Not even Pokemon has been spared from the advent of online, competitive play. Though the platform has changed since the franchise first accessed the internet, gamers can still challenge each other to battles over Wi-Fi, pitting their powerful Pokemon teams against each other.

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But not every OP team needs to be the traditional lineups. In fact, not every team even needs to be OP to hold its own in competitive battles. For those seeking to spice up their professional play, here are 10 wacky and unorthodox team compositions to try out.

10 Nothing But Rats

Everyone has seen those playthroughs that show someone nerfing the entire Elite Four with a level 1 Rattata. Its move set? Quick Attack and Endeavor, at the very least (it can have other moves, of course, but these two are a must). Its held item? Focus Sash. Boom, Elite Four and Champion swept, and game beat. Hall of Fame, here they come!

Given that real people are more complex than the most advanced Pokemon AI, a single little mouse using this strategy probably won't fare well in the competitive scene for long. But maybe, just maybe... six will do. Or, at the very least, be an amusing and annoying stall game. But it's still worth an experimental shot, right?


9 Mirror Matches

Yet another variant of a single-Pokemon team, but instead of a league of Rattata, players should try out a league of amorphous, purplish blobs (or pastel blue, if shiny). That's right, it's an all-Ditto squad.

It could certainly pose an interesting challenge to try and beat opponents with their own Pokemon and moves, especially with only five PP of each attack, and no foresight into what exactly rivals will have. However, competitive is as much about adapting on the fly as it is extensive preparation and strategy. So, who'll be brave to try this wacky team out and entirely Transform their competitive play?

8 Seems Pretty Sketchy

Again, another solo-Pokemon team. This time around the focus is on Smeargle Its signature move, Sketch, can provide a similar effect to Ditto's Transform, but instead of becoming a complete copy of opponents, from typing to moveset and more, it only copies the moves. What Sketch lacks in other effects, it makes up for in having full PP of each move it copies.

This team can be approached from two methods: either have the Smeargles copy moves from specific battles before competitive play or have them do it during a competitive match. The effectiveness of this team, like Ditto, still comes down to heavy chance with a bit of strategy. Nevertheless, it could still make for some fun antics.

7 Kamikaze Crew

Explosion. Self-destruct. Destiny Bond. Perish Song. Recoil-damage moves. A team with these, and nothing more. There's nothing more frustrating than having an opponent – wild Pokemon or trainer – use any of these moves in a fight. So, why not take the power back, turn the tables, and use these moves on rivals instead?

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Of course, there's always the risk of the opponent's Pokemon holding items or having abilities that negate these attacks, leaving the trainer a sitting duck. However, that's nothing a lot of good strategizing, breeding, and items can't handle, right?

6 OHKOs Only

This is a pretty straightforward team composition. Have a team consisting only of Pokemon that can learn any of the One-Hit Knock-Out moves: Fissure, Horn Drill, Guillotine, and Sheer Cold. There are only four of such moves in the entire franchise, but fortunately, all of them made it into Sword & Shield.

Unfortunately, not all Pokemon who can learn them did, but that makes for more clever strategizing ahead of time. Players can have these moves be the only ones known by their team, or pair them with other moves (ones that heighten accuracy or lower evasion would be best). Be sure to use a PP Up or Max. Then, sit back and enjoy the merciless mayhem.

5 Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh

Baby Pokemon, also known as pre-evolutions, often have the reputation for being rather small, cute, and weak little creatures. Competitive-wise, they are hardly ever seen. Makes sense, after all, babies are kinda not the best at fighting.

That said, how hilarious would it be to face down, instead of a Raichu or Magmortar, a Pichu or Magby, and have it sweep an entire team? Pressing B to stop evolutions still exists from the oldest to the newest franchise titles, and there's nothing stopping anyone from pressing and pressing all the way up to level 100. Breed for killer egg moves or stock up on TMs, and bam! Players can have themselves a crew of terrifying, killer tots.

4 Drag It Out

Some Pokemon are natural tanks. Others have moves to negate attacks. Others have abilities. At one point in time or another, everyone has encountered one of these annoying buggers and their painfully long battles. So, for those feeling especially devilish, why not take this to the max?

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Make a team of tanky Pokemon that spam those cursed moves. Breed infuriating abilities and mix them with the best worst items, to the max! Then, sit back and laugh as the team stalls for time.

3 Cat People Represent

Seems straightforward, right? A team consisting of nothing but cat-based Pokemon. From Normal Meowths and their Alolan/Galarian variants to Psychic Espurrs, Electric Shynxes, Legendaries like Solgaleo, and quite a few more, there is a surprising number to choose from, and of varying types, too.

Players can pick their purring poisons, mix them together, and throw their hissing concoctions at opponents. With the right move sets, items, and abilities, these ferocious felines can sweep many a team. Just hope said teams don't have any dog Pokemon.

2 Dog Peeps Too

Speaking of dogs, it wouldn't be fair to not try out a team of all-canine Pokemon too. Like their kitty counterparts, there are many Pokemon that are based on man's best friend. And they, too, cover a variety of types, from fiery little Growlithes to Dark Poochyenas, Electric Yampers, and so many more.

Bred or caught, trained or lucky, these canid Pokemon can become the fiercest of allies and sweep any team as well as a cat Pokemon. So definitely give all-dogs an all-out try.

1 Mascot and Clones

As the face of Pokemon, a certain electric mouse has a surprising amount of copycats snuck into every generation. Marill, Plusle and Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, Dedenne, Togedemaru, Morpeko...the Pika-clones feel endless. A team consisting of nothing but them alongside Pikachu would be hilarious, but in all honestly, it'd also be at a major competitive disadvantage.

Barring Marill, all these rodents and gerbils are Electric types, and aside from a certain mascot and blue spin-off, all have no evolutions. This leaves them with many weaknesses and mediocre strengths at best. But perhaps, for the elite trainers, they can formulate and create a top-tier team of even these Pikachu wannabes.

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