Pokémon is an iconic franchise for millions of people. The hundreds of creatures offer so much diversity and each of them is a favorite for someone, even if they might not be vocal about it. Their typings, even if some don't make any sense, make each Pokémon resemble what we know in our world. Then there are the moves they can learn, which can be powered up if they are the same type. In an ironic twist, most Pokémon can learn moves based on their type weaknesses.

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One of the notable occurrences for this are Dragon types being strong against their own type, while also being weak to it unless there is another type that counters it, like Dialga with its Steel typing to back it up. There are many others who can learn moves they are weak to, but here are 10 Pokémon that stand out a bit more.

10 Rhydon

Pokemon Origins Rhydon
Via: Pokémon Wikia

Rhydon, alongside its evolution Rhyperior, somehow manages to learn a handful of moves based on their four times weakness of Water. It has become a meme where Rhydon can learn Surf and somehow be alright despite being logically prone to sinking. The anime does showcase the Drill Pokémon using it, but it makes more sense unlike Ash's Bulbasaur being able to use Whirlwind. To Rhydon's credit, earthquakes can form into tsunamis, which legitimizes the Rock/Ground type to learn a move it is weak to.


9 Aurorus

Pokemon X and Y Aurorus

Aurorus is definitely one of the most beautiful Pokémon to ever grace the franchise, but boy does it have a lot of weaknesses thanks to its Ice/Rock typing. Not only does that mean it's also weak to its very own Rock type moves, but is weak to Water, Grass, Ground, Fighting, and Steel types.

Even if it has a lot of weaknesses, Aurorus stands out for being able to learn both Fighting and Steel type moves, where both are four times weak against it. For the former, Aurorus can only learn Rock Smash, but can learn Iron Tail, Flash Cannon, and Iron Head for Steel type moves.

8 Dragonite

Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon Gen 1

Dragonite is one of the standouts from the first generation, as it was the only Dragon type until Kingdra arrived in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. It is an incredibly powerful Pokémon but has a noticeable four times weakness to Ice type attacks, and unless it has Multiscale, then it is a guaranteed one-shot at best.

The obvious choice would be Dragon-type moves as Dragonite is both strong and weak against it. Much like others that share its type combination, like Altaria and Rayquaza, they can learn Ice type moves such as Ice Beam.

7 Charizard

Pokemon Charizard

Charizard remains a beloved Pokémon and the final evolved form of Charmander. It was also very challenging for players that those the Lizard Pokémon in Red, Blue, and Yellow. Having to face Brock and Misty with a type disadvantage would lead to either intense level grinding or catching Nidorans at best.

And once it evolves into Charizard, it goes full circle for having a stronger weakness against Rock moves. It makes all of this funnier when Charizard is capable of learning Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, and Ancient Power.

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6 Electivire

Pokemon Electivire
via idigitaltimes.com

Electivire debuted with Magmortar in the fourth generation games and are quite the powerhouses in physical and special attacks respectively. The poor final evolved form of Elekid may have only one weakness, but a lot of Ground type moves happen to be physical, which doesn't help Electivire having its defense stat lower compared to the others.

It can learn a handful of Ground type attacks, which are Earthquake, Stomping Tantrum, Bulldoze, and Mud-Slap. The weakness does manage to compliment Electivire's respectable attack stat at the very least.

5 Genesect


Bug and Steel types fear one type together and that is the blazing Fire types. As one of Unova's mythical Pokémon, Genesect has an interesting history in the Pokémon universe as it is said to be a modified creature from long ago. Some say it was a Kabutops, but it hasn't been confirmed or denied by Game Freak.

With the ability to hold Drives, Genesect can learn either Electric, Water, Ice, or a Fire type version of Techno Blast. Other than learning the Fire type version of its signature move, Genesect is able to learn Flame Charge and Flamethrower, which looks funny to see fire come out of its body despite the type weakness.

4 Galarian Linoone

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Linoone

With one of the more recent entries in the Pokémon world, Galarian Linoone came out of nowhere when it was first revealed. As one of the rodent-inspired you encounter, Linoone was decent for its ability Pickup. The Galarian form adds a Dark type, making it able to learn and have strength with diverse moves, but it came at the price of being four times weak to Fighting types. But with that, Galarian Linoone can learn Counter and Body Press.

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3 Corsola

Pokemon Corsola

It would be easier to add the Galarian version of Corsola, but it is fun to figure out what the original Corsola is capable of learning with its four times weakness to Grass types. The Coral Pokémon might not stand out as a hard hitter, but it does have good defenses, which also compliments Galarian Corsola. For Grass type moves it can learn, Corsola has moves involving draining or gaining HP with Strength Sap, Ingrain, and Giga Drain being the moves it can learn.

2 Gourgeist


It can be argued that Pokémon X and Y have a lot of creepy aspects that are absolutely perfect for Halloween. After all, the games did release worldwide on October 12, 2013, which is very close to the celebrated holiday. One of the best Pokémon to capture the aesthetic is Gourgeist, coming in many sizes and affect its stats depending on the size you get.

As it is based on a jack-o'-lantern, it would make sense for Gourgeist to learn Fire type moves like Flamethrower, Incinerate, and Fire Blast. It is a shame that despite its design, it still remains weak to Fire types.

1 Gyarados

Pokemon Gyarados

Gyarados is absolutely ferocious ever since Lance brought it out against the player in the first generation games. It has the presence of a dragon, but remains a Water and Flying type. With Electric type moves including Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Zap Cannon, Gyarados might be super weak against those kinds of attacks, it does have the former move in its moveset in Pokémon Stadium. When it becomes Mega Gyarados, it can learn Rock Smash despite its Fighting type weakness

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