When it comes to online gaming, there are certain groups that can be easily identified by a few qualities; DOTA players are slimeballs, CS:GO players are always screaming about grenades, and Diablo 2 players still exist, believe it or not (although it is one of the greatest games ever made).

Regardless, there are few groups that are as identifiable or, prevalent, as PUBG players. They're constantly rocketing cars off of hills and walls, wearing or swinging frying pans around like their lives depend on it (and they often do), or telling others about the glory of chicken dinners and how hard they are to really get.

Out of this fascinating cross-section of glitches, grenades, and gunplay comes some of the best memes that the gaming world has ever seen. Nothing in PUBG's glitchy world is safe from the scrutiny of people on the internet with too much time on their hands. So lace up your boots, grab your frying pan, and get ready to rumble, these are 25 Hilarious PUBG Memes That Only True Fans Will Understand. 

25 Kids Names Keep Getting Weirder

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Is there anything as glorious as scooping the Kar98k in PUBG? We think not. Seriously, even the worst player can pick one up and still make a pretty decent go of it. Or at least give their position away so that the big boys and girls can come and really start wreaking some havoc. You know, with all the ridiculous names desperate parents aren't pinning to their kids these days...

Naming them after a sniper rifle really doesn't seem to be that far off...

At least gamers will want to be friends with your kid, even if they're constantly getting tagged by a Kar98k.


24 One Is The Loneliest Number

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In PUBG there is such a thing as a perfect jump; you float down gently, keeping a watchful eye on the empty skies as the rest of your competition rockets towards the earth in another location. The uncontested loot that will be yours for the picking dances through your head, and you can almost taste the chicken dinner.

Until you realize that there is a swarm of other players clustered around you, with their minds on the same stashes of loot as you. 

Nothing is guaranteed when you hit the ground, but when you're in the belly of the flotsam of other parachuting players, you know that whatever happens isn't going to be pretty.

23 Unforeseen Consequences

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The anticipation of hitting the ground, especially when there's a whole bunch of killers touching down around you and your squad, can be nail biting. But then, your chute snags on nothing, and you dangle above the ground uselessly...

Eventually becoming some someone's bullet piñata once they notice you. 

With how unpolished PUBG is, it's a surprise that it really did catch on as much as it did; but we guess that really is just part of the charm. One thing is for sure; when your chute snags on an invisible angle on the way down to the ground, there aren't many things to do besides die and rage quit.

22 The Only Squad You Need On The Weekend

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If you're with your real friends, there really isn't a reason to lie. But if you're with strangers, then yes, you need to put on a sweater, smile, and act like you're going to do something besides scream about chicken dinners to strangers on the internet.

Why is this such a thing these days?

Why can't we just be honest with ourselves when it comes to our love of gaming, and the hours we're going to continue to waste on it? Like it's any more reasonable to binge a streaming service or exercising, or whatever non-gamers do. You know what, when someone asks you, don't lie; say it proud, even if you have a sweater on.

21 Head Of The Class

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Like they'd be talking about anyone else, noob. Seriously, what is it with camping the stairs? If you never leave the stairs, you won't ever get the experience necessary to engage in the open.For the love of all, at least camp behind a tree or jam yourself awkwardly into a bush...

Anything but laying down on the stairs while you listen tentatively to everyone else actually playing the game. 

You deserve to be shamed if you camp on those dang stairs, because all your tallies will be ill-gotten, and no one will respect you for your deplorable tactics. Unfortunately, this meme pertains to a lot more players than we'd like to mention, but campers will be campers.

20 No One Is Above It

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There is no "I" in squad, unless the enemy they just dropped has some really choice loot, then squads have become a thing of the past.

Who needs a squad when you're decked out in the sweetest loot and you can already smell the chicken dinner?

It isn't like they would't do the same thing to you...you know what? Maybe you should start really considering who you let into your squad before spending so much time together. Someone that would put a bullet in your head just to requisition a pan to protect their fanny may not have your well being in mind.

19 Everyone Has Been Rocket Man At Some Point

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We honestly couldn't think of a better meme to go along with PUBG's wonky physics; it's seldom that driving doesn't end with a one way trip straight to the stratosphere.

Like most everything else in the game, the fact that hitting a waist high wall at high speed can make your car fold in on itself while rapidly gaining attitude, it lends to part of PUBG's charm.

It's weird things like this that keep players playing, and keeps the qualities memes in circulation. Just hope that rocket man's car in the picture above doesn't suddenly burst into flames, like the in-game vehicles are prone to doing.

18 A Little Bigger Than A Carry On

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Loot doesn't do you much good when you don't have anyway to make off with it. Sure, crafty players may lay it like a trail of brass casing breadcrumbs to draw unwitting prey into a trap, but most likely, you're just going to flounder around with it and get caught trying to figure out how to carry all of it.

Sometimes the PUBG gods grant you a gift however, and you're able to find a level 3 pack right when you start digging through your first building. Shoot, you even have enough space to carry some of your squads loot if you so desire.

Like most valuable things in the game, a level 3 bag is just a bigger target on your back, so if you do find one, it can always make a great bait to lure noobs into your crosshairs.

17 You Should See Me Parallel Park

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Much like a Dad with an idealized idea of a road trip to that far away sibling's house in their mind, a few minutes in the car, and everything quickly turns to disaster.

Much like being blasted into orbit after forgetting to stop boosting and hitting a pothole, it isn't out of the ordinary to watch everyone flail like rag dolls when you take a wrong turn or cut an angle a little too sharp.

Not like driving in the game is a cakewalk or anything; it's easy to cut an angle to short or, you know, just exist in the first place, meaning that everyone is going to suspended in air like they're aboard a space station.

16 At Least High Knees Are Easier

You can parachute into Pochinki with the best intentions, only to be chased away by heavily armed opponents, or worse, a crazy twelve year old with a frying pan.

Even thought you'd like to bide your time waiting it out in the bushes, the zone waits for no one.

That's why the meme above is so appropriate; it isn't uncommon to see other players (or doing it yourself), as they run willy nilly barehanded. It isn't hard to feel completely exposed when you aren't armed or don't have a vest on, especially in PUBG.

15 Chicks Love Chicken Dinners

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Is there anything that a gang of...whatever those respectable ladies may be, love more than a fresh chicken dinner? Especially when it's won as a result of the end of a hundred opponents? No, and regardless of the girls...

That is the most delicious chicken you will ever taste little man

If only his luck could be ours as well; it doesn't seem like bragging about how many chicken dinners you've snipped out of opponents hands really brings the ladies around. Why can't the world realistically operate like this? We don't judge based on salary, looks, or personality; we just love us some chicken dinner.

14 Make Some Noise

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Sometimes, gaming habits don't make any sense; constant reloading even though you only fired one round, stealing everything that isn't bolted down in a fit of kleptomania (even though it's only worth a few gold), and making younger siblings play with that wonky third-party controller even though it's totally fine.

But there are some, like making so much dang noise that the entire knows your position instantly, that have zero basis in reality. 

Why don't you just use the door? Or camp on the stairs or in a bush like everyone else? It just doesn't make any sense. We understand acting out of urgency in a fight, but when you're all by your lonesome and making as much noise as a gang of epileptic tin men, it may be time to reevaluate your strategy.

13 And To Think I Almost Missed The Exit

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There are two types of gamers when it comes to PUBG; tactful gamers that collect gear, assess situations, and wait for the pristine moment to strike.

Then there are those that we see the other 99% of the time; those that run around swinging a pan in a rage, and driving motorcycles through windows. 

It can be said that these are the same gamers that submit themselves to the ultimate gauntlet on a near constant basis; running to the zone late. There are few rushes in gaming like trying to race a shrinking radius that ends you for ignoring it, and it can only be had in PUBG.

12 Pan Is Love, Pan Is Life

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Is there anything more holy in PUBG than the pan?

The answer is nothing: it deflect rounds, it puts down contenders, and it gives an air of helplessness that only a fool would believe. 

No friends, there is no doubt: the pan is the ultimate tool in the game without a doubt. We just realized something; the pan is symbolic because it not only symbolizes the deflection of rounds and can melee even the most armored foe into submission, but it also can be used to cook chicken dinners for supreme victors. It all comes full circle. (There's a joke about the circle closing in on us somewhere in there, but we'll let you figure it out on your own). You are a gamer, right? You can solve puzzles...

11 Just The Two Of Us

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Not all of us stream, but for the ones who do, it's all about those sweet, sweet viewers watching your progress (or failure). Viewers can encourage us, distract us, and in some cases even monetarily support us if you have the skills (or body) for that type of work.

Then, there are the rest of us, the disenfranchised and droopy, the joe schmoes who like to throw our stream up on Twitch

Especially when it comes to a game as wonky as PUBG.

And even for the plain Janes in the crowd, some of use are lucky enough to get that one streamer, that one dedicated soul that will sit with us through the bitter defeat and lucky grenade throws, and they are the same viewers that will be invited to the table when we finally win that chicken dinner.

10 Finger Lickin' Good

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I don't know if you'd heard, but the kids playing PUBG are going crazy over this chicken dinner thing, and with good reason. There is nothing that tastes as good as the chicken that has been fried in the hardship of battle, marinated in the gunpowder of conflict.

As the meme above points out, a lot of people really like chicken, especially for dinner. 

It's crazy to think that\many gamers are actively playing the game that much every day, but we like to think that all the victors are reveling in the taste of sweet, sweet poultry. Just wait: every game is going to start introducing chicken dinners — it just makes sense at this point.

9 Didn't Think This One Through

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What else is there really to do in this situation besides scream like a banshee and swing your weapon haphazardly from side to side?

The school is a complete mess when it gets too full of other players (much like every other building in the city), but there's something special about its dimly lit halls, the gunshots turning from booms into cracks as you huddle helplessly in the corner with a cooking utensil.

Might as well take it like a true gamer though, and rush into the fray with the sole intent of braining as many opponents as possible, any maybe you'll even deflect a stray round or two.

8 A Failure To Communicate

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PUBG can turn even the most reserved gamer into a tactical teammate, calling out tangos like they served at some point in time. It gets to the point that you're prone to jump out of your chair as they bellow their observations out over the mic.

It's almost like you can hear the audible gulp of air they take in before they jam the mic into their mouth and rupture your eardrums. 

Although it's appreciated to have audible teammates covering your back in a firefight, it can be taxing when they keep confusing bushes for foes.

7 Don't Leave Home Without It

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Don't ever leave home without any of them! Keys, phone, wallet...and ACOG? Yes, when you're venturing off into the dangerous battlefield of PUBG, you definitely need to have your ACOG on you at all times.

Suited best for medium engagements, the 4x ACOG really comes in use pretty much all the time when you're tied up in firefights. 

Which is, you know, pretty much the entire point of the game. Next time you feel like you're forgetting that one critical thing, make sure you check that you have a proper mount on your site rail; your chicken dinner will thank you for it.

6 "Ye Shall Abide By These Three Commandments"

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It's the secret to every alpha PUBG player; keeping the bulletproof pan on to cover your fanny. Its gotten to the point that the pan is one of the most coveted items you can find in the game; the subject of many a firefight as players scramble to grab it in a hail of bullets.

You can take the meme above as the three commandments of the game; offense, defense, and a sturdy piece of cast iron cookware. 

If you can complete the holy trinity mentioned above, that means that you are in essence the perfect PUBG players, you have mastered the nuances of the game and you are seriously a force to be reckoned with.

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