There are a lot of weird things in the Pokémon universe, and it's probably not surprising that many of them are associated with Psychic-type Pokémon. Representing everything from aliens to interdimensional beings, the Psychic-type is attached to many of the strangest Pokémon.

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There are a few things hidden in lore that might surprise you though, stretching back multiple decades. From Pokédex entries to NPC dialogue, players who pay attention might discover some really weird things going on with their favorite Psychic-types. Here are some of the best.

10 Xatu

Xatu has always been a bit of a weird Pokémon, standing stoic and unflinching with empty eyes and no expression on its face. Well, it turns out those eyes aren't as empty as they seem.

According to legend and belief, Xatu use one eye to see the past and the other to see the future, and they use their eyes to slowly track the sun's movement throughout the day. People believe it stands perfectly still out of fear of the horrific things it has seen in the future. Spooky.


9 Cosmoem

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are so small or large that it'll probably surprise you. One of the most drastic sizes for a Pokémon that is very strange is that of Cosmoem, the Legendary Protostar Pokémon.

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This tiny being is amazingly tied for the title of heaviest Pokémon, clocking in at 2204.4 lbs (999.9 kg), while measuring only four inches tall (10 centimeters), making it one of the smallest in existence. That's a dense Pokémon.

8 Elgyem & Beeheeyem

There are actually quite a few Pokémon that are either from space or believed to be. Elgyem and its evolution, Beeheeyem, are two of these alien Pokémon, said to have been linked near a UFO crash in the desert.

What really sets these Pokémon apart though is the weird phenomena around them. If Elgyem stands near a TV, "strange scenery" will appear on the screen, which people believe to be images from its home. Meanwhile, Beeheeyem can use its psychic powers to tamper with people's memories.

7 Hypno

Some people know this horrifying detail about a Generation I Pokémon, while others are horrified by it when they learn. Having become the terrifying lore of Pokémon legend, Hypno is a child abductor.

That's right — this normal-looking Psychic-type kidnaps children. It's said that Hypno uses its pendulum to lull its prey into a deep sleep before feasting on their dreams, which is scary enough, but some Pokédex entries explain that it has been known to take away children that it hypnotizes.

6 Legendaries

Psychic-types are often considered pretty powerful, especially in terms of special attack and special defense stats. But, there is actually an upward pull on statistical averages for the Psychic-type for a specific reason: its the resident type of most legendaries.

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More Legendaries and Mythicals are Psychic-type than any other type, with Psychic-type Legendary or Mythical Pokémon being introduced frequently. Every generation but VI and VIII introduced two of them, and the Psychic-type is attached to more than a quarter of all Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.

5 Rattled

Certain abilities are associated with types, like Torrent for Water-types or Pixilate with Fairy-types. Psychic Surge and Forewarn are two of the abilities that are commonly associated with the Psychic-type, but there's one that actually isn't that might surprise some.

Rattled is an ability that increases a Pokémon's speed when it is hit with a Dark-, Bug-, or Ghost-type Pokémon — the three weaknesses of Psychic-types. However, no Psychic-type Pokémon is able to have this ability.

4 Gardevoir

Pokémon who like their owners are much more willing to do what they have to do to protect them. Some will stand up and ready an attack while others are very defensive.

However, there are few Pokémon that are more willing to move heaven and earth for their owner than Gardevoir. In order to protect its trainer, Gardevoir will apparently expend all of its power to create a small black hole. The physical and material ramifications of this are, of course, world-ending, but it's a nice gesture.

3 Slowbro

Some of the stranger Psychic-type Pokémon are the members of the Slowpoke family. These dimwitted Generation I Water/Psychic-types and their ultra-intelligent Generation II addition, Slowking, are part of an evolution method that requires Shellder to bite onto a Slowpoke's tail or head, evolving it into either Slowbro or Slowking, respectively.

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When becoming Slowking, it's believed that the toxins of the Shellder's bite give Slowking extremely-high intelligence. But, both Slowbro and Slowking can actually devolve if the Shellder falls off. If this happens, the Slowking apparently forgets everything it learned.

2 Generation I

Generation I was full of glitches and mistakes. It's admittedly amazing what Game Freak and Nintendo were able to create with such limited resources in a time when video games were brand new, but there are some weird goings-on, most famously with the Psychic-type, which had seemingly incorrect type matchups.

In Red & Blue, Psychic-types were immune to Ghost-type moves, despite many in-game NPCs and official strategy guides stating Psychic should be weak to Ghost. This, plus some other weird glitches, led to Psychic being extremely overpowered, and leaving Sabrina as one of the toughest gym battles around.

1 Hattrem

This Pokémon's 'dex entries have been the talk of the town since Generation VIII was released. Every member of the Hattena line has a Pokédex entry or two that explains their aversion to negativity and bad emotions. But, Hattrem's are downright terrifying.

The Pokédex states that it will "silence you violently" if you bring strong emotions near it. It's also said that it uses the braids on its head to "pummel foes" to "quiet them down." It's best that you stay away from these if you aren't one of those people who is annoyingly happy all the time, because Hattrem might kill you if not.

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