The adorable squirrel girl Rin just dropped in Princess Connect! Re:Dive as the next girl added on the gacha after the three-star defense tanker Jun. While Jun's rate-up campaign is now over, she is still available in the general pool of characters to show up any time.

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Rin as a two-star should be much easier to get even after her rate-up period is over. However, there's no time like the present time to try to add her to your roster. Here is all there is to know about this brand new acorn lover and how she fits into teams.

8 She Loves To Sleep

Rin from princess connect ready to nap

Rin, like many of us, would rather take a nap than be active and out doing things. This is an interesting portrayal because squirrel-type characters are usually portrayed with hyperactive personalities always running around. Poor squirrel is not a morning person at all and often finds herself irritated by happy go lucky people. Even though she lives on a farm, Rin prefers staying inside with games than outdoor activities. In fact, she loves them so much she will pull several all-nighters in a row to keep playing one. She's supposed to be a guard on the farm, but there's not enough that happens there to keep her truly busy.


7 She's In Elizabeth Park Guild

Rin from Princess Connect talking about food

In Princess Connect there are several canon guilds outside of the one the main character belongs in with Pecorine and Kokkoro and Karyl. Rin is part of Elizabeth Park, which is a farming guild where they literally do just that — raise livestock like cows and such. Elizabeth Park is also a tourist spot for the Beastman creatures. The other members are the girl in the cow outfit Mahiru, llama woman Lima, and Shirori the cat girl. Just like any squirrel, Rin loves acorns but her favorite snack is actually sweet buns.

6 She's A Great Anti-Magic Support Midliner

A still of Elizabeth Park from Princess Connect

When not napping, Rin is eager to help your team as a midline supporter. Her powers let her counter magic attacks, boost magic defense and recover with her special attack. Her stun skills make her excellent for stall teams. Once she gets her Unique Equipment, the field threshold of where she can buff on the team will increase.

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She doesn't have the most phenomenal of defense but she's not a frontline fighter so it shouldn't be a problem as long as there's someone on the team who can support her of course. Her TP gain is kind of weak so she'll also need help with that, but it's nothing having Kokkoro or Maho in the composition can't fix.

5 She's An Ideal Starter Character

Rin in Princess Connect being grumpy

Rin is an excellent support character for newcomers to use because her skills don't require a lot of leveling to properly use. There are certain characters in the game who are really useful but can be hard to manage on teams properly without certain skills, so picking ones that can be useful right away is always a good choice. There are several magic-based enemies in the early stages of the game that her blocking skill will absolutely come in handy for. Defense units will always be universally needed because as players get deeper into the game, more enemies will appear in nodes and possibly overwhelm the team if the player is not prepared enough.

4 She Shares A Voice With Another Known Character

Renge from Non Non Biyori

If Rin's voice sounded familiar, it's because she's voiced by the actor who plays another famous character who is pretty much a meme at this point; for fans of Non Non Biyori, Rin's voice actor is Kotori Koiwai, who voices none other than the mischievous little Renge. She also voices Suzutski in Azur Lane and Daetta in Granblue Fantasy.

3 She Was In The Anime

Rin got hurt in episode 7 of princess connect

Rin appears in episodes six and seven of the twelve-episode Princess Connect anime. The rest of the members of Caroline Park cameo as well with everyone on their way to help a town with the year harvest.

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The plot in the anime is a little bit different because the MC travels with Pecorine and Karyl instead of just with Kokkoro as he does in the game. The anime premiered in April of 2020 and a second season was announced that following August.

2 She's Not What She Seems In Personality

Rin talking about games in Princess Connect

This squirrel girl might seem grumpy and lazy most of the time but in fact, she really isn't at all if one plays their cards right. She genuinely likes the MC because he shows an interest in the games she plays. Even if it isn't someone's favorite thing, displaying an effort of interest in someone else's hobbies shows that one genuinely cares about what they like and don't like. The only reason she's grouchy most of the time is that she can't handle Lima's peppy personality that early in the morning.

1 She Adores Lima

Rin from Princess Connect talking to Lima

While she may occasionally get annoyed by her, Rin's favorite place to take a nap is on Rima's back with her soft fluffy fur, almost like a small child clinging to their mother. It's obvious that she cares for the llama lady a great deal even when teasing her by calling her Mali instead of her real name. She claims it's because their names sound too familiar and that she doesn't want to keep turning around when people call her Rima, but it becomes obvious it's a weird way of her showing fondness for her fellow guild member. This shows that one of the great things about this game in general is the way that it's truly an ode to female friendships. Now go and get that squirrel girl ready for battle.

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