Phil Spencer and Xbox announced during their E3 2019 briefing that their next-generation Xbox console would be released during the 2020 holiday season. Not only did they give the release window for it, but they also confirmed that Halo: Infinite, the 6th game in their premiere franchise would be releasing alongside the console. This all occurred exactly one year after their E3 2018 briefing where they announced that the next console was currently in development.

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Although the Xbox One launched in 2013 with an infamously rough reveal, Phil Spencer is looking to take the next generation. Let's look at 10 Project Scarlett rumors that could actually be true.

10 Less Powerful Than The PS5

Many people assumed that with Xbox touting the world's most powerful console upon the release of the Xbox One X that they'd never give up that position in the market. After E3 2019 there was a flood of rumors pertaining to the power comparison between the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett. The rumors stated that according to sources PlayStation 5 was more powerful than Project Scarlett.

Considering that both companies have shared a portion of the overall picture of their next console, it's hard to know how true this rumor is. By E3 2020, we should have a clear picture of which console reigns supreme.


9 It Will Be White

This is a rumor that's based mostly on the back-and-forth nature of designs in the Xbox ecosystem. The original Xbox featured a primarily black design, then the Xbox 360 launched as a white console and was followed up by the black Xbox 360 Elite. With the release of the Xbox One they stuck with black, returning to white with the Xbox One S, then back to black with the Xbox One X.

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Popular thought suggests that Microsoft and Xbox may welcome the next generation of Xbox by returning to the prosperous Xbox age of the Xbox 360 with Project Scarlett as an all-white console.

8 There Will Be A Project Scarlett Edition

Xbox One X was an iterative console that was initially known as Project Scorpio. It was the long-rumored answer Xbox had for the PlayStation 4 Pro. After an initial tease at E3 2016, the console was finally given the name of Xbox One X and was touted as the most powerful console in the world.

Once pre-orders went live, Xbox and Phil Spencer announced a Project Scorpio Edition for early adopters with the name engraved on the controller. Look for Project Scarlett to likely follow in the same footsteps with a Project Scarlett Edition up for pre-order at E3 2020.

7 Will Have A 3rd Party Exclusive At Launch

xbox 2020 project scarlett splinter cell 3rd party exclusive 7

Out of all of the rumors, this is likely the one with the largest chance to not come to fruition. This is based on a couple of reasons that directly coincide with Xbox and Phil Spencer's current plan moving forward. During the launch of a new console generation, many third-party publishers release games on both the previous and current console generations.

This is due in large part to the previous consoles having a larger install base. That being said, games like Splinter Cell that don't sell super well, to begin with, might benefit from releasing as a launch window title as an incentive to move over to the next generation.

6 Only One Console

Early rumors for the next generation of Xbox consoles talked about two specs called Anaconda and Lockhart respectively. Anaconda was said to be the more expensive and powerful version, whereas Lockhart was aimed to release at a lower price with weaker specs in hopes of being an easier entry point.

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According to DigitalFoundry and others, Xbox may have ditched Lockhart as it had a negative reaction from developers who felt it was a pain to deal with and held back the potential of the next generation of consoles. Project Scarlett's full reveal will let us know where Xbox stands in terms of multiple consoles.

5 A Trial Of Project XCloud Will Be Included

Project xCloud is Microsoft and Xbox's upcoming game-streaming service that will allow subscribers to stream their library to a number of devices. The most notable of these devices include phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. An interesting additional piece of information revealed by Phil Spencer is that if you already own an Xbox console it can be used as a personal local cloud streaming server for free.

You will need the paid version of Project xCloud in order to use it on the go. Xbox likes to offer trials for their services, so don't be surprised if they give Project Scarlett customers a free trial next year.

4 Will Launch With Forza Motorsport 8

Turn 10 announced in late 2018 that they would not be releasing Forza Motorsport 8 in 2019, despite it matching the cadence of releases they've had in the past where they trade years with Playground Games' Forza Horizon series.

Their explanation for the next entry's delay revolved around making Forza Motorsport 7 better in every way, but the real reason may have been that they were making the game with Project Scarlett in mind. The Forza Motorsport games have been showpiece launch titles for new hardware, so it's no surprise that the next entry will do exactly that, most likely.

3 Entire Xbox One Library Backwards Compatible Day 1

Since 2017 it's been rumored that Xbox's commitment to backward compatibility will continue into the next generation of consoles in some way or another. During interviews at E3 2019, Phil Spencer clarified and expounded upon statements he made on stage during the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing related to backward compatibility on Project Scarlett.

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He stated that the Xbox team is working towards having Xbox users' entire Xbox One libraries, or at least most of it, available to them at launch for Project Scarlett. This type of move would add tremendous value to those jumping in at launch.

2 Launching In November Of 2020

At E3 2019 Phil Spencer announced the loose release window of Holiday 2020. With the release of the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox One X all releasing in November it's safe to say that this is the likeliest landing spot for the yet to be named Project Scarlett. November is also an ideal month for the release of Halo: Infinite, which was confirmed as a Day 1 launch title for the next-generation console.

With rumors circling about when the PlayStation 5 may release, don't be surprised if Project Scarlett holds firm to the November release all too familiar to the Microsoft consoles.

1 Will Cost $400

An area of console launches that is most often rumored about and speculated on is the launch price. It's a very important aspect of a product launch because it can have drastic effects on the immediate sales success of a console. The PS3 launched with a $600 price tag and despite it catching up to the Xbox 360, it has long been regarded as a terrible decision on Sony's part.

The next Xbox needs to launch at the same price as the PlayStation 5, which is likely going to be $500. Given Phil Spencer's aggressive facelift of the Xbox brand since taking over, it seems that the rumored $400 launch price isn't too far-fetched.

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