There have been tons of games made off the works of Tom Clancy. Many of these series ended up being pretty successful, but one of the most recognized among them is the Rainbow Six series. With the first release dating back to 1999, the games have changed plenty over the years.

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The Rainbow Six library consists of a ton of games and more than a few expansion packs as well – including a South Korean only game funnily enough. Though some of them are fairly old games, they’ve managed to age well and can definitely still be enjoyed by veterans and newcomers alike.

10 Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Plenty of game franchises have tested the mobile market waters in recent years. It’s a growing platform for developers and just like console or PC based games, you’ll get some titles that are better than others. 2011’s Shadow Vanguard falls somewhere in the middle.

The game is fun enough but has some pretty noticeable performance issues that make what could’ve been a solid mobile title a fairly inconsistent experience. If it wasn’t for persistent multiplayer lag and issues with the shooting mechanics, this game may have ranked a little higher up.


9 Rainbow Six: Lockdown


The one thing that’s always been stressed in the Rainbow Six games is approaching things tactically. The games aren’t supposed to play like AAA shooters, but challenge players to approach a given situation optimally and strategically instead.

Lockdown may not rank too high among series veterans because it strays from this somewhat. The game is more linear than others in the series and while it still plays fine, there’s something missing from it. It feels somewhat stripped down compared to its predecessors. Not a horrible game but far from the best the series has to offer you.

8 Rainbow Six


When it comes to a series as old as Rainbow Six, you’d expect some of the older titles not to hold up when looking back on them after so many years. While it’s true that the original Rainbow Six may have its issues, it’s still fun if you can see past its age and appreciate the gameplay.

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There’s a ton of great features in the game that you can tell set the tone and groundwork for what future entries would do. The mission briefing and planning map especially stand out as memorable features that made this game a must play in its day.

7 Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield


When playing a new release in a franchise, fans often check whether or not significant enough changes and improvements have been made, and if it holds up to previous entries. Raven Shield checked off a lot of those boxes.

It shares some similarities with the first game and, while not the best looking by today’s standards, is still a better experience than the former visually. The shooting mechanics are vastly improved, while teammate’s attention could now be directed towards specific areas – something that comes in handy fairly often.

6 Rainbow Six: Critical Hour


While the aforementioned Lockdown strayed from the series’ roots, Critical Hour did a lot to remedy that. The game put the focus back on more tactical ways to approach missions with nonlinear levels making a return as well.

Despite Ubisoft Quebec’s best efforts, the game didn’t put up great sales figures. It was so bad that the game never saw a release outside of North America – though given how Critical Hour corrected many of Lockdown’s mistakes, European fans would’ve definitely appreciated the opportunity to play it.

5 Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow


Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow was intended to improve upon the Xbox port of Rainbow Six 3. This was done in a number of ways, but most notably the focus on Xbox Live features, which were getting more and more popular at the time.

Black Arrow adds a couple of online modes to the game and gives console players a truly fleshed out online experience. It wasn’t necessarily on the same level as the PC version but was a pretty decent alternative for console players at the time.

4 Rainbow Six: Vegas


Rainbow Six: Vegas is probably one of the most highly regarded and well-known entries in the series. For relatively newer fans of the series, there’s a good chance that this game served as their introduction. It works on so many levels and is a ton of fun to play, culminating in a very memorable experience.

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The atmosphere, customization, and multiplayer element make this one of the most comprehensive entries in the series. It served as a turning point in the franchise's future.

3 Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear


Released a year after the first Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear took a lot of what the original game did and improved upon it. The game made some noticeable changes in gameplay as well as the addition of improved graphics.

One of the most notable changes was the ability to bring along snipers. Though not incredibly useful it was cool to have friendly AI aiding you in a firefight. The game also added leaning, which made it easier to observe and scan areas without immediately being shot at.

2 Rainbow Six: Vegas 2


Though it isn’t always the case, this is definitely an example of the sequel doing things better. It may be a point of contention to some, but Vegas 2 was an incredibly enjoyable experience, despite some features being cut out.

The most notable cut from the original Vegas has to be the loss of 4 player co-op. But the game still allowed you to play with one other friend, and that kind of made things a little more challenging. While it may be easier to communicate between two people, it certainly makes it more of a challenge to clear out levels as effectively.

1 Rainbow Six: Siege


After a rough start, Siege has turned into one of the most popular multiplayer experiences today. With a slew of different operators to choose from, and more being added to the game regularly, it’s hard to imagine things slowing down anytime soon.

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Siege has an incredibly active and dedicated community and the people at Ubisoft are constantly updating the game while trying to incorporate fan feedback as well. Whether you’re a fan of the game or not, the way that’s its managed to maintain momentum over the years has been impressive.

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