Ducks are a great game bird in Red Dead Redemption 2 given they flock in large numbers, offer multiple useful components, and are easy to kill. You may have also seen them cropping up as Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online.

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Ducks provide feathers and game meat, but most importantly, they are the easiest source of animal fat for crafting your ammo. You can find them in large flocks essentially all throughout RDR2’s American West, though they avoid the arid stretches down in New Austin. If a duck hunt is what you’re after, here are the best locations to hunt Mallard and Pekin Ducks in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mallard and Pekin Duck Locations

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West Elizabeth

  • Ducks often flock around the Aurora Basin and a stretch of the Lower Montana River, a little way downstream.
  • There is another nesting ground upstate along the Upper Montana River just after the river bends northwards. These hunting grounds continue upriver just southwest of the town of Strawberry.
  • You’ll likely spot some ducks waddling along the banks of the Owanjila and further upriver to the northwest as well.
  • The Dakota River is probably the best duck location in the state. They spawn all along the river from Flat Iron Lake to the Ambardino border. You can find them on both sides of the river in both West Elizabeth and New Hanover.
  • On your way up to scope out the waters of Ambardino, take a look along Little Creek River running along the northern border of West Elizabeth. There may be a small population of ducks along the riverbank west of Wallace Station.

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  • Cattail Pond is likely the first duck habitat you’ll come across when crossing into Ambardino from West Elizabeth.
  • The duck population is rather sparse in Ambardino, so you’ll have to head across the state, up to Donner Falls and the Calumet Ravine for your next shot at them.
  • O’Creagh’s Run is the best duck hunting location in Ambardino. They can be found along the banks on every side.

New Hanover

  • In the northern stretches of New Hanover, there is a flock of ducks that spawn along the northeast and eastern borders of Annesburg; along the shores of the Lannahechee River.
  • There are smaller populations of duck along the Kamassa River to the Northwest and Southwest of Annesburg as well.
  • Ducks flock to the Elysian Pool further south and continue downriver west of the Van Horn Trading Post.
  • Ducks inhabit a fairly long stretch of the Kamassa River a little ways southwest of Van Horn as well.
  • The Heartland Overflow in central Lemoyne is a great location to do some duck hunting.
  • There is also Dewberry Creek that flows southwest from there and crosses into Lemoyne. You may spot duck sporadically along this shallow creek on either side of the state border.


  • Keeping to the Kamassa River and the waters surrounding it is your best bet in Lemoyne.
  • You may find them around the westernmost docks of Saint Denis or on the southeastern border of Calliga Hall.
  • The Southfield Flats and Mattock Pond in the Scarlett Meadows are also worth a scout.

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