Mud Bomb is a Ground-type move that was introduced into the world of Pokémon during the fourth generation. It is categorized as a special move and has an accuracy rate of 85 with a power rate of 65.

Not only can the movie prove to be quite powerful when used against an opponent weak to ground-type moves, but it also has a 30 percent chance of lowering the target's accuracy, unless the Pokémon has Clear Body, Keen Eye, or White Smoke abilities. Also, if your Pokémon holds a Groundium Z and uses Z-Power, Mud Bomb will turn into Tectonic Rage, which has a very high base power of over 100.

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The following list details all the Pokémon that can learn Mud Bomb, remember this doesn't include Pokémon who can learn it through breeding or by using Nature Power. This movie cannot be used in the Galar Region found in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

13 Ekans

Ekans is a popular Poison-type Pokémon. Ironically, it's the word 'snake' spelled backward! Purple and yellow, this poisonous Pokémon creeps in bushes waiting to attack its prey.

It can learn Mud Bomb once it evolves to level 33 in Generation 4 and beyond, except for in the Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee games where it won't learn the move. Get constricting!


12 Arbok


Arbok is another popular Poison-type Pokémon and the evolution of the snake, Ekans.

Ekans will evolve at level 22. However, unlike Ekans, Arbok will not learn Mud Bomb until it evolves to level 39. The Pokémon has a high attack power of 95. A perfect combo!

11 Diglett and Dugtrio

Diglett is an adorable Ground-type Pokémon that is also known as the "Mole Pokémon ." It will learn Mud Bomb when it evolves to level 25 and that goes for the Alolan version of Diglett, too.

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Diglett evolves into Dugtrio at level 26, if you didn't have the chance to have your Diglett learn the move then you'll have to learn it in other means.

10 Poliwag

Poliwag is a "Tadpole Pokémon " and a Water-type. Poliwag is very common in the Kanto region and grows up to be quite the brawler.

It can learn the move when it levels up to 41. It's an adorable Pokémon with pink lips, blue skin, and a swirl on its belly. Don't get hypnotized!

9 Poliwhirl

Poliwhirl evolves from Poliwag at level 25 and it can learn Mud Bomb at level 53.

It can evolve into a Politoed if you trade it while it holds a King's Rock or into Poliwrath is you give it a Water Stone.

8 Grimer and Muk

Grimer is a slimy-looking amorphous Pokémon that is of the Poison-type. It will learn the popular move when it reaches level 18 and evolves into Muk at level 38.

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Unfortunately, neither the Alolan version of Muk or of Grimer will be able to learn Mud Bomb naturally through leveling up.

7 Stunfisk

The regular Stunfisk is a Ground and Electric-type Pokémon , its Galarian version is Ground and Steel-type, but the Galarian version cannot learn Mud Bomb.

The regular Stunfisk will learn the move when it levels up to 21.

6 Swinub, Piloswine, and Mamoswine

Pokemon Mamoswine

This particular evolutionary chain begins with the tiny Swinub, the Ice and Ground-type Pokémon. Then it evolves into a Piloswine when it reaches level 33. It will learn Mud Bomb at level 18, so it's a good idea to teach your Swinub Mud Bomb when the chance presents itself.

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As for the final evolutionary form, Mamoswine, your Piloswine will evolve after you teach it Ancient Power. This mammoth-like Pokémon can be a very powerful addition to your team, particularly if you're in need of a Ground and Ice-type Pokémon as it can learn both types of moves.

5 Croagunk and Toxicroak

Croagunk is a Fighting and Poison-type Pokémon that will eventually evolve into Toxicroak when it reaches level 37. It looks similar to a frog and it will learn Mud Bomb when it reaches level 29. Other commendable moves that can be learned by this evolutionary chain include Venoshock, Sludge Bomb, and Blech.

Of course, if you opt to teach your Pokémon moves through other means like TMs and HMs, then you'll have even more options but specifically, to level up and gain Mud Bomb you'll want to keep an eye on what you're offered as your Croagunk levels up to 29.

4 Shellos and Gastrodon

Shellos is the pre-evolutionary stage of Gastrodon and like Gastrodon it also learns Mud Bomb at level 11 and it comes in two different forms. If you want to catch both types you'll have to hunt on both sides of the Sinnoh mountain range.

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Gastrodon may not look it but it can be quite a powerful Pokémon if you train it properly. Gastrodon can learn Mud Bomb but since Shellos evolves into the Pokémon at level 30, it will only get Mud Bomb while leveling up to 11.

3 Barboach and Whiscash

Barboach is a somewhat adorable little fish Pokémon and is both a Ground and Water-type Pokémon that will learn Mud Bomb when it reaches level 13. It eventually evolves into Whiscash at level 30.

Once it evolves into Whiscash you won't have another chance to learn Mud Bomb as this Pokémon's evolutionary chain can only learn the move at level 13. Whiscash looks a little like a catfish thanks to its long whiskers.

2 Marshtomp and Swampert

swampert marshtomp mudkip pokemon go

Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp at level 16 and then Marshstomp evolves into Swampert at level 36. Only Marshstomp can learn Mud Bomb when it reaches level 22 so if you want to learn the move you'll want to be sure you don't accidentally tell your Pokémon not to learn it.

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This evolutionary chain is a Ground and Water-type Pokémon. Mudkip is one of the starter Pokémon in the Hoenn region. Swampert also has a Mega Evolution that makes it even more powerful and can elevate your Mud Bomb move if you choose to learn it.

1 Quagsire and Wooper

Wooper is another Ground and Water-type Pokémon. It was first introduced in Generation II and it evolves into Quagsire beginning at level 20. As such, you will be able to get Mud Bomb only when you have a Wooper and it levels up to level 19. After it becomes a Quagsire, you won't get another chance for your Pokémon to learn the move, at least not through traditional leveling up.

These amphibious Pokémon have black eyes and large mouths. Along with Mud Bomb, some of the other strong moves they can learn include Aqua Tail, Muddy Water, and Earthquake.

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