As we know, Pokémon Sword & Shield attracted a lot of controversy for dispensing with the National Pokédex as we know it. Were the cuts a good or bad thing? That depends on a players’ perspective, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: Sword & Shield still offers a good variety of powerful Pokémon, old and new, to add to our teams.

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Many of these are to be found in the expansive new Wild Area, home to a great variety of powerful critters. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best species to pick up while you’re in the Lake of Outrage. Some are available elsewhere too, in evolved/pre-evolved forms or otherwise, but you shouldn’t pass them up!

10 Ditto

All Pokémon fans are familiar with this odd little gelatinous blob and its incredible powers. Its gimmick, the Transform move, allows it to become a carbon copy of the opposing Pokémon (its Imposter Ability does this automatically when it’s sent in), complete with any stat changes they may have had. Only its low HP remains.

More often, though, Trainers are hunting for Ditto for breeding purposes, as it can pass on Natures, IVs and such and breed with (almost) any other Pokémon. To get your hands on one in Sword & Shield (when Max Raids aren’t available), head to the long grass in the Lake of Outrage and wait for a rare 2% spawn (random encounter in clear weather) or 10% spawn as a visible encounter in all weather.


9 Corviknight

In the run-up to Pokémon Sword & Shield’s launch, Corviknight featured heavily in trailers. The ‘mascot’ of the Galar region, this mighty Flying/Steel Pokémon serves a valuable role getting people where they need to be. It’s also pretty darn viable in battle, a common team pick with its solid mix of offense and defense (and very useful Mirror Armor Hidden Ability).

Of course, Rookidee is available very early on, and many trainers took that opportunity to add it to their party. If you managed to miss out on your journey through the game, however, Corviknight is available as a random encounter at the Lake of Outrage. Your highest chance to find one is during clear weather (40%), reducing to half as likely or less in other conditions. The chances vary ever so slightly depending on the version you’re playing, but not enough to impact your search.

8 Doublade

Aegislash is one of the strongest Pokémon to hit the competitive scene for generations, boasting both incredible offense and defense (though not at the same time). In Generation VIII it became the only Pokémon ever to have its base stats nerfed, though this slight hit didn’t hurt its viability too much.

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If you missed Honedge in the Hammerlocke Hills (where it has a high chance to spawn) or want to save yourself some time, you have a 25% chance to grab Doublade as a random encounter at the Lake of Outrage during a blizzard. There are no wild Aegislash, so you’ll need a Dusk Stone handy!

7 Larvitar And Pupitar

larvitar pokemon

Like Aegislash, Tyranitar is another powerhouse of a Pokémon that makes its return from a previous generation. It’s one that a lot of players will want to add to their competitive teams, so while we’re at the Lake of Outrage, how about picking one up?

Again, there are no wild Tyranitar, but both Larvitar and Pupitar are available in this area. There’s just a 5% chance to randomly encounter Larvitar here during harsh sunlight or cloudy weather, while Pupitar is even rarer at just a 2% chance during a sandstorm (as either a random or visible encounter).

6 Dreepy And Drakloak

It stands to reason that some of the best Pokémon would be some of the rarest, right? If you’ve made your peace with that and finally managed to get your hands on a Larvitar or Pupitar, your next Lake of Outrage target should be Dreepy or Drakloak.

There’s a 1% chance to randomly encounter a Dreepy here during cloudy weather, which increases to an ever-so-slightly-less-infuriating 2% during a thunderstorm or fog. Alternatively, Drakloak can be found here as a visible encounter at either a 1% (cloudy orrainy) or 2% (thunderstorm or foggy) chance.

5 Barraskewda

Barraskewda is a Pokémon that would be easy to overlook. If you fished up an Arrokuda early in the game, you’d be forgiven for going ahead and sending it on a one-way trip to Boxville without a second thought. It’s a rather generic Water-type, after all.

On evolution, though, Barraskewda can really tear things up. It’s frail as all heckola, but is a powerhouse on rain teams with its great Speed, high Attack and Swift Swim Ability. Your best chance to nab one at the Lake of Outrage is by fishing, which offers up a 50% chance (as opposed to a mere 5% rate from ‘surfing’ on your Rotom Bike).

4 Deino And Zweilous

Our next super strong returning Pokémon is none other than Hydreigon, the Dark/Dragon critter whose Draco Meteors leave as much devastation in their wake as Godzilla on a city break. It’s taken a bit of a hit with the powerful new Fairy-types lurking around, but it’s not about to disappear into obscurity.

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You’ve a 2% chance of coming across Deino here as a random encounter during rain, while Zweilous is available as both a random encounter (2% chance during a thunderstorm) or a visible one (2% chance during a sandstorm). Either way, you could be here for a long time!

3 Gyarados

Of course, there’s an abundance of Magikarp available in fishing spots throughout Pokémon Sword & Shield. It even appears as a Max Raid battle, should you ever feel the need to see this awful Pokémon boosted to around the size of the Chrysler Building. Regardless, though, Gyarados also pops up itself in the Lake of Outrage.

There’s just a 5% chance to fish one up here, but you don’t need to take that route. There’s a wandering Gyarados at the north of the lake and another to the south, just one at each location.

2 Hatterene

Hatterene’s pre-evolved forms, Hattrem and Hattena, also appear much earlier in the game. The player may well have passed them by, but luckily you’re given an opportunity to catch this powerful Psychic/Fairy Pokémon at the Lake of Rage. If you’re a fan of the Trick Room strategy, you’ll definitely want to do so!

A wandering Hatterene can be found at the island by the ring of stones, once the player has dethroned Champion Leon. There’s also a 25% chance to find one as a visible encounter here while it’s foggy.

1 Durant

Durant is a Generation V Pokémon that has never really made much of an impact in the past. It boasts great Steel/Bug typing, high Attack and Speed and a solid movepool, but it tended to be forgotten… until now. Dynamax Durant, with all the benefits of its Hustle Ability, is a popular competitive pick.

Where can you find one for yourself? Route 6, Giant’s Mirror and, of course, the Lake of Outrage. Interestingly, when it comes to the former, they’re more common in Pokémon Sword than Pokémon Shield: a 25% visible encounter chance in harsh sun versus a 5% chance.

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