While most players were ecstatic to see their favorite Pokémon come back from their Dexit graves, some of the more fashion-focused Pokémon lovers were giddy with delight at the new fashion items that were added with the Isle of Armor DLC. If you're a fashionista and love to customize your avatar, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of new items to choose from.

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Some of them are absolutely great, and a perfect addition to any stylish trainer's wardrobe. You can't be a successful Pokémon trainer if you don't look cute, right? Here are the best new items added.

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Okay, maybe this first entry won't make you very stylish, but it'll definitely help you fit in at your work holiday party. That's right — you can now head to Circhester to pick up some classic ugly Christmas sweaters.

One of the best makes you look like a dancing Mr. Mime, while there is also one with farmland, and one with a shocked Applin. They're not just funny, they're also cozy when you're in the frigid areas around Circhester. Best of all — they're unisex!


9 Luxury Bag

The backpacks and bags carried by the avatars in Sword & Shield are pretty big, so you'll definitely want to make sure you have a nice one. Since it'll be a large focal point of your outfit, why would you want an ugly bag?

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The Luxury Bag, available at the Wyndon Boutique, is the perfect choice. This beautiful leather (presumably) bag comes in a wide variety of colors, and has a matching clothing set, too.

8 Cable-Knit Sweaters

What's more classic, cozy, and clean-looking that a nice cable-knit sweater? Luckily, you can now grab one in Circhester in a few different colors. Each of them looks clean-cut, upscale, and comfortable beyond belief.

The white one is particularly clean-looking, but the maroon, grey, and other colors are just as good. They'll add a touch of comfort and coziness to a look that doesn't look sloppy.

7 Punk Gloves

There are lots of great glove options in the game, and many are rather similar due to their small nature and lack of detail. But, sometimes the tiniest change can make or break the entire look.

That's why the punk gloves are so great. A good, solid black glove goes great with most of the available outfits. But, the punk gloves have a nice spiked wristband that really elevates them into edgier territory. They're in the Circhester Boutique, if you want to grab a pair for yourself.

6 Luxury Dress Jackets

If you're looking for a truly expensive-looking fit, look no further than the Wyndon Boutique. Here, you can find an entire set of luxury items that are rather expensive (but worth the money for the discerning lady or gentleman).

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The suit jacket is a classic look, modeled somewhat after the one Chairman Rose wears. Find it in some staple colors like grey or white, or opt for something fun like pink or purple.

5 Great Wave Shirt

There are quite a few new t-shirts that were added, in a wide variety of patterns and prints. They're all pretty cute and available to both male and female avatars at a few different shops. But, one of the best is arguably the Great Wave shirt.

This shirt features a print similar to the famous Great Wave Off Kanagawa woodblock print, but with a towering Gigantamax Duralodon in the background. It's absolutely stunning. This specific print can be found in Wedgehurst's Boutique.

4 Sleeveless Dress

There are a few new dresses as part of the expansion, and many of them are too cute to handle. One of the best among them is the Sleeveless Dress, which comes in a few different colors.

If you choose the pink one and pair it with a black leather jacket, it looks just like Marnie's outfit, and who doesn't love Marnie? Find it at the Motostoke Boutique.

3 Party Dress

One of the cutest and most fashionable pieces in the entire game comes as part of the new clothing sets. The Party Dress, available at the Wyndon Boutique, is absolutely fab. This loose, flowy dress tied with a perfect little bow is adorable, and it comes in a wide array of colors.

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This dress is easily paired with some boots or a pair of sneakers for a look that screams "I am fun but also stylish." Pair it with a Gardevoir as your traveling buddy and you'll be the cutest pair in all of Galar.

2 Dojo Outfit

The main focal point of the storyline in the new DLC expansion revolves around your time and adventures at the resident Dojo. So, why not sport the look? Successful members of the Dojo will be given the appropriate clothing to match their peers, and it's pretty great.

This sporty yellow outfit might not be for everyone because of its harsh coloring, but it's a bold choice that takes some confidence to pull off. It's a great outfit that has a clear message and looks fantastic.

1 Replica Crown

This item is a bit hidden and many players might not even notice it exists in the first place. Complete your Isle of Armor Pokédex and you'll gain access to the ultimate clothing item: the Replica Gold Crown.

This large royal crown will make you look like royalty, and will show off to the rest of the world that you run the place and that they should bow down to your Pokémon-catching prowess. You earned it.

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