It took two decades, but a Pokémon Snap sequel is going to be available for gamers in the near future. The long wait for the follow-up resulted in entire generations finding and becoming fans of the game, leading to a whole lot of anticipation for the sequel.

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This also brought with it many jokes, as fans took to creating memes to let their feelings be known to Nintendo. While their wish has now been fulfilled, that doesn’t mean these funny pictures should go to waste. In fact, these pictures are doubly hilarious now since they can be enjoyed in hindsight. Here are 10 Pokémon Snap memes that are just too good.

10 There's No Better Teacher

It’s very easy to get addicted to this game. No matter if the Pokémon is ugly or cute, or maybe even relatively irrelevant, fans do their best to get their skills as photographers. It seems the creator of this meme might overestimate their skills.

According to them, their abilities have increased so much by playing Pokémon Snap, that they can qualify as a professional. On the other hand, it might just be a way to poke fun at the fanbase who think the same way.


9 The Truth Hurts

One secret every fan of the game carries is that they are aware deep down of how bad they are at taking pictures of Pokémon. However, nobody seems to want to admit it, to the point where they start to believe their own lies.

This meme does a good job in showing how this goes about, with the one who made it claiming they are blind with denial. The truth is that most players really do take awful pictures, but it’s the fun that counts, right?

8 When You Put It That Way...

To be honest, who wouldn’t get caught up snapping away pictures of all those cute Pokémon? It’s incredibly addictive to play any Pokémon title, but a game where they are essentially studied and observed brings extra allure.

The funny thing, though, is that these pictures aren’t really of consequence, seeing that only those who are playing the game care how the photos turn out. When one puts it that way, it seems a whole lot of hours really did go in an unproductive manner.

7 It Can't Be Contained

No matter how many reasons one might give for not wanting a sequel to the game, the reality is that fans will always desire it. Due to the extremely long wait for a sequel, fans took to accepting that it might not become a reality.

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And yet, it’s pretty much impossible not to have the mind wander over to the possibilities, and this meme is correct in portraying how denying these feelings left fans bursting to come out with the truth.

6 So That's What The Movie Was About

There are a select few games that people want remakes for, and Pokémon Snap was always right at the top of this list. Before this became a possibility, though, fans seemed to think the only way to know for certain would be by travelling to the future.

To this end, the creator of this meme claims that Doc Brown from Back to the Future made the time machine just because he wanted to play a futuristic version of this game. As crazy as this might be, Pokémon fans will most definitely agree with this idea.

5 The Good Old Days

This one isn’t so much toward the funny side since it’s meant to remind people of the good old days. Back when the internet wasn’t all the rage, kids in love with Pokémon Snap used to hound Blockbuster stores to get their pictures printed.

Of course, the joke here is that those kids aren’t exactly old at this point, but the fact that the things that were commonplace back then have been gone for so long makes these fans feel ancient. 

4 No Judgement Tolerated Here

While some were debating what features the new game might have, others were quick to show off how they didn’t think it was a big deal. That’s the last thing you want to say in front of a Pokémon Snap fan unless you’re prepared for the consequences.

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As illustrated in this meme, fans tends to have little patience for those who don’t get in the spirit of the game. While they’re not likely to throw someone out the window, you can bet you'll be kicked out of the group if you make too many cheeky comments about the game.

3 A Game Fit For A Titan

Even if someone isn’t aware of this series, this meme shouldn’t be difficult to understand. The MCU Thanos’ whole deal was to make a snap with the Infinity Gauntlet, and he might just be enticed into playing this game purely because of the name.

A darker comedic turn would be that Thanos intends to snap half of all Pokémon away from the universe, in which case it’s better if someone didn’t lend their copy of Pokémon Snap to the Titan.

2 Instant Job Security

This meme is a little older than others, seeing as it concerns the failed system that was the Wii U. However, this kind of thinking would’ve been very much in Nintendo’s favor back in the day, as it would’ve saved the console’s future.

In a nice change from this meme template’s usual panels. This one has the last employee suggestion actually come across as revolutionary, resulting in him being crowned a legend. It’s too bad nobody thought this up in the Wii U days.

1 When The Meme Becomes Self-Aware

No matter the argument over which Pokémon did or didn’t deserve to be in the original game, fans like to believe the Pokémon themselves want a sequel. It appears the creator of this meme wanted to take things to a whole new level.

The result is that Pokémon huddle in for a selfie in order to let everyone know that they want a Pokémon Snap 2. This is pretty much happens when a meme becomes self-aware, so perhaps that’s why a sequel became official in the first place.

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