If you’re a child of the 90s, there’s a strong chance you grew up watching a bunch of teenagers in multi-colored jumpsuits karate kicking monsters and flying around in giant dinosaur robots.

The 90s were pretty great.

Power Rangers is a franchise that’s been around for nearly three decades now, and seemingly will not die. There have been multiple iterations of rangers, from the standard Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to Powers Rangers Ninja Storm, and all the way to the Power Rangers Jungle Fury. If you've ever wanted to pit your favorite rangers against one other for ultimate Power Ranger supremacy, Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is coming to scratch that itch.

A new trailer for the upcoming fighting game has dropped with some new hints of what to expect. In this trailer, a rather svelte-looking Zordon shows up to warn everyone about the arrival of Lord Drakkon, which in terms of bad guy names is perhaps a little on the edge. But then, this is a franchise that birthed the villain Ivan Ooze, so in comparison, it’s not so bad.

Lord Drakkon is an alternate universe version of Tommy Oliver. Longtime Rangers fanatics know Tommy as the Green Power Ranger, and later the incredibly (unfortunately) named White Power Ranger. In Drakkon’s universe, when the Green Power Ranger escaped the control of Rita Repulsa, instead of becoming a good guy, he decided that being evil was pretty cool, so he stuck with that. He then went on to defeat the Power Rangers and become the supervillain he is today. Now he’s presumably found a way to jump across universes and is attempting to conquer the entire Power Rangers multiverse. Where is the Power Rangers Time Force when you need them?


In the trailer, we see that Drakkon will likely be a pretty agile fighter, possessing dual daggers and incorporating a lot of slides, dashes, and jump kicks into his fighting repertoire. In the background, we see what looks like a large army of silhouettes behind Drakkon.

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On Battle For The Grid’s official website, the game is said to feature “Rangers vs Villains team combat across multiple gaming platforms.” Therefore, it’s fairly likely that most of these silhouettes will wind up being villains from across the various versions of the Power Rangers franchise, perhaps all being led by Drakkon. It’s also safe to assume that based on Zordon’s tone, Drakkon will end up being the main antagonist of Battle For The Grid.

The trailer also shows a little of what the Pink Ranger will look like, as well as the exclusive pre-order bonus “V2” skin of the Green Ranger. There’s likely to be even more reveals coming in the future, as we haven’t even seen Rita Repulsa, Goldar, or any of the other Power Rangers from across the franchise. Hopefully there will some representation for Power Rangers Dino Thunder, otherwise, the fan outcry will be immeasurable.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is due out this Spring on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Fingers crossed that Pumpkin Rapper will be a secret unlockable character.

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