The free-to-play Apex Legends has many things going for it and has attracted a massive following that has enabled the game to rival Fortnite and PUBG in terms of popularity. But unfortunately, this epic game has some major problems with crashing.

Since it launched on February 4 players have been plagued by a stream of technical issues resulting in crashes before and during gameplay. It’s been a source of frustration for many players and Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have been struggling to resolve the issues. So far there are at least 10 major causes of crashing that have been identified and many of them have been found to be exclusive to PC users.

10 10. Hardware Isn’t Up To Snuff

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This one should be obvious for anyone with any experience playing the latest games on their PC, but it’s a significant enough problem that EA felt the need to mention it in their community help forum. Some players are experiencing crashes simply because their computer isn’t capable of handling the game.

The obvious solution to prevent this from being an issue is for players to update their computer with better hardware or simply upgrade their rigs. It’s a pain and it can get expensive, but having a computer strong enough to play the latest games is necessary to play the latest games, there’s no way around it.


9 9. Your Drivers Are Too Updated

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Yes, it is kind of a contradiction based on the earlier suggestion to update your computer, but some crashes are the result of players having the latest drivers when they installed the game. It could also be certain combinations of the latest drivers are causing quirks in how the game runs that’s causing crashes.

This is something that can be fixed in later patches, but for players wanting to dive in and start playing now, it might be worth it to rollback some of those upgrades to previous versions or download something more stable for the current version of the game.

8 8. Graphics Syncing

Apex Legends has a built-in vertical sync to keep the game’s framerate operating at the fastest rate your monitor is capable of. Some players are having problems with this if they have separate graphics syncing options that come prebuilt into their computer rigs, which is very common with the latest graphics cards.

Simply going in and disabling the features like G-Sync for NVIDIA, Freesync for AMD, and other programs that come with the cards can prevent any clashes with Apex Legends vertical sync and keep things running smoothly. It will also go a long way to prevent lag in the game which is always appreciated.

7 7. Windows Firewall Not Permitting Access

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One common reason for crashes is that Windows Firewall is treating the game like an unauthorized program and not permitting it to connect properly. It’s not clear if this is a quirk of the game or a fault in Windows, but it’s a fairly simple fix if you are aware of the problem.

Going into Windows Firewall and adding Apex Legends to the permitted programs list will let the program know it’s appropriate to drop its guard when you boot up your game to start an online match. Again, this could be fixed in a later patch, but it doesn’t require much tech savvy to solve and can prevent some of the crashes going on.

6 6. Corrupt Install File

A plant will never grow if the seed is bad, no matter how much you baby it. Sometimes the crashing in Apex Legends is a result of faulty or corrupt install files that occurred when the game was downloaded or when installed for the first time.

This is a problem that’s been noted across all consoles so don’t go bashing the PC users so fast. The fix for this is repairing the install files or simply deleting everything and starting over from scratch with a clean download and a proper installation. For Xbox and PS4 users who have the game on an external hard drive you might have to install it on the internal drive.

5 5. Your Computer Is Overclocked

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This is largely a problem for hardcore gamers as most casual players will have no idea what clocks have to do with a computer’s performance. If you’re overclocking your computer’s CPU, you could be having a problem similar to those who have the latest and greatest drivers installed.

It could also be that your computer simply can’t handle the strain and would perform better if you reduced or entirely disabled any overclocking on your computer. It may work on other games, but Apex Legends players have been noticing this causing many of the crashes so let your processors breath and you could see some improvement.

4 4. AMD Phenom CPU Will Not Work

If your computer runs on the AMD Phenom CPU then there is nothing you can do to run Apex Legends. There are no work arounds, no patches, no settings you can change, you simply need to get a computer that runs on something else, that’s all there is to it.

This probably won’t be a problem for most gamers as this CPU isn’t terribly common these days and is rather old to be using as a modern CPU, but if you haven’t upgraded in a while or for whatever reason like running with this make and model, you are out of luck.

3 3. Disable Origins FPS Overlay

An ironic problem causing crashes for some players in Apex Legends is a feature Origin has built into the game. The handy FPS overlay that lets you know how many frames per second your game is operating at has been found to cause crashes.

It’s a quick fix that simply requires going into Origin and disabling the feature from the options menu, but it’s a strange thing to be causing crashes in the game. Not being able to see FPS is probably an annoyance for many gamers who like to know how their games are operating. It’s likely this will be a priority in an upcoming patch.

2 2. Easy Anti-Cheat Errors

Electronic Arts has a history of coming down hard on cheaters and pirates often at the expense of legitimate users of their games. Apex Legends is no exception and some crashes are a result of errors with the Easy Anti-Cheat software.

There are some steps you can take such as verifying your connection to the software, updating your operating system, updating the game itself, and disabling anti-virus software, but it could just be you have a corrupted system or lurking bug somewhere that is triggering the error. Updates could potentially fix this issue, but it could require a professional cleaning of your OS before this error goes away.

1 1. It’s Still A New Game

This is by no means a cop-out or an excuse for the developers, but Apex Legends has only been online for a little over a month and any new game is going to have bugs in the software that’ll take time to find and address.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are aware of the crashing and other issues affecting their game and are working to address those problems, a number of patches and updates have been released already and more fixes have been promised. Considering the game had 50 million players on its first month since being released it’s a huge incentive for the developers to resolve the crashes and deliver a bug-free game.

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