TMs (technical machines) are items in the Pokémon games that teach moves to Pokémon. Silph Co. once released a pamphlet, which indicated that they are one of the companies behind TMs. Much of how they work is still unknown, but the process involves combining a disc and a Pokémon.

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The following list was compiled with Pokémon trainers in mind. Factors such as power rating, accuracy, and status effects were taken into consideration. As the games that started it all, Generation I contains a plethora of TMs. This is ranking the 10 best TMs in Pokémon Generation I.

10 TM43 - Sky Attack

In Generation I of the Pokémon main series games, the Sky Attack TM is found in the Victory Road cave. You have to use Strength to move a boulder, which is blocking two items. If you push the boulder to the left instead of up, you get TM43 Sky Attack.

This TM is a rare find, and it's Moltres's signature move. Sky Attack has 140 power and 90% accuracy. It's a two-turn move but can deal a tremendous amount of damage. The user starts glowing during the first turn, then attacks.


9 TM47 - Explosion

Explosion is the most powerful move in Generation I of the Pokémon games. Its power is 250 with an accuracy of 100%. Despite having immense power, it's not considered the most effective TM.

The most seasoned trainers are aware of this move's drawbacks. It is best used as a last resort effort. Since TM47 Explosion makes the user faint upon using it, it is not considered the best TM of Generation I.

8 TM25 - Thunder

As the most powerful Electric-type move of Generation I, TM25 Thunder can deal significant damage. Despite having a power rating of 110, its accuracy is a mere 70%. It's advantageous to use Thunderbolt over Thunder in most cases because of Thunder's low accuracy.

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Users like Pikachu, Zapdos, and Electabuzz benefit from this move. Thankfully, it has 10 PP instead of 5 PP, like other uppermost moves from different element types. For having the potential to be an electrifying move (no pun intended), TM25 Thunder is considered one of the most exceptional Generation I moves.

7 TM15 - Hyper Beam

Despite being one of the most powerful moves of Generation I, Hyper Beam is trumped by other attacks on this list. TM15 Hyper Beam is a versatile move since it can be taught to many Pokémon, and not only Normal-type. However, it is by no means a perfect move as it requires a recharge turn after every use.

In Generation I of the Pokémon games, TM15 Hyper Beam can be purchased from the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City. The move is expensive but worth every Pokémon Dollar.

6 TM22 - Psychic

This is the quintessential Psychic-type move. Named after its type, the effect of Psychic varies from generation. In the first generation of the main series Pokémon games, Psychic has a 33.2% chance to lower an opponent's Special Attack.

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Psychic-type moves, like Psychic, are super effective against Fighting-type and Poison-type Pokémon. The move has 100% accuracy, but it has a low power rating of 90. If used by a high Special Attack Pokémon like Mewtwo or Alakazam, however, the move will inflict immense damage.

5 TM07 - Horn Drill

This move has a low accuracy rating of 30%, but it's a one-hit KO drill attack. The damage it delivers is equal to the opponent's health. Its low accuracy rating could deter players from using it, but for its potential, it deserves its spot on this list.

Since there are more Flying-type Pokémon than Ghost-types in Generation I, Horn Drill is considered a better move than Fissure. Fissure is a Ground-type move that is ineffective against Flying-type Pokémon.

4 TM06 - Toxic

Toxic is a non-damaging type of move, but indirectly, it can deliver significant damage. The amount of damage that Toxic inflicts increases exponentially with each passing turn.

If used by a Pokémon with a move like Rest or Recover, it can best the most powerful Pokémon in battle. Toxic is a status move that makes it easier to catch Pokémon when they become poisoned.

3 TM38 - Fire Blast

TM38 is a prize for defeating Gym Leader Blaine on Cinnabar Island. It's an ultra damage-dealing move that carries a power rating of 110. With an accuracy of 85%, it hits most of the time.

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Considering the Fire-type is super effective against three element types, this TM is considered one of the most useful items in the game. A super effective Fire Blast has a 220 power rating. Be warned; you can only get one Fire Blast TM in Generation I, so use it wisely.

2 TM45 - Thunder Wave

TM45 Thunder Wave is considered one of the best TMs because of its usefulness in battle. Not only is it great for defeating opponents, but it also can be used to catch Pokémon. Pokémon affected by a status move are easier to catch.

A Pokémon who is attacked by Thunder Wave experiences paralysis. It has a high accuracy of 90% and 20 PP, meaning it can be used numerous times. A Pokémon paralyzed by Thunder Wave may not attack during their next turn. We recommend using this TM against legendary Pokémon.

1 TM26 - Earthquake

Earthquake is the most powerful Ground-type move in the game. The Ground-type move Magnitude, which can have a 150 power rating, was not introduced until Generation II.

Earthquake is considered the best TM in the game since it has 100% accuracy and 100 Power. It's ineffective against Flying-type Pokémon, yet it is a reliable move that is essential on any trainer's lineup.

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