Bloodborne, FromSoftware's souls-like title for the PlayStation 4 will never get old and never forgotten. Daring to share the nature of Dark Souls, Bloodborne takes us to a much darker era, filled with disease and corruption and, of course, twisted bosses. Visually, Bloodborne bosses will leave you in awe. There are some though that are so difficult, they tested the limits of even the most hardcore players.

In this list, we'll rank all the main-game bosses in Bloodborne. This includes the 11 main bosses and the 6 Great Ones. For terms of context, we haven't added any Chalice Bosses to the list. However, we can't help but feel that ranking them is a bit objectional. Given the different mechanics of each boss, the opinion of one player to another might differ. We tried to take the community opinion into account, along with the stage where each boss is set in the game.

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17 The Witches of Hemwick

Undeniably, this is the easiest boss to tackle in Bloodborne since they don't pose much of a threat throughout the fight. Basically, you roam around the room and casually hit the witch before she disappears.

You have nothing to be afraid of in this fight, as it becomes trivial once you realize what its pattern is. Keep an eye out for the wandering Werewolves and you'll bring the Witches down in no time. The fact that the Witches are so far up on this list, shouldn't let you underestimate it because you might see the YOU DIED screen and regret it. Beware.


16 The One Reborn

Much like the aforementioned entry, this one too requires a bit of insight. The One Reborn is a huge pile of decomposing bodies, showing no signs of aggression towards you. While hitting it you only have to watch out for its slow "attacks" which are nothing more than decomposition movements.

However, don't go straight for the boss. Take a detour up the stairs and kill the witches you'll find up there. If you do, the boss fight itself will be a piece of cake. This reminds us of the Wyvern boss in Dark Souls 3, in terms of secret mechanics behind the initial fight.

15 Cleric Beast

The Cleric Beast is the first boss you encounter in Bloodborne. Due to that, we wouldn't expect it to be too hard. The fight itself is unpredictable compared to the previous ones, but the beast doesn't hit as hard as you'd expect.

Luckily, you can glitch the boss at the end of the road, under the door arc and hit it without actually being hit by it. This is a tacky trick but glitches like this is what gives us enough time to get acquainted with the game's mechanics.

14 Celestial Emissary

Another boss that fails to pose a threat for players in Bloodborne is Celestial Emissary. It starts off with a little army of glowing creatures, that do nothing much than rush to you. After this, you just have to find out which creature makes the boss bar deplete and hit it without mercy.

13 Shadow of Yharnam


The Shadow of Yharnam boss is only as difficult as its numbers since there are 3 bosses to fight simultaneously. Each one of the three enemies has his own skillset. Killing one, sets off the other too and killing a second makes the third uber powerful.

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You should tackle the melee attacker first, giving you enough space to see what is happening in front of you with the other two. After that, keep your distance, stagger the remaining shadows and slowly take them down. This requires time but with enough patience, you'll get there.

12 Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Fighting Micolash is more of a nerve struggle than a boss fight. His skill bar extends as much as two skills: a tentacle attack and... running. You're fighting him in a huge labyrinth and you'll have to search for him from room to room after dealing damage.

The Micolash fight can be extremely frustrating when you first encounter him. He disappears constantly, not letting you finish the encounter and move on with your life. At least he's a hauntingly beautiful figure. Especially during his second phase where we just kill him from afar with poison darts.

11 Moon Presence

The very last boss of Bloodborne is maybe its most anticlimactic one as well. If you decide to take the hard way out and fight the Moon Presence at the end of your playthrough, it would mostly mean you're in for some challenge. This might not be the case though.

We wouldn't want to hate on Moon Presence and call it a bad boss fight cause it isn't that. It just isn't as "huge" as we'd like. The worst this boss can do to you is block your vial use and have you run for your life for a few seconds before you can heal up. Other than that, you can read between the lines and figure out its movement simply enough.

10 Blood Starved Beast

The thing that makes this particular boss so horrifying is its presence. Half skeleton, half skin, the blood-starved beast is driven by madness and will lunge at you at any given chance. Its movements are unexpected and ferocious.

To be able to tackle this boss fight you'll have to make it stop either by staggering it or dodge it multiple times in order for it to stop. After doing so, swing in some attacks but not too much that they'll be considered greedy. That's as much as you can do.

9 Vicar Amelia


Vicar Amelia is a memorable boss in Bloodborne not only due to its difficulty. It’s basically the first time you see in what twisted ways the game works. The sound, her looks and the whole feeling of the fight, make it a scary experience.

To tackle Amelia easily, you first have to learn her moves and be able to dodge her aggressive attacks. Once you learn the patterns and be quick enough to reach her rear after her moves on you, you’ll be able to counter her in no time.

8 Father Gascoigne

In reality, Father Gascoigne isn’t as hard as other bosses in this list might be. However, its place in Bloodborne make him a threat for newcomers. He’s located only a few locations after the beginning of the game, making him a huge threat at first sight.

Don’t panic when you see him rush on you “guns blazing”. You can easily parry him and predict his movement and even if you can’t do that you can get his daughter’s music box and use it against him in what is the saddest moment in Bloodborne.

7 Mergo's Wet Nurse


The closest we can relate this boss fight to is the Dancer fight in Dark Souls 3. However, instead of dancing around swirling blades, the Wet Nurse is a product of Nightmares waving multiple weapons at you, trying to stab you at any chance.

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If this was a boss at the first half of the game, we'd feel extremely challenged. However, given the fact that it is really close to the ending, it fails to pose as much of a threat as we'd want. One or two of her attacks can really damage you, so assess the situation and you'd do just fine.

6 Amygdala

Amygdala is a symbol for Bloodborne and it's not because of its background story or its significance to the plot. It's a true example of what we expect from bosses in such games. Larger than any other boss in the game, Amygdala is a milestone for the game.

Its huge hands and unexpected movements can trick player. Given Amygdala's huge size, you'd expect it to be slow and almost frozen. Not the slightest. You'll have to dodge hands and find openings to damage it (or her if you prefer), in order to get out alive.

5 Darkbeast Paarl

Darkbeast Paarl, much like the Cleric and Blood Starved Beast, follows a classic pattern of two-legged fiercely aggressive creatures. Unlike the previous two though, Paarl has devastating lightning attacks that can spread longer than your safety zone.

There's one single trick to tackle Paarl. Don't lock into it. The lightning particles and quick movements can cause your screen to be disorienting. Free your target and move around, hitting the beast at its legs and it will be down in no time.

4 Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Ebrietas is a product of nightmares and a true art form if you’re into Lovecraft stories. Apart from scary looks though, she’s a terrible match to go against too. Throughout the fight, you’ll have to constantly get behind her, close enough so her attacks can’t reach you, while dealing damage at the same time.

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Don’t think it will be that easy for all the fight though. During the second phase, beware of the deadly arcane missiles that she shoots in three waves. They can shred you to pieces, so time your dodges accordingly when you see them coming.

3 Gehrman, the First Hunter

For most of us, Gehrman was spoiled as the last boss of Bloodborne pretty early on. However, no one can spoil you enough of how difficult the fight is if taken lightly. Luckily, Gehrman can be parried, so you at least have a helping hand throughout the fight.

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Since he’s a hunter too, Gehrman will use attacks similar to yours, move with super speed and hit hard. Take the time to study his moves, since they become predictable if you focus on them and parry at the right time when you see him rush to you. Do that and you may never lose to him again.

2 Rom, The Vacuous Spider


Some might say that Rom is the most difficult Bloodborne boss and they actually might not be wrong. Everything that could go wrong with this boss, it does. You can't find the way to enter the arena, there are dozens of minions cycling the boss, it teleports, rain particles on you and more.

It all comes down to how much you know about Rom. After a bunch of tries, you'll find out when to hit or dodge and whether or not you should fight the minions. If you fall into the category of players that killed Rom on your first try the only thing we can do is salute you.

1 Martyr Logarius

Martyr Logarius must be the first Bloodborne boss where you’ll feel hopeless. At first, nothing seems to be working against him. Keeping your distance means falling for his ranged spells. Getting close can cause you to get smashed by his melee attacks.

Only when you realize that you can stick to his sides and parry his melee hits makes the fight fair. Needless to say that tackling Logarius will give you a self-esteem boost like no one other. If you’re one of those lucky ones killing him on their first try, we envy you.

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