Both Pokémon Sword & Shield have been out for quite some time now, but for those who haven't had the chance to play these awesome games, now seems like a good moment. What better excuse is there to explore the wonders in the world of Pokémon then when you're stuck inside? Personally, we love all the new types of trainers they added for this game, so we're going to gush about them for a bit.

17 The Male & Female Swimmers

It's sort of hard to pick a "bottom tier" for this list since every design is at the very least pretty good, but we might as well go for the ones wearing the least. The swimmer Pokémon Trainers are a staple of the games and they're back once again. In the past, the Male Swimmer wore the swimming cap and goggles and we wish they stuck to that design mantra.


16 The Rail Staff & A Gentlemen Or Two

We'll be grouping a fair bit of these trainers up primarily because a good amount of them only show up a few times throughout the game. As opposed to older games where this "Rail Staff" trainer looks like a standard Japanese Railway worker, this time they look like a luxury cruise or restaurant employee, and we like the change. Even with Ash himself, change can be good. And then there's the classic Gentleman design, which is dapper, but not really any different from past versions.

15 Some Lackluster Black Belts

The Karate people are another commonly occurring trainer class. Most long-time players will probably think of the Saffron Fighting Gym full of these dudes where you have to pick either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan at the end. Usually, they're gigantic dudes with impressive detail, but this version sort of just looks like a balding step-dad who took Karate on the weekends.

14 The Interviewers & Her Camera Men

A lot of these returning trainers are just new takes on old classics. Cameramen, Reporters, and Interview Journalists have all appeared in previous games, but this version of them just feels a bit tame yet very respectful.

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The female interviewer is wearing a tasteful professional attire while the Camera Guy looks like every single Camera Man we've ever seen in-game. A bit boring, but well done nonetheless.

13 The Madame & Her Businesspeople

Next, we've got what we call the "Office Staff". Quite simply, they're just normal people in suits! Although, for some reason, the male businessman is into taking selfies and seems energetic and the businesswoman acts down on herself and unmotivated. Lastly, the "Madame" class of trainer looks the part of a CEO in her later years who keeps up with her hobbies.

12 The Workers & Poke-Breeders

The Female Worker in Sword & Shield is so radically different in personality and tone than the male Worker, and it just, well, works! Then we have the Pokémon Breeder who probably looks the most down-to-earth out of everyone, especially since the only PKMN Breeder we can remember is the Old Lady/Old Man with glasses.

11 The Mountain Crew, Backpackers & Hikers

Here we are right back with the Mountain Crew that we all know and love. We're sure everyone has some sort of memory of a hiker, backpacker, or mountaineer challenging them right when you were down to your last Pokémon in one of the many annoying caves throughout the series. Well, they're back and they're looking their best! Although, we do have to comment on the Hikers outfit, which just looks straight-up odd.

10 Here Come's The Cops And The Mailmen

The Police Officers and Postmen in Sword & Shield are great blends of our real-world versions and Pokémon characters.

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We particularly love the inclusion of the shoulder walkie-talkie as well as the "Pokeball holsters" for the officer or the Pokeball-themed satchel for the Postman.

9 Self-Made Men, Cafe Masters And Cabbies

The Cabbies and Cafe Masters are both self-made businessmen who aren't "professionally dressed" but still look quite good. The Cabbies design really succeeds at blending both the "aviation" look a blimp-driver would sport as well as the overly casual stance and cadence a taxi-cab driver usually has. Meanwhile, the Cafe Masters just look exactly how you would expect an owner of a Cafe to look.

8 Models And Poke-Kids Wearing...Pokémon Fur?

These next two trainers are grouped together purely because they're both wearing outfits that are meant to look like a Pokémons fur. The Poke-Kids quite obviously are wearing onesie's designed after Pikachu or Eevee (A Pokémon: Let's Go homage) and it looks great. But, the Models look like they're wearing a fur coat made out of maybe a Delcatty or something?  It really gives the outfit a more sinister tone than we think Game Freak intended.

7 Macro Cosmos & League Staff Uniforms

The League Staff and Employees of Macro Cosmos Construction look almost exactly the same, and there's a reason for that. Macro Cosmos is basically the sponsor behind the entirety of the Pokémon League so of course, their uniforms would match their parent companies. Still, though, these designs are pretty standard and good.

6 Non-Online School Kids & Youngsters

The Youngster and School Kid designs change with almost every generation. Why is that? Well, because School Uniforms differ pretty heavily in design from country to country. And, since the Galar region was designed with the UK in mind, the uniforms these kids are sporting can only be defined as "posh."

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Collared shirts, button-down cardigans, and fancy skirts/slacks are all part of the uniform, and while this is another basic design, the sheer variety of kids that are different genders, races, and body types helps elevate this design higher.

5 Some Understandably Tired-Looking Doctors

Wow, that Male Nurse is tired, as he should be with what's going on right now. The Male and Female Health Care Professionals in Sword & Shield quite obviously have the biggest difference between their male/female designs. While we do love that the guys are wearing masks and staying safe, it's all the more important that the stereotypical "Doctor in a labcoat" is the female.

4 Some Uniquely Designed Creators, The Artists & Chefs

Man look into the eyes of that Artist. Why do we relate so heavily with eyes like that? He just looks so tired, and if that isn't perfect for an artsy type, we don't know what is. On the other hand, the Chef Pokémon Trainer looks calm, collected, and fully awake, so they are pretty contrasting designs. Again, none of these Trainer designs are overly complex, but the devil's in the details.

3 Like A Nicer-Looking Team Skull, The Musicians & Dancers

Now we've finally made it to the top three, and let us just say, these next ones are in a league all of their own. First and foremost are the Musicians and Dancer Trainers that can be found throughout Galar. These two have quite quickly become the Trainer designs that have fan art made of them the most, and we can see why. They're just really strong designs that remind us of Team Skull with a bit more class.

2 The New Goons Of The Galar Region, Team Yell Grunts

The entirety of the League fights are based around football (soccer), correct? So then what type of fans should be the villains of an event like this? Obviously the fanatics so obsessed with their favorite "team" that they yell over everyone else. There's not much more to say, these designs are intentionally obnoxious and they work exceedingly well for the image that Nintendo was trying to push.

1 And Finally, The Individual Gym Trainers

Here we are at the top, and it might not be what you would've expected. Quite honestly we weren't the biggest fans of the "Challenger" uniforms our trainer is forced to wear at each Pokémon Gym, but as the story goes on, they grew on us. Stuff like this is great, and one of the big changes the series needs going forward. The designs change ever so slightly based on the Gym you're challenging. It's all these little theming hints that make the Challenger Uniforms the absolute best outfits in the game.

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