Here’s where you can find Pincurchin in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Completing the trio of adorable butt-faced Pokémon is Pincurchin, the electric sea urchin. Surprisingly not dual Water and Electric-Type, this shocking spiky boi is a rare find in Sword & Shield, with many trainers going until hours before finally encountering one.

Pincurchin isn’t particularly powerful, possessing decent offense and superb defense but absolutely miserable Speed. Expect your Pincurchin to always take the first hit and go through a lot of Potions if you decide to use one in your journey to becoming a Pokémon Master.

Of course, first you gotta find one. Here’s where you should look.

Where To Find Pincurchin

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Pincurchin can be found in just two locations: Route 9 and Circhester Bay (which is just off of Route 9). It appears in all weather conditions but has a spawn rate of just 5%. You'll be spending quite a while wandering around Route 9 before you even see a single Pincurchin. Pincurchin's caught here will spawn around level 38 to 43.

Outside of these two locations, Pincurchin can be found in Max Raid Battles at Giant's Mirror, Lake of Outrage, and Motostoke Riverbank.

How To Evolve Pincurchin

So far at least, Pincurchin does not evolve. Maybe that will change with Sword & Shield's upcoming expansions, The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

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Best Moves For Pincurchin

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Pincurchin isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but neither is it completely helpless. Its poor Speed means that it will rarely if ever move first, but it’s good defensive stats usually allow it to take a hit before responding in kind. It’s recommended that you focus your EV-training on playing to Pincurchin’s strength and bulking up its HP and defense.


Your best offensive moves will either be Discharge or Zing Zap. Discharge is more useful for Pincurchin's with better Special Attack, while Zing Zap is better for Pincurchin's with higher Attack. After that, you can either go with Thunder Wave and Recover to slowly chip away at opponents while recovering your health whenever it gets low, or to play a supporting role and set up entry hazards like Spikes or Toxic Spikes.

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