Dark-type moves are already pretty powerful to begin with, so paired with a strong Pokémon they will really give Mew's opponent an upper hand. There are a ton of powerful Pokémon that have dark type moves that would be a great choice when battling Mew, for example, Tyranitar and Darkrai can really hold their own in battle. Mew's moves will not be as effective on these Pokémon, so they will be able to last a bit longer in battle. Some other legendary Pokémon who are also weak against dark type moves are Celebi and Mewtwo.

2 Power: Synchronize

This is a Psychic-type move that was introduced in the third generation and just keeps getting stronger and stronger. When a Pokémon that knows this move is poisoned, burned, or paralyzed, it will inflict that same damage on its opponent. Essentially it will use the Pokémon's own move against it. Even if a Pokémon has a berry that will cure the status condition the move will activate before the Pokémon has the ability to eat the berry. The only status conditions that this move will not inflict however is sleep or freeze so Mew is out of luck if that happens.

1 Weakness: Psychic Type Pokemon


Psychic-type Pokémon are a weakness for Mew because its moves will be less effective towards them than other Pokémon of a different type. Although Mew can learn almost any move that it wants and can also change its appearance, at the end of the day it is still a Psychic-type Pokémon so its strongest moves will almost always be Psychic-type moves. This means that if it is in a battle with another Psychic-type Pokémon then it has to think outside the box a little bit and try using some other types of moves. So it is always a good idea to use a Psychic-type if struggling to win a battle against Mew.

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