Most people overlook Bug type pokémon because of their weaker stats, but who could say no to this little critter? Introduced in Gen VII to add to the still-growing repertoire of Fairy-type pokémon, Cutiefly holds a deceptive amount of potential to become your go-to Fairy when you’re going up against Dragon types. Here is how to find and evolve Cutiefly into Ribombee in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Finding Cutiefly

It’s a little hard to catch sight of Cutiefly in Galar, unfortunately. Your earliest chance is in a chance encounter on Route 4, but with only a 5% encounter rate. You’ll have more luck venturing into the Wild Area around Bridge Field, Giant’s Mirror, and Motostoke Riverbank. The highest encounter rate is in overworld encounters in Bridge Field at 30%.

Evolving Cutiefly into Ribombee

Cutiefly evolves into Ribombee at level 25, an extremely high level on average for a Bug-type evolutionary line.

Ribombee Moveset

Rimbombee makes up for its relative fragility and lack of pure power with its Speed stat. However, with the right moves, it can be harder to knock down: Stun Spore, Sweet Scent helps reduce the chances of getting hit while Draining Kiss, Struggle Bug, and Quiver Dance mitigate the amount of damage it’ll take. The ideal moveset largely depends on which strategy you’ll be going for with Ribombee, but it’s highly recommended to go with Quiver Dance as it’s a highly powerful move, and then have Bug Buzz and Dazzling Gleam as your standard attack moves.


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