Oh, Abra. This first-Generation Psychic-type Pokemon has always been a bit of a pain to catch, mostly due to the fact that it will flee at the first given opportunity. If you can’t catch it within the first turn, your Abra encounter is basically a goner.

Here’s how to find and catch this elusive Pokémon in Sword and Shield’s new expansion, Isle of Armor!

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How To Find Abra

Overworld spawns make Abra a little easier to catch than in other games, if only because you can actually see it roaming in the tall grass. While Abra will still attempt to cut and run, it can be found in the Fields of Honor as an overworld encounter. However, Abra is a rare encounter, with only a 5% chance of appearing during all weather conditions.

How To Evolve Abra Into Kadabra, Alakazam

Abra will evolve into Kadabra at level 16, so chances are your time with it will be short. However, getting Kadabra to evolve into Alakazam will be a little more difficult. Kadabra is one of several Pokémon that will only evolve if traded, so hit up a trustworthy friend and get that exchange going in order to add Alakazam to your team!

How To Use Alakazam

Powercreep has nudged Alakazam out of the “point at enemy and win” tier, but it’s still plenty good in Sword and Shield. Alakazam’s incredible Special Attack stat gives it full rein of the Psychic-type move roster. In order to make the best use of Alakazam’s combat potential, make sure to teach it Psychic, which is by and far the hardest hitting Psychic-type Special Attack move Alakazam has access to.


Focus Blast allows Alakazam to counter Steel and Dark-types, and adding Shadow Ball to Alakazam’s repertoire will let it hit other Psychic-types for a significant amount of damage. Recover is a good filler move to make up for Alakazam’s fragility, but if you’re willing to make up the difference with potions and other restoratives, Calm Mind is another alternative. Calm Mind will boost Alakazam’s already significant Special Attack and Defense, which will make it hit harder and possibly last longer on the field.

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