The gamer network Wasder is working with Razer Chroma RGB to help give streamers a brighter future - at least in the literal sense. The two companies have introduced a Twitch extension called "Wasder Chroma RGB Scheduler," which features a "live synced lighting experience between streamers and gamers," according to the team, also a world first in this area.

This means that owners of Chroma RGB devices will have light notifications along with the usual sort. Streamers will be alerted to new followers and subscriptions that way, while their followers will get a light notification when a streamer goes live. The extension launched on April 20th, and for now, only premade effects are available. The next update will let people choose their own, custom effects.

"Our new extension [...] makes for a much more engaging and interactive stream experience for everyone involved," said Thomas Gronnevik, CEO of Wasder, in a press release. "The ability to have a synchronized lighting experience between the streamer and gamer would add another level of immersion that Razer Chroma RGB represents," added Kushal Tandon, Director, Marketing and Business Development at Razer Chroma RGB.


This new extension means your inner 13-year-old will probably be thrilled that their vision of the future is coming true, even if there are no flying cars and it's 2020 already. We'll take what we can get - and we'll take flashing lights any day.

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