The rarest Pokemon card in the world will and has fetched a lot of money at auction, but is actually pretty boring.

Pokemon took the world by storm during the latter half of the 1990s and that wave of momentum has continued ever since. Pokemon took and continues to take many forms as it invaded our lives via video games, TV shows, movies, and toys. However, the Pokemon product that hit fans' wallets hardest, or parents' wallets in a lot of cases, was its trading cards.

It could be argued that Pokemon cards were loot boxes long before anyone was ever up in arms about their use in modern-day video games. Buying pack after pack hoping for a powerful or rare card that could be shown off to other collectors. However, so many of those original collectors, especially the kids, tossed their cards aside one day, losing them forever.

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Those childhood collectors have now been left kicking themselves as some of those cards are now worth a lot of money, and we mean a lot of money. A shiny Charizard alone, which many collectors would have had back in the '90s, can fetch north of $10,000 at auction. Plus, that's not even the rarest card of all. That honor goes to the Pikachu Illustrator card.

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Although far rarer and more valuable than a shiny Charizard, in comparison, the Pikachu Illustrator card is actually pretty boring. It wasn't designed to be used in battle. It was created to be given to winners of an illustration contest and only 39 were ever created back in 1998. Rare enough as it is, but the reason it holds the title of rarest Pokemon card in the world is because there are only 10 still around. The other 29 have been lost in time, for now.

The Pikachu on the card was drawn by illustrator Atsuko Nishida, the creator of numerous Pokemon for the franchise including the most famous one of all, and the star of the card, Pikachu. That might be pretty cool, but it still isn't the most exciting Pokemon card in the world. Nevertheless, if you have one, it might be time to take a trip to the auction house. The last Pikachu Illustrator sold at auction went for almost $200,000.

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