Last year, it came to light that French developer Quantic Dream (the studio behind Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human) had been fostering an unhealthy work environment at its headquarters. After allegations surfaced from unnamed employees about the circulation of vulgar and lewd images, company co-founders David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere fought back by denying the claims. The two then subsequently attempted to sue various European outlets for breaking the story.

Just yesterday, the company was ordered to pay a fine to the tune of €7,000 to an ex-employee by a French judge for those very same violations. In a statement given to outlet Le Monde (translated by Gamasutra), the judge said, "By remaining passive in the face of this more than questionable practice, which can not be justified by the 'humorous' spirit prevailing in society, the employer has committed a breach of the security obligation [vis-à-vis its employees]."

Following the ruling, Quantic Dream released a statement on its official Twitter account that indicates it will not be appealing the decision. Laying out the information clearly, Quantic Dream asserts that company management acted appropriately on the day in question. The ex-employee had attempted to receive damages for wrongful termination but was denied that claim by the judge.

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For anyone unaware, allegations of workplace discrimination surfaced in early 2018 about Quantic Dream. Speaking to various European outlets (including Le Monde, Eurogamer, Canard PC, and MediaPart), the anonymous employees described a workplace culture that could be summed up as a "boy's club." A claim that vulgar images of employees in sexual positions with homophobic and racist sluts formed the basis of their arguments, painting a terrible picture of the studio.


While Cage and de Fondaumiere denied such allegations, the company actually lost one case against an ex-employee for wrongful termination last summer. This latest ruling is now the second of four employees that have taken the company to court. This particular claim of wrongful termination was denied by the judge, though damages were granted for the vulgar imagery.

Whether or not the other cases ever come to a conclusion remains to be seen. For now, at least justice has been served to one of the parties suffering.

Source: Gamasutra, Le Monde

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