Introduced in Gen 2, Natu has often been one of the earliest psychic types made available to the player; and for good reason. This little birdy might be cute, but has very little to offer players in the long run. With average stats that are a little too low to be called well-rounded even when evolved into Xatu, Natu won’t be making huge splashes in the competitive scene anytime soon.

Still, it’s cute. And who cares about combat optimization when you simply like the way a pokémon is? Here’s how to find and evolve Natu into Xatu in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Finding Natu

Natu is surprisingly uncommon, given it’s not considered a rare or coveted pokémon. It only spawns in the Wild Area during fog in a select few areas: West Lake Axewell, South Lake Miloch, North Lake Miloch, Rolling Fields, and Giant’s Seat. It spawns in overworld encounters in Giant’s Seat and West Lake Axewell, but to very low chances. Your best bet would be to trawl the chance encounters in North and South Lake Miloch during foggy weather.

It also appears in the overworld at Giant’s Mirror during rain, snow, thunderstorms, and snowstorms as well as fog, but with extremely low spawn rates.

As with most other pokémon, Natu doesn’t require any special mechanics to evolve: it turns into a Xatu relatively early at level 25. It gets a fairly nice stat boost from the evolution, and Xatu will continue to learn moves until level 55.

Wish and Future Sight, learned at level 48 and 55 respectively, are pretty powerful moves with very specific mechanics that could make for a very unconventional tactic. Other than that, Xatu doesn’t have a set moveset for maximum optimization, so you can pick and choose from its fairly versatile movekit to suit your own playstyle. It seems to specialize in debuffs over raw power, however, so it may be wise to lean into that approach.



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