It seems as if the studio behind the original Detective Pikachu game is hiring developers to work on the next chapter of the story on Nintendo Switch.

It is starting to feel as if the era in which video games make terrible movies and vice versa has been well and truly left behind. While Sonic the Hedgehog looks dead set on dragging us backward when it is released in 2020, Detective Pikachu was a massive success. It almost ousted Warcraft as the highest-grossing video game movie of all time. As with any successful Pokémon product in the present day, it did a tremendous job of appealing to the veteran fan as well as the modern-day one, hence its success.

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What you might not have realized is that the movie is actually based on a game that was released on Nintendo 3DS a few years prior. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the game is getting a sequel on the Switch. Now, it seems as if Pokémon Studio Creatures Inc. has started hiring developers for that project. At least, that's what its website is implying.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the project is that it will not be a port, but a sequel. Fans who played the original game on 3DS have been waiting for an answer to the huge and annoying cliffhanger it ended on. Well, it seems we are inching ever closer to getting that answer. Plus, fans of the movie will want to play the game in order to get a peek at what a potential next chapter might include.


While this is definitely exciting news, it's worth holding off on too much excitement as of yet. If Pokémon Studio is only just hiring developers now, we likely have a long wait on our hands before anything more is announced, let alone released. This is smart on Pokémon and Nintendo's part, however. Thanks to the movie, and the platform it will be on, we imagine sales of a Detective Pikachu sequel will be far higher than the original on 3DS.

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