Exeggutor is a long-time trainer favorite, evolving from the original egg Pokémon, Exeggcute. This gen one chain has only recently become directly available within Pokémon Sword & Shield through the Isle of Armor expansion.

Not only has this long-sought giant finally made its way to Galar, but Exeggutor's Alolan form has been transplanted as well thanks to an NPC on the Isle. Read on to complete the Pokédex entries for this grass/psychic-type chain.

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Where to Catch Exeggcute and How It Evolves

Before the Isle of Armor DLC dropped in June, the only way to add one to a Sword & Shield team was to transfer it over from Pokémon Home. Now, trainers limited to the base game can simply trade with Expansion Pass holders. Exeggcute then evolves into Exeggutor by giving it a leaf stone to hold while leveling up. Native Alolan Exeggcute or those with direct Alolan lineage will evolve into Exeggutor's Alolan form.

Isle of Armor Expansion

Exeggcute can be found on the Isle of Armor in the Workout Sea, Insular Sea, and Stepping-stone Sea at random during all weather conditions. However, there's a slightly better chance of encountering one amidst the overworld in these areas during particular bouts of weather.

Both Exeggcute and Exeggutor can be captured through max raids as well, hosted in dens within the Soothing Wetlands, Forest of Focus, Challenge Beach, Training Lowlands, and the Stepping-stone Sea.

Naturally, Alolan Exeggutor isn't going to be native finds in Galar, but trainers can obtain one as a reward from the Diglett Master in the Isle of Armor.

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Move Recommendations

Exeggutor has excellent HP and a superb special attack, making moves like Solar Beam and Giga Drain, highly effective. Exeggutor can also learn moves such as Confusion and Extrasensory, which have additional chances of confusing or making the target flinch, respectively.


Being a dual Psychic/Grass-type, Exeggutor has several weaknesses but suffers a double deficiency against bugs. Trainers can really surprise opponents on the battlefield by teaching their Exeggcutor a TM like Flamethrower to tackle its adversity to bugs and ice, or Dragon Pulse to ensure they have a move in the arsenal to hit nearly any foe it might encounter.

Grab Sword & Shield's expansion pass for $30 and visit the Isle of Armor now to start hunting down the newest arrivals. Trainers who are on a quest to fill out their Pokédex should check TheGamer's Find 'Em All guide.

Source: Serebii

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