The scalper group that boasted about buying up almost 3500 PS5s is now claiming to have secured an additional 2000 consoles.

There's a very real chance that many of you reading this article want a PS5 but have reached the point where pretty much all hope is gone. New consoles are hard to come by at the start of any generation, but this feels like everything has been kicked up a notch. Between pandemic-caused shortages, bots buying everything up, and the debacle that was the pre-order process, thousands have been left without next-gen consoles heading into the holiday season.

Bots and scalpers beating genuine gamers to the punch is a particularly bitter pill to swallow. Especially when consoles have been appearing on resale sites for double, sometimes triple their retail price. One parent has even resorted to selling a note on eBay so they can afford to buy a PS5 from a scalper, and is actually having some success.

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Scalpers don't usually tend to like the limelight all that much. However, a UK-based group that calls itself CrepChiefNotify is quite the opposite. The group has been boasting about its so-called accomplishments. It first claimed to have landed and resold 3500 PS5s, added 1000 Series X consoles to that haul, and is now claiming to have landed an additional 2000 consoles this week alone.

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That's according to a recent Instagram post from the group. "Our members are finding it easy to buy these consoles," the post reads, as if those without a console needed to be made to feel even worse. However, a member of the group, who pays £29.99 ($40.42) per month for the privilege, claims that the numbers the group continues to throw out there are greatly exaggerated.

The anonymous member told VGC that there's a communal channel used by the group's members to confirm how many products they've secured. On the day they contacted the site, members had bagged fewer than 200 consoles. They also accused the group of "straight-up" lying about the number of Series X consoles it landed recently. Whether it be 200 or 5000, those are still consoles that deserve to have gone to gamers who want them for the recommended retail price.

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