Pringles has designed and built a prototype for a gaming headset that feeds the wearer chips via a little mechanical arm. This is like the modern, more advanced sister to the classic guzzler helmet - an iconic piece of haute couture that comprises two soda or beer cans strapped conspicuously to either side of a hat. It's also far more attractive, if that's even possible.

Anyone who claims to be a hardcore gamer should be feeling pretty hyped by this news. After all, what bigger obstacle to a decent gaming session is there than lame humanly needs like hunger? There's nothing worse than being shoulder-deep in some Fortnite-y moment and feeling that inconvenient pang of peckishness that requires actually removing yourself from your seated post. Or greasing up your fingers by conventionally eating chips with your hands. Look no further, the Pringles Gaming Hat Thing a.k.a. the Hunger Hammer has you covered.

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Okay so, a few things. This actually isn't a legitimate product intended for commercialization (unfortunately?). Turns out, this is just a hoax project by Pringles to drum up some attention and LOLs, and it's certainly done both. They reportedly created this abomination by 3D printing a few bits and pieces and attaching them to a Razer headset. One of the bits is a mechanical arm that politely collects a chip from the headset's dispenser, swivels around, and delivers it to the wearer's impatient mouth with grace and poise.

Pringles Hunger Hammer Prototype
(Via: Engaget)

That's a lie - it does so with very little grace and poise and with...varying degrees of success. If the thing actually manages to collect a chip in the first place, it awkwardly and noisily jerks it anywhere in the vague proximity of the wearer's mouth-and-nose area. It will also almost certainly obscure your field of view in the most immersion-breaking way possible and hold the chip at an annoying position that is perfectly just out of reach. Oh, and it's hardly automatic. You must initiate the whole process yourself by pressing a button on a remote, or on the side of the headset itself. Just about the same amount of exertion required to eat a chip in the conventional way.

While the so-called Hunger Hammer is not quite a feat of technological prowess, it certainly is a hoot. And sure, it does nothing to eradicate the unflattering stereotype held by boomers and non-gamers alike, of the lazy-to-the-extent-of-being-grotesque gamer (indeed, it feeds into it). Still, any joke with this level of effort must be appreciated to the highest degree.

Source: Engadget

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